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Love and Power

Warning: This book gets very graphic. Very graphic. Not for young eyes or anyone easily put off by those sorts of things.


A Brief Intro

There are two lands. The magnificent Rosalea where every city is made of crystal paths, stone buildings and people trading different crystals for goods. The people are happy, safe and they love their royal family. Then there is Aridonia where the king is rotten and the people suffer. The buildings are falling apart and they mourn their prince who died many years ago, he could've been their savior...

Our characters
Sarah is a girl of 17 who has only known the orphanage she has grown up in. She longs to know where she belongs in the world and who her family is that abandoned her 14 years ago.

Benjamin is 25 and has been in the orphanage since he was 10. They told him he was free at 18 but he couldn't leave, something in him told him to stay. He knows many things... More than he should....

Chapter 1: Sarah

I awoke to the faint sound of horses pulling a carriage. I jump off my cot quietly not to wake the other girls. Its still dark out as I go into the bathroom and turn the light on. The small round mirror in front of me shows me about a fourth of my face. I brush my teeth and hair, pulling the silver curls into a sloppy ponytail. I run down the stairs with quiet feet not to wake any of the children. In two days I'll be able to start looking where to live next, maybe a grand house with him and the possibility of kids in the future.
I walk into the living room and Benjamin is sprawled out on the couch. Since he turned 18 he doesn't get a cot and most of the time he just crashes on our couch. I smile and lean over him. "Dont think about it" he mumbles with a smile. "Aww why not" I stand and pout. "You know why little miss" he sits up and I sit in front of him on the floor. "Did you hear the horses? I wonder why they'd be this far out in the country" I say as I watch his smile fade to a grimace. He only ever smiles for me. "Its going to be ok" he whispers as the doors fly open. Madam Charice stands there arms crossed with four Rosalean soldiers behind her. "There she is" she says in her shrill voice.
The closest guard grabs my arm and yanks me up, before I know it I'm being dragged to the carriage, one guard in front two behind and the one next to me. Why so many here for me... What did i do... I look back to see Benjamin turning away and looking angry. Whats going on???

Chapter 2: Benjamin

I haven't slept in a week. I know they will be taking her back in a matter of days, she will be 18 soon. How did I get so attached, how did I fall so hard. I look at the clock and it reads 5:24 am. Sigh. I dont know how long I can run on no sleep. I hear the horses and then a stirring in the girls corridor. Sarah must've heard the horses too. I listen as she runs the sink to brush her perfectly white teeth. Then the sound of her coming down the stairs. She comes into the living room and leans over me for a kiss. I want that kiss... I miss those lips... No not here... Damn...
"Don't think about it" I mumble before we both give in. "Aww why not" she pouts. God I hate it when she pouts... "You know why little miss" we cant be caught, we'd be in so much trouble. She sits in front of the couch as I sit up."Did you hear the horses? I wonder why they'd be this far out in the country" crap she heard them too... This won't end well. "It will be ok" I whisper, my face betraying me. The doors slam open and Madam Charice comes in her arms crossed and four Rosalean soldiers behind her. "There she is" Madam rings in her shrill voice. The day has come... Im losing her...
The one closest to her grabs her arm and drags her out the door to the carriage. Her crystal blue eyes looking back at me with a hint of tears... I have to look away for she might hate me for what's going to come these next few weeks.

Chapter 3: Sarah

It took a good majority of the day but we finally came to a stop I look out the curtained windows of the carriage and see its dark again, and there's a massive wall made of something shining bright in the moonlight. "The crystal gates, made of the same impervious crystals that the Crystal Palace is made of, they guard the palace so no one can get in or out." The head guard spoke softly to me noticing that I was looking at the gates too long. He opened his door and hopped out holding a hand for me to follow.
It hit me right then. Im here to be a servant. I dont know why it didnt accure to me before, it all makes sense. Why else would they pick a nobody from a orphanage in the middle of nowhere to come to the castle surrounded by four guards.
Lost in my thoughts I barely noticed the guards had brought me to the throne room and here I was standing in front of the King and Queen in rags. I dropped to my knees looking at the floor immediately.
"Leave us" the voice was more graceful than harsh but still demanding as the Queen spoke. The guards did as they were told and in the throne room was just us three now. "You may rise" the King's voice was deep as it rang through the hall. I did as was told and stood as quickly as possible trying not to trip. "Come here child" the Queen spoke in her soft voice. I walked over to the bottom step of the small platform they were sitting on.
A gentle hand lifted my face up and I suddenly felt like I was looking into my future. A woman no older than 40 looking back at me but she had blue eyes a few shades darker than mine. Her hair was just as curly and silver as mine was, a little less glimmer in it though. I glanced over at the King his eyes the same as mine and hair grey from the stresses of his job no doubt.
"You look confused Sarah" the Queen spoke as if I should know whats going on. "I am your majesty" I threw my eyes back to the floor remembering my place. "Lift your eyes up for crying out loud you are a princess you look down to no one!" I flinched at the Kings harsh words before they sunk in...
"A princess?!?" My reaction was far from appropriate in front of royalty but it made the Queen smile. "You are our daughter dear Sarah" she said pulling me into a hug. "We thought you knew. You were supposed to be told at age 15." She released me. "We were attacked when you were just a few years old. We knew it wasnt safe if people knew you were here, they would keep coming, they would keep trying to kill you." The King stood to join us on the stairs as he spoke. My parents, King and Queen. Standing in front of me. After all these years.

Chapter 4: Benjamin

I stood outside the fence in front of the orphanage staring at the road. "You've been out here for hours now you know. If you're going to go after her then take a bloody horse and go already" Madam Charice yelled from the doorway.
I dont know what I'm doing or what I'm going to say when I get there but I know I can't just let this be good bye. So I did as Madam said and I took one of her horses and headed toward Crystal City, the capital of Rosalea.
With time to think I came up with a plan. I'll tell them I'll be a guard or servant, anything to be close to her. We still won't be able to be together but we've been going on like that for 3 years. Hiding our love and sneaking around. Things will change but our love will stay the same.
Approaching the city walls I hop off the horse and bring it to the stables just outside the walls. I explain to the stable master whose horse it is and he assures me it will be returned to Madam. It never ceases to amaze me how kind the people of Rosalea are.
I find a hotel to stay at for the night and try to sleep, thinking of everything I need to say and do tomorrow and how horribly wrong this could go....

Chapter 5: Sarah

The sunlight is bright through the windows as a petite little brunette opens the giant curtain in my brand new room. The night before all a blur of being shown around the castle and sized for future gowns I'll need. Being shown my giant room has got to be the best part.
All sapphires covering the walls and rainbow crystal furniture. Top it all off with a walk in closet and king bed all to myself. Its like my life is a dream world and I don't feel out of place. I'm finally home.
A loud knock on the door pulls me from my reverie of my life that I've been destined for. "Your highness, your parents are waiting for you in the throne room" a guard says through the door. "I'll be down in a moment" I look over to the servant "any ideas what to wear".
She looks at me with confusion, most likely trying to debate what to say so as not to offend me. She runs into the closet and pulls out a deep purple skin tight dress. "This one your highness?" I smile brightly hopping from my bed "perfect, but call me Sarah" she curtsies "yes, miss Sarah" I giggled a little at her reluctance to my name.
I walk into the throne room and curtsie to my parents. My mother starts "Sarah you will begin your training to be a princess and someday queen today." A guard rushes in bowing quickly and looking at the King "a visitor sir". "Bring them in" my fathers voice echoes my mother waves me onto the platform next to her. As the guards bring Benjamin in head forced down hands behind his back.

