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Is the Coronavirus the Most Deadliest Disease in the World?

The Coronavirus is a serious disease the impacted the entire world in 2020.


The Coronavirus is deadly to society be aware of the virus

The Coronavirus known as COVID-19 first broke out and made nationals new in February 2020. What is the Coronavirus? The Coronavirus is an airborne virus that is caused by the respiratory system. The Coronavirus can spread quickly by people sneezing, coughing, and bloody fluids, and open wounds. Also, these symptoms determine if you have the COVID-19 or not. If you have the COVID-19 you will have fever/chill, coughing a lot, fatigue, and shortness of breath, or difficulty of breathing. You can prevent the spread of the virus if you make sure you wash your hand every day or keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you, have good hygiene, and stay away from people who are affected by the virus. The Coronavirus originated from China and the Coronavirus was spreading through other foreign countries such as China, Europe, Australia, and more.

Now, The Coronavirus has spread in the United States of America in states like New York, California, Arizona, and more. In March 2020, the Coronavirus got worse and deadlier to the point where the government made the decision to shut down states and cities where people couldn’t go to work, kids had to be homeschool or do online schooling, and they made a curfew where people had to in their homes by 9 pm. Also, In March 2020, the government made a rule that every citizen who goes into public must wear a mask and stay 6 feet away from strangers.

In June 2020, Businesses and jobs open back to the public, but they had to make sure they had rules people had to follow such as people had to wear masks at all times when they went into a public place, make sure not to bring more than 3 people into a store or public place, and always wash your hands. Also, The Coronavirus had killed more than 500,000 people worldwide, and there over 14 million cases of the Coronavirus, but only 8.64 million recovered from the Coronavirus.

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This means there is hope that you can have immunity from the virus. You can take treatments to get better and it helps your immune system. The treatments are you can take over the counter medicines that are called acetaminophen to help you feel better and make sure you are home while taking this treatment if you are affected. We haven’t had a disease like this in a while that could wipe the whole world out since Ebola which occurred in 2014–2015. The Website called world meter telling us about coronavirus cases. The cases are happening worldwide in places like Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Peru, Uk, and Chile.

Even celebrities got the disease such as Tom hank and his wife, Roy horn, Pink, Roy horn, Idris Elba, and more people that have the disease. The Coronavirus can affect living things regardless if you are a celebrity or not. Most adults are affected by the Coronavirus more than children are because cases show a higher rate of adults getting it than children. After all, children have better immune systems than most adults. Also, people who should worry the most about getting the virus are senior citizens, pregnant women or newborns, people who have medical conditions or have a terrible immune system. Everybody should worry about the virus because it is important to be healthy at this time.

If the Coronavirus keeps on spreading the world might be in trouble and the Coronavirus could wipe out the whole planet. The Coronavirus is very deadly. So, make sure you are staying safe and healthy because it is important to do so.

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