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Love's Battle Patiently Fought (1)

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Breadwinner Gone

Akanke, a chocolate-colored lady with straight legs that many people within the community say she will be a good sprinter, was born in one of the cities within the country called Agol. She lost her mother who according to stories heard was the breadwinner of the family when she was six months old.

Her father after ten months remarried, he married another woman thinking that humans are alike and that the new woman he married to would be able to take care of his children for him as she raises the ones God will give her.

How mistaken he was because the woman did not take proper care of those children her late wife left behind, in fact the moment she discovers that she has taken in she started maltreating those children.

When Akanke was three years old, her uncle visited her father and her stepmother. When he notices the condition of her family he asks that he takes her to his place to relieve him of the burden of taking care of one of his children.

He agreed and that was how Akanke moved with her uncle to Tirembo Island.

Her uncle really tried for her for he sponsored her till she finished her High School.

Before she graduated from High School her uncle got married and the financial muscle of sending her to higher institution was not there therefore he called her and discussed with her of his condition.

Akanke thanked him profusely for if it had not been for him she wouldn't have attained the academics she attained. Thence told him that she will go and learn a trade.

Her uncle appreciated her for understanding with him and got her enrolled in one of the Fashion Design institutes in the area.

About a year after she has started, the Pastor of her church one day notices that she is within the community and invites her for a discussion.

It was during the discussion that the pastor discovers that she has no intention of furthering her academics because her guardian has no money to sponsor her.

The pastor discussed with the uncle asking him to help in sponsoring her to an institution of higher learning. Her uncle agreed and she secured admission into University of Tirembo.

In the university she met with a lady while in the hostel who is called Laronta.

Laronta is about two years older than Akanke but they were in the same Level and department in the university.

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Battling with Guardian

Laronta too lost her parents when she was five years old. According to the culture of the land when such happens the children of the deceased would be shared amongst the siblings of their father which was what happened.

Gunlola who is a historian studied the trend of things in the South Western part of the country to which they hailed from and said none of his children would marry outside his region, South West.

Since he is the one who is left for Laronta as her father he also told her about his resolution and where to marry from.

Before Laronta secures admission into University she has a guy that's very close to her. The guy also hails from the region approved by her guardian to marry from.

Gunlola, having known the guy and his family, also loved the guy and has concluded within him that Laronta has gotten the one to marry.

Laronta and Inlayi continue their friendship but nothing about love comes into their hearts as they were thinking they were yet young for that.

The Revelation

Inlayi was called by his Pastor one day and told him about the revelation he had about him and a lady. The description of the lady fits well with Laronta. After the revelation the Pastor asks him to pray concerning this as he has strong feelings that the damsel is his future wife.

He prayed about it and said he received some things similar to what his pastor saw.

After discussing this with his pastor he asks him to propose to the damsel before it's late.

Both Laronta and Inlayi are in universities now but different Universities.

During the break, Inlayi proposed to Laronta but Laronta says she has not received anything like that from the Holy Spirit.

Inlayi asks her to pray about it because he believes God is not a God of confusion.

Laronta prayed about it but received nothing of such from the holy Spirit.

She told Inlayi of this but Inlayi was grieved and went behind her to inform her guardian, Gunlola of the Spirit leading he has as confirmed by his Pastor but which Laronta turned down.

(To be continued...)


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