Chapter 6: Benjamin

This could possibly be the best or worst decision of my life. I try to keep my confidence up as I approach the Crystal gates.
"Im here to see the King" I say to the guards, they look at me with disbelief. "You have to make an appointment" the one on the left says laughter in his voice. The one on the right staring at me deeper and deeper by the second. "I think the King will want to meet with this one." He walks behind me pushing me slightly with the tip of his spear.
He walks me to the front door "wait here with him" he directs the other one. I start to worry now. I knew this was a possibility I was just hoping it wasnt going to come to this. The guard comes back with 4 other guards. He and one other guard grab my wrists and he shoves my head down so i cant look up. "You two take the front, you two the back".
We walk into the palace and they throw directions at other guards around them. Honestly am I that big of a threat? I'm brought into the thrown room and thrown to my knees. I count four spears at my back and I can see endless amounts of boots. It's safe to say, they know who I am and I'm fucked...

Chapter 7: Sarah

My mind is racing. Why is Benjamin here. Why is he being treated like this. Why am I frozen in place and should I speak at all? I see Benjamin shake his head slightly, he always knows what I'm thinking... Should I listen this time?
"What is this?" My mother asks of the guard. "Bring him forward" my father demands drowning out my mother's question. They bring him forward, and grabbing him by his jet black hair that falls just above his eyes, yank his head up.
"I see. And what makes you think you can just waltz in here boy?" I dont understand why my father is yelling and why they are being so cruel to Benjamin... My Benjamin... "I... Agh" he gets cut off as a soldier jams the bottom of his spear into Benjamin's leg. "Address the king as such". The guard yells to him.
"Ladies I think it's best you leave." My father says to my mother and I. As we go to leave I stop at the door. "Yes daughter" my father calls out. I look at Benjamin and then back to my father the King. "Be kind to him father he took care of me in the orphanage growing up... He's my friend" as I say the final words I see Benjamin tense a little... I hope I didnt make things worse.
My mother grabs my hand and pulls me from the throne room. We head up the stairs and into a study 2 floors up and it is dead quiet. "Let's start our lessons" she turns and grabs a giant book from one of the many shelves and places it in front of me.

Chapter 8: Benjamin

I can feel the anger radiating from the king. Part of me is glad he made Sarah leave. Part of me loved seeing her in that skin tight dress that falls just below her knees and silver heels. I start to think about pulling her head back by that braid with the diamonds in it and kissing her... Agh... Another jab in the leg pulls me out of my fantasy...
"King Desmond asked you a question" that stupid guard from the front gate again. "Why are you here" the King is standing over me... Menace and hatred in his eyes. "Your majesty, I'm here to serve you" I say as loud as I can. He bursts into laughter... This isnt going well.
"You expect to come to my palace, not have anyone recognize your black hair and red eyes and then come and say you want to serve me?!? You the heir to the Aridonian throne. Said to be dead. I dont know why I'm surprised your people would pull such a stunt... Get close to my daughter... MY daughter... I cant even look at you... Lock him away" the King throws orders to the guards as I get pulled up by my hair, spears scraping my back, and thrown around till Im in a cell.
I'm chained to brick wall in a cell with no windows and the only light is a candle flickering nearby. My feet can barely touch the floor, now i know why the crime rate here is so low. I heard the dungeon door close and lock and I wonder how I'm going to get out of this...

Chapter 9: Sarah

This is ridiculous. How can I focus on these lessons when I know Benjamin is here? Not just here... He's here being treated horribly. I want to cry. I take a deep breathe and try to focus.
"And that's silverware. Sarah are you listening?" My mother closes her book and looks at me with sad eyes. Theres a knock on the door. She lets out a small sigh. "Enter" she speaks so gracefully. A servant comes in and curtsies then hands my mother a letter.
My mother quickly reads it then scribbles something on the parchment and passes it back to the servant. "Dismissed, thank you" my mother nods her head slightly to the girl and she backs out in a low curtsy and a smile. "Everyone deserves respect no matter their place in life. He's in the dungeon by the way dear, if you would like to see him i can arrange something." She says with a smile of mischief on her lips. She's so amazing, the mother I've always hoped for.
"I need to see him mother, I need to make sure he's well" I look down at my hands and tears start welling in my eyes. "You love him don't you? Well let's not let your father know that just yet darling" she winks "I'll see if we can sneak you in early tomorrow morning. Till then its lunch time then back to the books." I smile. This woman is going to be my saving grace here.

Chapter 10: Benjamin

Not even an hour passes when i hear the dungeon open. The King and a stranger cloaked in black stop in front of my cell door, I can see at least six guards with them. My door is opened and the black cloaked man walks in first, followed by the King and two of the guards.
"Why are you here" the cloak speaks, a very deep voice matching the large shape. "I'm here to serve King Desmond" I speak as quickly as I can. I know what's going to happen next, but it's nothing compared to what I've endured in my earlier years. The King walks in front of me I keep looking down trying to show them I mean no harm. Not that it matters...
A blade sinks into my side just below my ribs. "Agh" I know they want me in pain so I let out a little noise for their enjoyment. The King twists the knife and I squirm and groan. Damn this won't be easy. He then rips the knife out and I scream out. "He's all yours. I hope by the end of the day we can at least find out why he's here and what his plans were for my daughter" he spins on his heel and storms out.
Two guards walk over and put keys into the wall. As they turn the keys my chains get a little longer. I can stand comfortably now. The wall holding the chains then slides out, forcing me to walk into the center of the cell. The cloaked man lifts his hood revealing a dark sinister looking man with dark red hair and blood red eyes full of menace.
The guards leave us. Locking the door behind and leaving me and the man alone. I'm strung up like a puppet and he circles around me. "So much to work with, where to start". He smiles as he stops in front of me and opens the left side of his cloak to reveal all sorts of sharp instruments. He takes out a sharp blade and with a match he heats the blade and thrusts it into my thigh. I scream out and his lips curl up into a wretched smile.
"I'm Jamel, the torturer. I'm who they call when a threat comes into the palace, and" he pauses as he twists the blade and drags it down my leg. I scream again and he whispers in my ear "I'm your worst nightmare".

Chapter 11: Sarah

As we sit down for lunch I try to recall all the eticate books we've been going over this morning. Three servants come in bringing trays of food. They set them down in front of us and lift the lids. All of us have a plate of turkey, potatoes and green beans. I've never had food like this placed in front of me. Its different from the normal bread and butter at the orphanage. I pick up the fork I think is correct and take a side glance at my mother who nods ever so slightly to let me know I'm right. I take a small bite and my mouth waters around the deliciously tender turkey. Benjamin would love this.
"Where is he?" I look at my father testing to see if he'll tell me the truth. He looked frozen, caught of guard. "You would do well to put him out of your mind, his existance is of no importance" he picks at his food then stands. "Pardon me ladies I have some things to see to" he says over his shoulder as he marches out of the room. "Annelia dear don't forget to tell her about this evening" and the door closes behind him with a thunderous boom.
My head shoots to my mother. She looks down to her plate for a moment. "We have a ball tonight to celebrate your birthday. Guests from all over the country will be here and you must be on your very best behavior. You will meet a lot of people tonight dear, your people. You must do your best to remember as many of them as you can." Her voice almost a whisper. She's hiding something but I won't ask, if it's important I'll learn what it is sooner or later.
"We have a lot to cover than" I say at the end of our meal. She smiles a loving smile at me. "Let's go to the study and get started then. Shall we?" I say with as must ambition as i can muster. My heart aching to know what's going on with Benjamin and why father says to forget him...my stomach does flips as I follow my mother to the study.

