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Love's Battle Patiently Fought (3)

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Brief Discussion

"You didn't inform me that you will be coming today and…"

Ricardo cuts her shut, I am sorry. One of my friends in Canada called late last night asking me to deliver a message to one of our colleagues who is now your lecturer he replied. I thought of it, but I said before I leave the campus I will call you so that we see and explain how it happened.

"Oh…ookay" she replied as she and Akanke greeted Ricardo.

"Sir, meet my closest friend, Akanke" she said Ricardo looking at Akanke

Akanke genuflecting according to the culture of the land, greets him, "good morning sir"

Ricardo stretched out his hand to her, she didn't want to shake him because of the culture of their land, but Ricardo insisted, and she shook hands with him. "It's a pleasure knowing you today" he says. "Was she at the programme when I was invited?" She asked Laronta.

"Yes sir. We attended the programme together, she was behind me when I was talking with you that day"

"Okay, I didn't notice that. When is your next lecture? He asks.

"14:00 hours," Laronta replied.

"Oh that's good, 'cause I want you to see me to my friend's office and after then we stroll around if you don't mind" he says

Laronta looked at her friend who nodded in agreement replying, "okay sir".

They went to his friend's office together and he introduced them to him asking that he help take care of them very well.

After the introduction the ladies excused the two friends and stayed in the corridor to wait for him.

They were chatting in the corridor, chatting with some of their colleagues as they passed by.

About 30 minutes after Ricardo and his friend called them and they entered the office again chatting with them. They left his office….

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He took them to a fast food restaurant where they ate before he left the campus.

Meeting Again

They have become regular friends now such that a day will not pass that Laronta and Ricardo will not talk on phone or through any of the social Media. A day that they couldn't talk maybe for network brouhaha or battery of any of them down it will seem as if the world has ended in each person's heart.

One night during their chatting, Laronta asks Ricardo of his fianceé for his friend who is her lecturer is married and she hopes she is married or would at least be preparing to get married any moment from now.

He told her he doesn't want to talk about the issue on social media but when they see they will discuss it.

Are you planning to come to campus she asks

If you want me to, I will be replied.

I want it more than anything in the world, she replied.

Okay. I will visit you next Sunday after church service, he replied.

Ricardo worships on campus that day at the joint campus fellowship. That's where she attends too. They walked to her room for on weekends opposite sex are allowed to enter hostels after 12:00 noon.

She prepared food for them after eating. They left together to a place where they discussed. There she knows that he is single… he asks her of her status too and she replies she would rather keep it to herself. After much pressure from him she opened up that she is single but there is someone one her neck who her guardian wants her to marry at all cost. This has generated a lot of furore between her and her guardian but she has decided to lay low because of her academics and playing the ball along with him.

He told her the need to marry the person she loves because of the future. No relationship nor marriage is without hiccups and it is the love that will keep the duo going when such obstacles come.

Love supersedes many things, and this has been demonstrated by God in giving us things freely. One of the Holy Books says, as for revelation and prophecies they will end one day. It is love that has no end, it lasts forever, he says.

As you however have said, I also support you playing along with him until you obtain your certificate for that is what will open other doors for you, he concludes.

She really enjoyed his companionship that day and to her it seems as if he shouldn't leave her.

(To be continued...)


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