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Lucky Day


Some Days you Get Lucky

Some days you get lucky. Even when the day is going south in a hurry. When things are looking like they are just about to slip from the realm of control to the abyss of chaos, you just get lucky. Today my morning started reasonably well. I was on my way to cruise control when the phone rang. A business acquaintance who needed the near-impossible done. Now. Today .. this minute.

It was the kind of request that makes you question your resources. Do I have the time to achieve the request? Do I have the resources? This was a big question. I was being asked to move a large trailer with no vehicle to pull it. I was told this trailer had to be moved and had to be moved soon. As in yesterday.

This phone call came just after another call from our insurance carrier saying that they would not be able to provide the insurance that this same business acquaintance was going to be wanting very soon. Imagine my surprise when the business acquaintance called out of the blue. But it was not about the insurance, no, it was about a need far more complicated than buying commercial liability coverage.

So how did I get lucky?

Well, it just so happened that my dad had come to town that day and he has a big F250 diesel pickup truck. My dad is the kind of guy who would drive 4 hours to bring you a jacket you left at his house. He’s just that kind of guy. So a quick phone call and my day turned into the easy street again. We got out to the trailer, got it hooked up, and towed it to the position. It was a lucky day for me. A day that could have turned into a lot of frustration. But it didn’t. So I have to send out a big Thank You to my pops for being in just the right place at just the right time! He turned my day into one heck of a lucky day.

The day also turned in to something good at the end. My struggling restaurant had one of the best dinner hours in a month or more. I learned a lot from the team that was handling the pressures of a huge dinner rush. They did a great job and I don’t think they put a single order out wrong. I was proud of that team. I was lucky to have them in the trenches doing such a great job. I know they don’t read my work but if any of them happen upon this page I want to them know they contributed to a successfully lucky day.

I learned that even when things are looking bad and when resources are tapped and you don’t know where the answers are going to come from they may well manifest themselves in an odd way. A visit from your dad. The hard work of your employees. No rabbit's foot or four-leaf clover. Just the right people in the right place at the right time. That’s the recipe for a lucky day.

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