Chapter 12: Benjamin

Almost every inch of me is covered in blood or bruises. The so called torture doesnt bother me, doesnt hurt. But it's taking all my energy not to heal myself completely. That would blow all my secrets. For the past five hours I've been storing my energy into not losing all my blood.
"What will it take to break you" Jamel screams in frustration. He's used what seems like all the tools he's been carrying. The only spot he hasnt touched is my back. "Has he spoken yet" the King asks as he approaches my cell. "Nothing my lord and I'm almost out of tools. Hes relentless, nothing seems to get to him, he just seems worn out." Jamel looks at the tools on the ground by the door, stained in my blood.
"I have to get ready for tonight. If he speaks at all let me know immediately" he shoots a death glare in my direction. "Be careful Jamel. He's better to us alive then dead. Unfortunately". He huffs and leaves. "I have one more tool... Hopefully this does the trick." He grins wickedly and moves behind me.
I'm released from my chains and fall face first to the ground. I lay there waiting for whats to come as Jamel kneels beside me. He takes a dagger and cuts my shirt off noticing the whipping scars from when I was a boy. "Scars? This will make things that much more fun" he throws my torn shirt to the side and stands by my feet.
I heard the familiar crack before the whip connected. "Agh" I couldnt help but to scream out. It was a pain like none I've ever felt as my scars opened up to this new tool of his. "Like it? Its made of the same crystal this castle is. Its pure crystal thats not smoothed, specifically so it cuts a thousand times with each hit" I hear the joy in his voice.
He hits me again and again I scream out. Fuck he found something effective. I'll endure as much as I can with the last bit of energy I have left. I'm running low though. I have to think of something to say to stop this, but what? Ive already told them the truth and they wont believe it, and if I lie than it will make things worse.
"Ugh" he's putting all his might into each hit. This hurts that's not good, I cant be killed by them but if I lose my energy then I'll pass out and my body will heal itself. I cant let them know, if they find out what I am I'll never see her again... My princess... My Goddess... My Sarah...

Chapter 13: Sarah

One hour to get ready for a huge event where I could make a fool of myself. My stomach keeps flipping no matter how much water I drink. My nerves are on edge. There are five servants in my room with me to help me be presentable. A princess and heir to the throne. Life has certainly changed and its hasnt even been 48 hours.
"We are thinking this one would be best tonight milady" I turn at the familiar voice of my morning servant. The petite brunette is now holding the top of an extravagent gown. Sleeveless and light blue with sparkles all over it and silver trim. "I'll look like a gem" I smile widely and walk over to the gown running my fingers along it. Silk. Why am I surprised.
Ten minutes to get the dress on with the help of two of the servants. My brunette who I've learned is Mikayla and a dirty blonde, just an inch shorter than my 5'5, by the name of Janette. They sit me down in front of my floor length mirror that spins out of the wall and start to work on my hair.
When they are done I stand and examine myself. The dress I'm wearing flows around me and covers my feet, I'm wearing silver heels to go with the dress trim. My hair is down around me with ten gorgeous little braids throughout my curls that fall to my waist. I choose to wear jewelry for the first time in my entire life. All of it matching my crown of diamonds and aquamarines.
A necklace that is a chain of diamonds with a plumet and an aquamarine at the tip, hanging just over my breasts that seem to be getting bigger by the day. Maybe its all the food I've been devouring. My earrings are simple aquamarines, two in each ear. I look stunning and I feel like this is all a dream. My stomach does flips again and I'm reminded how much I could mess up.
Twenty minutes till the ball starts I head into the ballroom. My mother is standing at the front of the room talking with my father about the evening and a guard announces my presence. They both turn to me and my father's mouth drops open. "You look stunning darling. A real vision of beauty." My mother says pulling me into a gentle hug so as not to wrinkle either of our gowns. "Thank you mother" I try to make myself be happy. But deep inside I just want to be in Benjamins arms.
"My maids out did themselves for sure" I twirl slowly so they can see my full look. "They sure did" my fathers voice even when low echoes throughout any room. "The guests are here" a guard announces from the door. My parents lead me to a small platform with three thrones, mine just a tad smaller than theirs, and we take our seats. "Let them in" my mother's graceful voice echoes loud and the band starts up. The doors open wide and the guests are announced in families as the room fills up to the slow luxurious music.

Chapter 14: Benjamin

"I love her" the words slip out of my mouth before I can control them. Fuck. Jamel haults his beating "what was that?" I can hear the smile in his voice. He's broken me. I can't hold onto my control much longer. "You there inform the King the swine has spoken" he yells to one of the guards outside my cell.
A few minutes pass and I'm back in chains against the wall. Holding onto my last bit of energy I try to focus on the blurs in front of me. "What did he say?!?" the King's voice is louder than it needs to be for this small area. "He said he loves her" Jamel backs away as he speaks. "Bullshit! I'm done with the lies. Obviously you aren't going to tell us your secrets so you can just rot here as our prisoner." He looks at Jamel next "you're just as useless be gone back to your hole. I have a party to attend". He turns to leave.
"Tell her... Happy birthday... For me.. Please.. " I say between breaths. The King looks at me lets out a chuckle then leaves. Jamel packs up his cloak and leaves as well.
I'm alone. I start to heal some of my broken bones slowly in case they come back and I stop all the deep bleeding I have. Using all my energy I slowly fade into darkness.

Chapter 15: Sarah

So many people in so many colors. Every female in a slim dress except my mother and I. Every male in the finest suits, none of them my Benjamin. I wonder if he's okay. "Cheer up darling this is your party" my mother's hand on my shoulder startles me and I realize I've zoned out. "We have someone for you to meet" my father appears from behind us, how long has he been gone?.
"Sir Nikolis Demaria" my father announces as a gentleman with golden hair and emerald eyes bows at my feet. "He is your betrothed" he says it as if it's common knowledge. My WHAT!?!?! My head screams. I try to hide the shock on my face. He takes my newly manicured hand and kisses it. "It would be my honor if you would join me in a dance" his voice smooth like butter.
I hesitate and my mother nudges my left shoulder "give him whatever he wants he will one day be King and your husband. Deny him nothing" my fathers whispers in my right ear. I stand and follow him to the dance floor. If I'm a princess dont I have power over him? Apparently not as he grabs my waist and yanks me as close to him as possible.
Remembering my lessons we glide over the floor in a graceful dance and I'm surprised I'm not tripping over myself or him. "You will be happy with me I guarantee." He whispers in my ear. I hate being this close with another man. He kisses my cheek and I pull back a bit. "You will be obedient to me my little gem. Or your father will hear about it." He smirks and kisses my lips. Ive never been kissed by anyone but Benjamin. This feels wrong. "Let's get out of here, too many eyes." He says as he pulls me off the dance floor towards the hall. I look over to my father and he winks at me. This cant be good.
We step into the hall and he pulls me into a room with shelves upon shelves of books and a couch in the middle. This must be one of our many studies. "Alone at last my little gem. Ive waited so long for us to be together." He swings me against a wall and puts his arms on each side of me. "Be mine" he says leaning in to kiss me.
What do i do. Im frozen as he starts to kiss me. "Your father said to give me whatever I want and I want you... NOW!" He screams into my face and then starts to kiss my neck. "Kiss me" he pulls my face to him and kisses my lips hard until I give in and kiss him back. I start to cry. Im sorry Benjamin.
"Thats my girl" he pulls me off the wall and throws me on the couch climbing over my new gown. The clock chimes in the background and he whispers happy birthday in my ear.

