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Loving You- Acrostic Poem

It's the acrostic poem written by poem to show about the feelings of a lover saying to his/her partner.


L:- Living with you dreaming with you
Making with you falling with you my
Present is you it's just the dream which
am living with you.

O:- Owning my flaws how to get stronger on
It am learning from you.

V:- Valiantly you smile for me is the best
Priceless gift you always gives to me.

I:- In the dark you always stand for me,
It's the reality but it seems loving you
is am dreaming about it.

N:- Never to stop, loving you I want only you
My life and myself says I want to spend
life, happiness everything with you.

G:- Greatest power of mine is you, greatest
Reason to live is you, am dreaming but
Am living reality with loving you.

Y:- Youngness, Oldness want to spend time
You, Happiness & greatness is everything
for me what resides in you.

O:- Oath I have taken to give you a happy life
I give you everything no matter whats it
costs I try.

U:- Under God's grace I am loving you
You are mine and am yours.

-©2020 Atulya Music

© 2020 Atulya Music


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on September 26, 2020:

A little different for an acrostic poem, but the message is good.

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