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Love's Battle Patiently Fought (4)

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Friendship Growth

The friendship grows beyond what they imagined after this, and it wasn't surprising that Ricardo eventually asks her to marry him.

You know the issue on the ground, she replied, ``Will you be able to cope? I don't have romantic relationship experience won't you eventually leave me?"

He promised to give it all it takes to stay and stand by her if she can only promise not to break his heart as his heart has been broken several times by ladies.

I am not such a person, what I won't eat, I won't sniff, what I don't like, I don't like, she says.

That was how their romantic involvement began.

Pressure on Her

Her guardian keeps monitoring her, putting pressure on her of the need to marry that person or else he will stop paying her tuition fees.

She has to tell her guardian other siblings who ask him not to stop her tuition fees they told him that Laronta has told them that she won't be able to concentrate on her studies if she is romantically involved with the man now.

We know you want the best for her, one of the best you can give her is her academics and you won't like it if she doesn't perform well at school. If she doesn't have a good grade this won't be your joy, therefore please let her concentrate and she will do your bidding later.

Her guardian agreed to this and continued to pay her tuition fees.

Final Year

During the final year, her uncle told her that he won't be responsible for other expenses and she should be contacting her fiance for those because to him she is about to leave his house.

She thanked him and says she will do that.

In the meanwhile her uncle has told Inlayi what he will do to win her to him and he should be ready to always supply her needs whenever she asks from him. Even if he doesn't have money for what she asks for, he should contact him and he will send it to him so that she will start seeing him as her Crown.

At this level, Laronta who has been carrying along Ricardo of the development of things with her told him of her uncle's latest decision and Ricardo promises to always be there for her.

It was surprising to Inlayi that Laronta asks him for nothing. Then he called her guardian to ask if he has gone back on his word.

He said he hasn't and she hasn't been asking of things from him nor any member of the family that he knows to the best of his knowledge.

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Inlayi told him he hasn't asked anything from him.

Gunlola her guardian told him not to fret as he will get to the root of the matter.

He called Laronta to know how she has been succeeding and she replied that at the final year most of her works are at the beginning of the week or ending therefore the remaining days she used to go and do manual work to support herself having known that he is financially buoyant.

He was shocked on hearing this but he did not want to express his shock and told her he is happy that she understands him praying that she succeeds in her endeavour.

Gunlola told Inlayi of this but Inlayi expresses his disbelief and decides to set people to monitor her movements if truly she is doing manual work on campus.


The person he sets to monitor her talked with Akanke who knows everything and they decided to cover their friend. They got for her obsolete clothes and took photos of her as she was carrying some loads at an ongoing building construction site.

When she sees this she agrees that she indeed was rugged and doesn't want to ask her things.

As instructed by Gunlola he keeps calling her to greet her, sending different love messages to her to show his affection for her, but her mind is with someone else.

Strong Appeal

After she graduated she contacted other siblings of his guardian appealing to them to help her discuss with her guardian for he has done a lot for her, he has sacrificed many things to see that she becomes someone one earth, but if he is forcing her to marry someone she doesn't not like it is like building a house and demolishing the house she said. She appealed to them to help her appeal to her guardian. She respects him a lot and wouldn't want to do something he doesn't like.

Those people contacted also discussed with her uncle about the issue that he should let her do what's in her heart. They said they know what he is doing is for her welfare but if she says that's what she wanted he should let her do her will at least if anything happens contrary in the future she wouldn't say anyone forces her to marry the person she married they told him.

Reluctantly he agreed and let her be….

She was extremely happy when the news was broken to her that her guardian has agreed that she should go ahead and marry the person she loves….

Four weeks after this, she brought Ricardo as his fiance.

He warmly accepted him and talked to him in a hard way, but the man swallowed all his words in good faith….

Three months later, they got married at the Registry…

(The End)


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