Chapter 16: Benjamin

I wake to a strange feeling. I can't place what it is. Something, or someone, calling to me using a connection that only me and Sarah have. I shake my head and it's gone. Maybe it's just the exhaustion from using all my energy and the pain in my back.
Even though I healed while I was out, everything is scarred. I hear music above my head and close my eyes and focus on her. She must be thinking of me because I can see her perfectly. Her silky silver curls falling over her bare shoulders. She looks radiant in her birthday gown and jewels. I wonder why she isn't happy.
A servant is let into my cell with a piece of bread and cup of water. He pulls out a tiny piece of paper "from the King: This will be all you recieve once a day from here on out. Don't eat it all at once haha." He finishes with an apologetic look on his face. He then bows his head slightly and leaves.
The food is on the ground and I'm not sure if the king is being cruel or if the servant was afraid of me and ran out before feeding me. My stomach grumbles. Well I guess I have to do something or I'll starve. I have to actually focus on the bread to get it to come to me, this whole situation had taken too much out of me. The bread slowly rises and moves to my hand. Fuck. Even simple tasks are painful. I take three bites and the bread is gone. But my hunger isnt.
I think about some of the food upstairs and I feel a twinge of pain up my back. How did simple human devices affect me so much. Poison! That slimy rat must've poisoned his toys to hurt me more. Well it won't kill me but it will keep draining my energy until I can eat properly.
I hear her scream in my head and I want to run to her. The chains pull me back and I slam into the wall. Why would she be screaming on her birthday, at a ball in her honor...

Chapter 17: Sarah

He grabs my wrists and pins them above my head. Why is this happening. I go to yell and he blocks my mouth with his free hand. "Dont say a word my little gem. You know you want this as much as me and we both know your father would take my side" he grins wickedly down at me. But I don't want this. The tears fall harder as he continues to kiss all over my body and his free hand pulls my dress up.
"If you follow laws, and I've been told by my spies who watched you grow up that you do. Then this is all fresh and now it's all mine." No!!! If this goes any further he will know I've been with another man... Benjamin!!! I scream his name in my head.
He jams two of his fingers inside of me and jams his tongue in my mouth at the same time so I cant scream out. This isnt fair. I dont want anyone touching me but Benjamin. "Ahhh fresh as a rose in blossom" he says pulling away just slightly. I try not to let my confusion show and I think it works... Or hes too destracted. "Dont move or else this will be worse." He says hesitantly releasing my arms so he can stand.
He begins undoing his pants and then climbs on top of me, both of us half naked. He pins my arms above my head again and slips something over his manhood "it's called a protector. So we don't have a kid before the wedding" he states looking at my horrified face. "No. No." I wimper. NO!!!
But no matter how much I protest he jams himself into me roughly and smiles as tears stream down my face. "Yes" he says through his wicked grin and with his free hand grabs my face and kisses it roughly jamming his tongue into my mouth as often as he can.
This man is my future husband. This is what awaits me. No! I will not be put through this everyday for the rest of my life. I will find a way to fight back. Let him think hes won for now but hes got another thing coming.

Chapter 18: Benjamin

I feel her sadness... I can almost taste her tears. Why my Goddess? Why are you crying? I move forward testing my chains again and I get slammed into the wall again. Agh. That fucking whip did a number on me. I hear snickering and look up at my cell door. There is a guard standing there watching me.
"You wont break free. Ive seen men, stronger and more built than you could imagine, try to break them to no avail." He snickers again. "I have to get to her, shes in trouble" I stare at him trying to see into his head. Damn this poison. "The only trouble she would get in is with her father if she doesnt listen and behave." He smirked at the other quard and they seemed to be hiding a secret. All my energy here it goes...
"Tell me what you know!!!" I scream as I push my energy into their heads willing them to tell me whats going on. "The princess' betrothed is at the ball tonight and he had planned with the King to make sure she was his forever. So you couldn't have her." He looked puzzled as he said the words. "WHAT!?!" No! Sarah! Im glad I put that spell on her. Making her look like a virgin so we would be safe for if she was examined upon coming to the palace.
I never expected this to happen, and her father is in on it. I start seeing black spots. Crap I've wasted too much energy getting him to talk. "Why did you tell him that for idiot." His partner hit him over the head. "Doesn't matter he's too weak and defeated to do anything." He smiles proudly and they continue walking the row of other cells.
My Goddess... She's been harmed and I couldn't protect her... I wasnt good enough. "Forgive me my love..."

Chapter 19: Sarah

He left me on the couch shaking in a ball. I can't stop crying and Mikayla walks in. "Your Highness is everything ok?" She runs over and kneels in front of me wrapping her arms around me.
"I'm okay." I sniffle and stand up pushing her away gently. "I'm just overwhelmed by the past 48 hours." She looks up at me with admiration. I need to be strong I am the princess, and soon to be queen, of Rosalea.
I walk into the ballroom head held high no signs of tears left on my face, praises to Mikayla for that. My mother looks at me confused. My father seems to be carrying a triumphant smile. I note that deep in my mind. Nikolas is standing off by a table filled with food, stuffing his mouth full of tarts.
"May I have this dance milady?" My father is standing with his hand out and I let out a giggle. Its entertaining to see him stand there like a child waiting for my permission. "Do I have a choice" I joke. "No" he says solemnly. I place my hand in his. "It would be my pleasure father" and he whisked me off to the dance floor.
Despite my shaky legs everytime I glance at Nikolas, I was graceful for both the songs we danced too. "Youve learned so much so quickly. Im proud to have you as a daughter" he says kissing my forhead. "May I interupt" that voice. Nikolas was behind me with that awful smile. My father passes me off without asking my preference.
"So graceful". He kisses my hand and pulls me as close as our bodies can go. "Seeing you dance makes me happy." He pulls me closer and I can feel him grow and harden. "I bet you cant stop thinking about it". He kisses my cheek and continues to whisper in my ear. "Kiss me". I pull back just slightly to look at his face. I notice everyone is watching us. He leans in and kisses my lips. I pucker just slightly and he dips me into a low kiss. Everyone applauds...
I'm alone in a sea of people...

