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Love's Battle Patiently Fought (2)

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Gunlola asks him to give him some time to work on the matter and he is sure things will turn out positive for him.

He discussed this with Laronta but Laronta insisted that she had no such leading.

Marriage is above leading Gunlola retorted. We have known this guy. We know he is level-headed, caring, religious and from our region and I strongly believe he will make you happy.

It is him you will marry whether you like it or not, Gunlola finalises.

She Became Sad

This summation grieved Laronta, I have not said I won't marry from the region but marrying him I won't even because of what he has done Laronta says to herself. Why should he go behind me to discuss with my guardian? Is he not a man? Am I not the one who will live with him the rest of my life? People say love is patient. Why can't he exercise some patience on this matter? These and other questions she asks herself albeit she has made up her mind that she will never marry Inlayi irrespective of what her guardian nor anyone says.

Her guardian started pressuring her and talking with Inlayi to keep pestering her. This he continues to do.

Pipe Low

Laronta discussed this with her campus Pastor and the man says it is wrong what her guardian has done; he shouldn't force her to be romantically involved with the guy.

She discussed this with him because she has been thinking she was wrong all along but her pastor made her know that there is no one she will discuss the issue with who will say her guardian is right.

At some of the marriage seminars that she has attended she has asked related questions from the anchor of the programme and they have all said her mentor is wrong in his decision.

She then decided to take the bulls by the horns with her guardian but she met with a brick wall as her guardian told her that if she didn't dance to his music he won't be responsible for sponsoring her academics again.

On hearing this, she piped low because she wants to be a graduate.

New Guy

Ricardo is one of the products of the university and was invited to discuss "time management as a student" with the students on campus. The programme was organised by the students Union of the institution.

As Ricardo was talking to the students, Laronta's mind was restless. She has been hearing of Love at first sight but she hasn't experienced it before, that day she was experiencing Love at first sight.

Ricardo never knew anything as he discussed at length with the students.

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After the programme, Laronta meets with Ricardo asking him for his phone numbers because she will still want to discuss some things with him.

He dictated his phone numbers to her and that was how they started discussing.

Interestingly Ricardo graduated from her department. Therefore she used to ask him different things about her course which he would gladly explain to her.

One day, Ricardo was on campus to see one of his friends who is now a lecturer in his department. While going to the office of his friend he met Laronta.

Her Dream

She had dreamt of seeing him that day but she was thinking how possible would that be? For she has no intention of going to town, maybe she would come across him on the road; neither has he said he will be visiting campus that day.

While she ruminates on this dream, she slept back and dreams another dream in the dream she discovers she was playing with Ricardo, they were in a stadium playing hide and seek game. She will run somewhere, hide there and Ricardo will pretend as if he has not seen her, then seek her out, and on and on she is playing in the dream with Ricardo, obviously in a joyous mood as she wakes up.

She sat by the edge of her mattress thinking about the dream when her phone rang. It was her friend Akanke calling.

Though Akanke and Laronta are in different hostels now, their friendship never waned.

Since their hostel is close, anyone who gets ready first would walk to her friend's hostel as they move to the lecture halls together.

She checks the clock to know the time as she answers the call.

"I have just received word from our course representative that there will be a lecture this morning, have you been told?" Akanke asks

"I am just waking up…"

"Hurry up. We are almost late for the class. She said the circular has been passed since yesterday night but we have slept by then"

"Okay. Thanks. Let me quickly shower"

"I will be in your room in the next 5 minutes" she says as she ends the call.

Soon enough she was ready and they hurriedly left for the lecture.

It was after the lecture while they wanted to buy some snacks from the walkway that they met with Ricardo.

She couldn't believe her eyes as she was surprised.

(To be continued...)


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