Chapter 20: Benjamin

"Wakey wakey" the King is standing in front of me twirling a dagger in his hands. I drop my head. I have no energy for his games. My heart is sore knowing my love went through hell and I wasnt there for her. "If you truly love my daughter then this will be my last moment of torturing you." He grins wickedly.
"Shes been with a man tonight. And she loved it. They did a splendid dance for all the nobels in the kingdom to watch, and shared a loving kiss at the end for all to see their love." He sheathed the dagger "doesnt that just sting" his face inches from mine, grinning so wide I can see his teeth.
I keep looking down and remain quiet. What monster would do this to his daughter? I remember the beatings my father used to give me. Are all kings this cruel? I can't wait to be in full power, she'll be in my arms again.
"She's happier without you. Youre no good for her and in a week she'll be married" I flinch and he chuckles. "Finally something that gets to you" he laughs again. He walks out and slams my cell door shut and locks it. "You'll never see her again. This cell is your home now. I hope you rot in here and die".
Im left alone with my thoughts and I try to focus on Sarah again. I get that feeling from earlier, the more I think about her the stronger that feeling gets. What is it. A ball of swirling energy appears in my head light and dark swirling each other. That ball of energy is the feeling I've been experiencing.
Black shadows appear in the corners of my vision. I relax my mind and am back to my cell. I need to find away to get more energy. I need to get to her.

Chapter 21: Sarah

My mother walks into my room during my new morning routine. My eyes are puffy and swollen with purple rings. Its safe to say I didnt sleep well. "Bad night? Your poor maids have their work cut out for them." She smiles and places a hand on my shoulder.
I decided on a red sundress with tiny diamonds on it today. My hair was put into a braid made of tinier braids. And I felt like I was too bright, when I just wanted to crawl back into bed. My maids got to work on my eyes and asked if I wanted anything else for make up. "No thank you ladies" they giggle every time I speak and I have no clue why.
"Are you ready for the day my darling. I have a special birthday gift for you." My mother grabs my hand, as my maids finish my coverup, and she drags me into the hall. We took at least 10 turns and who knows how many stairs before we came to a halt at an old wooden door. "Down the stairs to the right. Happy birthday dearest daughter, you have 30 minutes."
I never ran so fast in my life I almost broke a heel but that didnt stop me. I open the door and find twelve cells in front of me. Six on each side and all empty, except one. "Benjamin" I let out in a single breath.
He's bound to the wall in chains and he's shirtless. His six pack abs glistening with sweat. He's never looked so fine. A part of me aches and my stomach does flips again. My Benjamin.

Chapter 22: Benjamin

I see her in my dreams. I can touch her and be with her. Her kisses are so real, too real. I open my eyes and her arms are looped around my neck. Our lips lock together in a passionate kiss. Oh how I've missed her. I pull away ever so slightly and notice that dark and light energy coming from Sarah. Or rather, her stomach.
"We need to talk my love" I whisper and she barries her head into my shoulder and starts crying. Having her near me gives me more energy than I've had since I was thrown in this hell. "I can only assume we dont have much time and there's alot we need to cover." Luckily I have enough length in my chains to wrap my arms around her.
"Whats on your mind my prince" I smile at her words... She doesn't know my past... Yet. "We need to start from the beginning. Your father threw me in here because I'm the "dead" prince of Aridonia and heir to its thrown." Her face looks confused as she processes what this means. "This means there's a way to unite our two kingdoms!!!" She's already thinking like a gueen.
"Unbeknownst to everyone, they are already united". My eyes and right hand move to her stomach. It twitches a bit and her eyes grow wide. "Benjamin." She gasps. "How do you know. Its been months since we were together. Unless... " her thoughts trail off.
"It's mine" I say quickly hoping to cut off any dark thoughts that will undoubtedly go to her head. "Her worried face turns to joy. I dont think I can get everything out in the short time we have. But I believe I may have enough energy to break out of here.
"Did my father do this." She trails my scars in a dazed fashion. "He thinks I'm a threat to you and your... Betrothed." Fuck. She starts crying. "I hate this world. I dont want to marry him, I want to be with you... Ben he...he... " she breaks down crying on my bare chest.
"I know my goddess. I know. He will get what's coming to him soon." She lifts her head and kisses my lips. Im glad I can move at least a few feet, its helpful for what I know she has planned next. "We only have 15 mins left my love and I want you to erase last night from my head". She kisses me deeper and climbs onto me.
With her dress pulled up and one leg on either side of my waist, she moves one hand down to my pants and the other into my hair. My hands are in her hair and I pull her head back a bit to deepen our kiss. She slides her hand into my pants and grasps me firmly, moaning as she does so and I harden more. Fuck she's never had me so hard. I want her now but I just sit there and let her take control.

Chapter 23: Sarah

I slide my tongue into his mouth and he moans. Our tongues circling each other. I push my head up and he leans his against the wall, relaxing. I move up onto my knees for a moment to undo his pants, freeing him. I look down and smile. This is the largest I've seen him and it thrills me.
I stand to remove my panties and get back into my kneeling position. His erection pressing on my skin right above my pleasure zone. I kiss his neck and chest down to his belly button. "You're such a tease" he moans as I kiss his inner thigh then I giggle as I go back to his lips.
I kiss him deeply then slide my hand back onto his manhood and straighten it up. I lift myself lightly up and onto him. "Mmmmm fuck!" He moans loudly. He fills me and I moan in response. "Im yours forever. Always was always will be my prince." I whisper into his ear as I finish sliding him into me.
He's never been this deep inside of me. I can feel him everywhere and I begin to move up and down on him as slowly as I can. "Now.... This.. Is... Torture... Mmmm" he lets out between moans. I start to move faster as we continue to kiss passionately and our tongues circle each other. His hands move to my hips and he moves me up and down in sync with my up and down rhythem.
Im so close to the edge but I try to hold back just a bit....longer. "Oh Sarah" he whispers between kisses and I pick up speed. He starts to slowly get harder. I can feel all his movements and we both moan in unison.
We both climax at the same time. I lean my head on his shoulder afterwards and we just lay there for a moment. Perfect bliss. "You have to do me two favors." He said solemnly as we pull ourselves together, its almost time for me to leave.
"Anything for you love." I smile as I straighten my dress. "First off my goddess. Find the grand library and look for a crystal covered book with gold lined pages. It will be hidden, but you need to find it and read it." He looks down at the floor. "Easily done. You know how I love to read... And the other thing?" I lift his face to mine noticing he's hesitating.
"Stop fighting". WHAT?!?. "Why?" I don't understand. "The safety of you and the baby are all that matters. You need to be safe and take care of both of you. If that means you stop fighting... At least just for a little while, until we can fight together. Please my love. I couldn't bear it if I lost either of you." A tear streams down his cheek.
"Anything for you my love". I try to sound cheerful. "Sarah dear time to go." My mother's voice chimes down the hall. I give Benjamin a good bye kiss and unfortunately leave him.

Chapter 24: Benjamin

I need her to be safe. No matter the price. Her life is more important than mine. The energy I received just from seeing her is enough to escape and form a plan.
I pull at the chain just slightly and it breaks. Yes! I pull at the other one and it gives way too. I close my eyes and focus on the forest I saw outside the palace but still within the walls. I open my eyes and I am there.
Focusing on the ground I can see all around me, including a huge cave not too far from me. I head in that direction and feel a sharp pain in my leg. Damn. I forgot about the poison. It will slow me down but it wont stop me.
I approach the cave and theres a waterfall and a lake beside it. I take off my clothes and jump in the water. Its freezing and stings at first but then it warms a bit and I can relax. Within minutes I'm at full strength and the poison is gone from my body. This must be the fabled Crystaline lake. Said to have healing properties. I head into the cave with my pants on. Using my powers to dry off. Finally I can be myself.
I throw a flame to the ground and think about a wonderful meal. Chicken legs pop on a plate in front of me with mashed potatoes and gravy. As I sit and enjoy my meal I think of ways to save Sarah in less than a week.

Chapter 25: Sarah

My mother pointed me in the direction of the library and told me I had free reign to read whatever I would like. Hundreds of shelves and I looked through about half in three hours. Just as I was about to leave for the day I noticed a glimmer in a corner of darkness. Something that shines in the dark? I climb the ladder closest to the shelf and grab the book. Its exactly as he described and the heaviest book I've ever seen.
I bring the book into my room and sit on my bed reading it. My back resting on my pillow and ny knees as a book rest I begin.
Gods and Goddesses
Its a detailed book of all the Gods and Goddesses of the two countries. So many good and bad, with so many different powers. The book states that Gods and Goddesses cant walk around with humans and they live on their own astral plain of sorts. They can only procreate together, but they are not allowed to be with each other or humans. They dont even have the feelings or needs to want to be with anybody. That sounds lonely.
But I guess if you live forever there's no need to procreate. The book continues on saying they can only end at the hand of another God or Goddess. I dont get it. Why would Benjamin want me to read all about the Gods and Goddesses.
The second half of the book is all stories and lores of the Gods and Goddesses. How they came about and rules they broke. Most of them ended up dead from the God of destruction. Given that name by the others because he would kill those who disobeyed.
The last story was of the God of destruction falling in love. With a Goddess. The Goddess of life and love. His complete opposite. They fell for each other and snuck off together. One day they were caught and thrown into darkness for thousands of years. The legend goes that one day they will be brought together on earth forced to live among the humans.
That's it!?! How does that help our current predicament. I close my eyes and rest my head against the wall behind me. I feel something hit my hand on the book. I look down and theres a letter in my lap. I push the book aside and open the letter.
Did you enjoy the book my Goddess
-Love from your Prince

Chapter 26: Benjamin

I hope she understands, she's always been so bright. My letter should help. She needs to know who she is. She deserves to know. I hope this week won't be too hard on her, I just hope she listens to me and doesn't fight.
They need to know she didn't help with my escape and Ive read the minds of the king and her betrothed. She's in greater danger if she doesnt play along. Pretend to love him. Ugh I hate that this is how things need to be.
Ive finally figured out a plan, I'm just hoping it doesnt take more than a week. I close my eyes and focus again. This time I think back to my childhood. I open my eyes and look up at the towering black castle. It seems smaller now, maybe because Rosalea's palace is so grand.
My past flashes before my eyes. My father finding out I'm the God of destruction. Him abusing me day in and day out for years knowing I would heal and no one would find out the damage he had done. I feel a chill down my spine. A reminder of the scars.
I head to the market just outside the castle wall. Stone everything, this country has always been so dark. I get strange looks from everyone as I walk through town. Their minds going crazy over how I look. No shirt and pants torn, Im a mess. I duck into a clothing shop.
It's quiet as I look around at the clothes I notice there's no one here. "Take what you would like" an older gentleman with a raspy voice steps out from a door behind the counter. "Thank you sir I'll return your kindness tenfold one day" I bow ever so slightly to him. "The prince needs not to pay for anything. Just to be taken care of so he can free us." He smiles then bows low and then leaves me with the clothes to choose what I want.
A black T-shirt and jeans are fine for me. I don't need anything expensive or flashy, I've never been that type. I throw some black boots on and head out leaving a thank you note on the counter.
"You there come with us" a guard yells to me as soon as I step out into the streets. Once again Im escorted to a throne room by a mass of guards.

Chapter 27: Sarah

I stare at the word... Goddess... There's no way. If I was a Goddess wouldn't I have powers or something? Wouldn't I have known sooner? My stomach does flips as I repeatedly read Benjamin's note. Oh. I gently rub my tummy remembering that he said I'm pregnant.
So much to absorb this past week, it makes me dizzy thinking about it. I hide the book in my closet for the future and head to the dining hall. I've learned that wearing sundresses compliments my breasts and waist better than skin tight dresses, and they are easier to walk in.
My heart drops as I walk into the room. Sitting at the table next to my place is Nikolis. I remember Benjamin telling me to behave and obey. I know he means that I have to play along...and I will, I have to. I trust Ben and I know he most likely has a plan.
I smile and bow to my parents as Nikolis pulls out my chair. I gulp deeply and nod my head to him as I take my seat. "You look gorgeous in any shade of blue my little gem" his eyes scan my body as he says the words and I have to resist the urge to hit him. "Thank you" I keep my eyes on my plate and push my food around.
Tummy flips remind me that I have to eat despite my current company, although the food is too delicious to complain. "We have to start preparations for the wedding next week, so starting in the morning you will be with your maids working on your dream wedding" my father says before taking the last bite of his dinner.
I didn't know the wedding was so soon. "Yes sir" I whisper as Nikolis grabs my hand and squeezes it. "I'll be waiting in your room tonight my little gem" he whispers in my ear then stands and bows to my parents before leaving us. I finish my dinner and notice my father nod to my mother, she leaves with a somber look on her face.
"The incident the other night will not happen again do you hear me" his voice is thunderous as he stands in front of me. "You will be obedient or you will suffer the consequences" he walks around my chair. "Yes sir" I swallow hard and fight putting my hand to my stomach.
"Good girl." He leans in and kisses my head then turns and leaves. I slowly walk to my room dreading the night to come.

Chapter 28: Benjamin

"Leave us" my fathers voice is just as bone chilling as I remember it. But I'm not a 10 year old boy anymore, he doesnt scare me. "I want to take my rightful place on the throne" I stand face to face with him my eyes locked with him though I'm two inches taller.
"That's bold. The law states you need a wife to take the throne. I doubt you found a wife in that piss poor orphanage you grew up in." He smirks thinking he's winning. "So heres the thing" I circle around him as my mind lifts him up into the air. I sit on the thrown and turn him to face me.
"Youre going to abolish that law and let me take the throne, you wont fight me on it and once I have the throne you will disappear into hiding." He starts to talk and I close his throat just slightly. "Just a nod or a shake will do" he nods. "Perfect" I smile and cross my hands together and drop him to the ground releasing him.
Ive wanted to do that forever. Ive waited so long to be able to be the one with power. He scurries from the room and someone steps in after his departure. A scrawny dark blonde boy comes in. Bowing as he approaches and then looking up into my face with those grey eyes. "It really is you" he whispers. I run to hug him, my arms wrapping around his thick armor.
"Carlon its good to see you brother its been too long". My best friend from childhood. He never forgot me. "He said you were dead but I didnt believe it. You are too strong and if he didnt kill you I knew no one could." He pulled me back to look at me again. "Did you find her? Your Goddess? You seem different, hopeful and powerful" he smiled at me and embraced me again.
"Yes, but there's a problem. Shes the princess of Rosalea and she's to be wed in a week." I hold nothing back from him, since childhood he's known all my secrets. "Then we better get thinking" he smirked and goes to leave. "Ill be in my new study." He turns to look at me "Im assuming you will be making me your advisor?" Hes so hopeful his eyes are glistening. I nod and he's off.
Step 1 take back my throne and kingdom.... Complete. Six days and counting.

Chapter 29: Sarah

I walk slowly to my room delaying the inevitable. I hesitate at the door before I reach for the handle and walk in. He's sitting on my bed. Feet hanging off and leaning back onto his hands. His shirt is off and thrown to the side, along with his shoes.
I kick off my heels and put them in the closet. Walking in them all day is a pain I'll have to get used to. "Come here my little gem. Let me help you unwind for the day" his eyes running up and down me again. I fight the chill I feel about to start. As I walk closer to him he stands and wraps his arms around my waist. I hesitantly place my hands on his very tiny arms.
"You're not going to fight me tonight?" He looks shocked as if he didn't know my father had yelled at me. "Silly Nikolis, we are to be married in a week and I don't have it in me to fight our whole lives away. Plus what kind of queen would I be if I couldn't sacrifice just a bit for my people." "You've taken me by surprise my little gem but I'm glad you finally see things the correct way." He whispers against my ear before kissing my neck.
Don't fight. I hear Benjamin's voice in my head. I have to play along no matter how much it kills me inside. I push Nikolis back just a bit then lean in to kiss him. He grabs the back of my neck and pulls me closer to him, his other hand finding my waist. Twirling us around he pushes me into the bed and I move up to the pillows. Fighting back the tears and heartache I try my best smile at him. He takes his pants off and climbs onto me.
He's bulging through his briefs and I can feel him through my dress. He continues kissing me as his hands find my zipper and he undoes my dress and pulls it down over my feet. "No need for this" he says tossing it to the floor. He then takes off both our underwear and throws the blankets over our naked bodies.
"Take control of it" he grins as his eyes dart downward. My hands shakes as I grasp him. He's smaller than Benjamin, much smaller. "Don't be afraid it doesn't bite" he talks to me as if I know nothing. Than again he thinks I'm naive.
I squeeze slightly and move my hand up and down. He moans and slides two fingers into me. I try to go along with it but my heart only breaks more. I fake a moan and he rips his fingers out. "Put me inside you my little gem" I do as told and position his tip into me. He slams the rest in and I fake a moan to fight from screaming.
He slams into me a few more times and he's done. He passes out on top of me... In me. I cry myself to sleep pinned down by his body.

Chapter 30: Benjamin

I can feel her crying again. It wakes me from my sleep. She wants nothing more than to kill him. I feel her hatred and I feel her despair. I listened Ben I'm sorry. The thought repeats over and over in her head. I look at the clock it reads midnight.
I get up and slip a robe on as I walk to my desk. I look at the paperwork that I need to have signed before my coronation tonight.
So many laws and so much to learn. My people have suffered and I've been in hiding. I hear the door click shut and I pull myself from my paperwork to join the female in the center of my room. "You've grown so big... Benny" the golden haired grey eyes girl says whispering my nickname from many years ago.
"Katessa, what do I owe the pleasure and why so late?" The last time I saw her we were just kids. I was 10 she was 8. "You think you can say hello to my brother and not to your betrothed? I feel mortified you didn't even think of me did you?" She looks down to the ground "I saw the candle light from your room. I figured you'd want company" looking back into my eyes she looks like a little kid again.
"I was just going over paperwork. There's a lot that goes with taking a throne. Running a country and learning laws..." I sigh "who needs sleep". "You know" she moves closer to me, too close. "Part of taking a thrown is having a wife... A child... A family." She comes face to face with me and wraps her arms around my neck.
"Katessa...I can't. I can't think about love right now I have to focus." I take her arms off of my neck and gently push her away. "I will be your queen Benjamin." My vision goes blurry and my father comes in. "Well done Tess" he puts his hand on her shoulder and she looks at me sadly as I fall to the ground.
She leans over me and smiles. "As long as you keep your end of the bargain" she kisses my cheek "I'm sorry Benny." I black out.

Chapter 31: Sarah

"Your highness" Mikayla taps on my shoulder as I finish getting ready for the day. "Sorry just lost in thought" my mind drifts back to Nikolis having his way with me one last time before sneaking out of my room.
Ive been thinking about the whole Goddess thing and figured the only way I'm going to know for sure is if I get time alone for an hour or two a day. My stomach flips, or I guess I should say my baby kicked. Time to eat? It kicks again. I wish I knew how far along I was. My guess is three months, thats how long its been since I bled.
I wonder if its a boy or girl and start going over names. Another kick brings me out of my head. "Breakfast" I stand and head to the dining hall. I take my seat across my mother and next to Nikolis. He smiles at me and I force a smile back. My father smiles triumphantly at the head of the table.
"Im glad you two are getting so close. It warms my heart that my daughter will be taken care of." He reaches over and squeezes my hand. I smile up at him than return to my eggs and toast. Another kick. I cover my mouth quickly.
"May I be excused for a moment" I ask between clenched teeth. "Of course my dear" my mother says looking worridly at me. I walk out of the hall as fast as I can without breaking my grace and run to the closest bathroom. A few moments of morning sickness later I return to my breakfast.
"Everything all right?" My father looks at me. Shock in his eyes. "Probably just a stomach bug. I heard its going around" my mother rubs his hand in comfort. My father and Nikolis share a look. "Excuse us ladies we have paperwork to look into before next week." They say in unison and stand. My father kissing my mother and Nikolis kissing me before leaving us.
"Can I ask you something" I speak up after a few moments of silence. "Anything dear" my mother smiles at me after taking the last bite of her breakfast. "Is there any place I can go to be alone...just for a few hours a day." I look down at my plate and push the last bit of egg around. "Oh heavens. I forgot to tell you. You have your own personal garden." She reaches into a pocket of her dress and pulls out a key on a silver chain.
"Ill have your head maid show you to it whenever your ready." She places the key next to my plate and stands. "If you ever need anything just ask my dear" she then leaves me with my new found excitement. My own garden. I snatch the key off the table and run to find Mikayla.

Chapter 32: Benjamin

The cold wall against my back, I hesitate to open my eyes. I dont need to open them anyway. I know where I am, this room is all to familiar. The smell of blood and rust burn my nose.
"Is he still out?" I hear Katessa whisper to my father just a few feet away. "I dont know, stop asking every five minutes." He says almost in a growl. "Sorry I just poisoned the man I love. Im alittle worried ok." She mumbles as she walks closer to me.
"Benny are you alright" I fight not to jerk away from her hand on my cheek. "Get away from me." I turn my head away from her. Im slammed against the wall by my father's hand at my neck. "Did you really think you could pull the stunt you did without consequences boy?" He slams my head to the wall again.
"Is that supposed to hurt" I smirk at him. I can feel the poison coursing through me and it stings, but I can also feel my power growing. I take a deep breath and try to focus on it. "I don't know what I'm going to do with you... Other than keeping you weak." He sticks me in the arm with more poison. "What are you doing!?!" Katessa screams and pushes my father aside.
"If he's not weak he'll fight and we will both be in trouble. You just work on your part and I'll to mine." He stands face to face with her towering over her. She doesn't look scared. She turns on her heel and walks out slamming the door behind her. "We will be doing things my way or you will seriously regret defying me." His mind racing of ways to destroy me.
"You have no idea what you are doing and you are fucked" I let out a small snicker and he slams my head against the wall again. Between the head trauma and poison I pass out.

Chapter 33: Sarah

Giant golden doors with ruby and emerald roses for handles stood in front of me. The guards standing at the doors opened them on the command of Mikayla. My garden was unbelievable. There was a forest off to the back surrounded by the crystal gates and off to the left was a fence, that you could just barely see the front of the castle from.
"Three acres of land milady. No guards except at the top of the crystal wall and on the other side of the fence, for your safety and secrecy." She smiled then curtsied excusing herself so I could explore my garden in peace. I begin to wander the grounds and thanked my lucky stars I'm good at memorizing things. It would be very easy for anyone to get lost here.
A forest and a lake all to myself. Its going to be very easy to test my abilities. I don't even know where to start. I look at the water and it starts to ripple. I think about it moving up and circling around me and it does just that. I wonder if everything will be this easy. I drop the water on the ground around me and walk over to the trees.
They bow as I get closer. Is there anything I cant do? I feel a little chill in the air and think how wonderful reading a book by a fire would be and my skin warms itself. Hmmm this could be helpful. I close my eyes and decide to really test myself. I think of my bedroom and how cozy my bed is and as I open my eyes I find myself sitting on my bed.
Wow. The baby starts to kick at the same time I start craving raspberries. I head towards my door as Mikayla walks in. Her eyes wide with shock and confusion.
"Milady how did you get up here before me?" She hesitates each word and I freeze not knowing how to answer. The walk to my garden from my room is a long one and no doubt she came straight here after bringing me there. "I... Ummm..." I look around the room looking for something, anything, to give me an excuse. "Sorry milady I shouldnt have questioned you." She whispered quickly running from my room.
Dazed and confused I sat on my bed trying to understand what I had done to make her behave that way.

Chapter 34: Benjamin

Power surges through me. My body is fighting the poison my father used and I can see the day unfolding in my mind. He shouldnt of used the same poison from my childhood. My body has grown an immunity to it.
I sense no one in the room with me but Katessa is on her way to me and there are two guards outside the door. In just a few minutes she's at the door and they let her in. She walks slowly over to me and her smile gets wider as she realizes I'm conscious.
"Oh Benny." She wraps her arms around my neck and kisses my cheek. "I was worried he was too rough" she pulls away ever so slightly. "Run" I glare directly into her eyes and she looks at me with shock. Her eyes so wide they could pop out of her head. "Run now or I swear you will regret it." I can feel my eyes turn completely black. Ive hit full power for the first time in my life and there will be no stopping me.
She ran from the room and I waited till I couldnt sense her in the castle anymore. I may be the God of destruction but that doesnt mean I cant spare people. My chains vanish from my wrists and within milliseconds I'm in the throne room once again. "What are you doing here?!? GUARDS!!! GUARDS!!!" My father screams to the top of his lungs. Hes trapped now. My powers keep the guards from interrupting us.
"I tried to do this the nice way. I was going to let you live. Youve given me no choice. If I cant have the thrown by you giving it to me I'll just have to take it." He tried to speak over me but I wouldnt allow him to, using my powers to hold him silent. "Good bye father. The world will be a better place without you." I smirked as his heart stopped and he fell from the thrown.
Bringing myself back to the torture chamber I waited for someone to come tell me the news. I am now King.

Chapter 35: Sarah

I make my way to the kitchen for raspberries and I hear muffled voices behind a locked door. Has my hearing improved? I hear the name Aridonia and it spikes my curiousity. I lean against a wall next to the door and listen to the gentlemen inside.
"Yes I'm positive that's what happened." A young man with a shaky voice whispered. "Damn. Return to your post then and be careful. We don't know what we are dealing with." That voice was unmistakably my fathers. I ducked into the closest hallway I could and when the young man was far enough away I returned to the door.
"Do you think it will work Nikolis?" My father whispers with a hint of paranoia in his voice. "What other option do we have your majesty" Nikolis sounds afraid. He should be. With my newly found powers he will regret all he's done. The baby kicks and I remember I was on the hunt for some raspberries.
As I walk into the kitchen all the staff go quiet. I walk to the fridge and grab what I came for. I take a seat on one of the small wooden stools as they continue their work around me. Lunch is in an hour and it was very amusing to watch how they all worked together.
Within a few minutes they acted like I wasnt there at all. They were laughing and goofing off. Some of them teasing others and some throwing food. I was glad to see my people happy. Mikayla walked in to see how long before lunch. "We cant afford another late meal. I dont know if I can handle it to be honest." She mumbled the last sentence under her breath and then gasped as she caught sight of me. "Milady" she rushed to my side and curtsied low.
"What are you doing down here Princess you should be with better company." She tried to keep her voice down so as not to offend anyone in the kitchen. "There is no other company whose presence I would like to be in at this moment" she smiled at my words as she sat next to me.
"You'll make a fine queen.... Sarah" still hesitant on my name but Im glad she's actually using it.

Chapter 36: Benjamin

I'm awoken late in the night by two guards releasing my chains. Once I'm freed they bow on one knee in front of me. "Whats going on?" I demand of them, playing stupid. "Your father has passed away from heart failure. You are now king of Aridonia your majesty." They say in unison.
I walk past them and head straight to the thrown room. I enter and see all the guards facing the throne. I take my seat in front of them and they all fall to one knee. The head of the King's counsel comes up to me, from beside the throne, and places a crown on my head. The guards all rise and shout together "ALL HAIL KING BENJAMIN. LONG LIVE THE KING".
As soon as they quiet down I stand and my voice echoes in the thrown room "Carlon will be my advisor and there will be no need for the rest of the counsel." I can feel the relief eminating from my father's counsel. They are all older and probably wish to spend the rest of their days with their families.
"You are all dismissed" and with that everyone leaves me except Carlon. "What next your majesty" he chuckles a bit and looks out the massive window to our left. "Next my dear friend.... We go get my Queen." We walk to the window and stare out at the mountains in the distance. Those mountains are the only thing blocking me from my Goddess... My Sarah.

Chapter 37: Sarah

For the first time since I came to the palace I'm the very first one in the dining room for lunch. I take my usual seat next to my fathers at the head of the table. The next to arrive is my mother. The clock above my fathers seat strikes 1. Neither my father nor Nikolis are here.
"Its not like those boys to be late". My mother waves at a servant in the corner, and they bring our food over. The little one does flips and I'm suddenly not hungry. "Mother may I be exused? Im not very hungry." I push the food around on my plate as I avoid eye contact with her. "Very well. But promise me you'll have food brought to you when you are." She glares at me as if she doesnt trust I will.
"Promise" I run a finger over my heart in an X shape and she giggles. As I head towards my room I hear Nikolis' deep voice whispering. "I dont understand why he doesnt just give in. Stubborn old man." And he walks around a corner into me, almost knocking me over.
"Ah my little gem. Sorry I was lost in thought. Sorry I missed lunch. Maybe a dinner date tonight will release me of my guilt? Say eight sharp in my room." Without giving me a chance to answer he pecks me on the lips and leaves me stunned in the hall. I know he doesnt want just dinner but I cant say no. Damn it.
I enter my room and my father is standing there. "Hello father." I curtsy just slighty and he grins. "In a strange turn of events we have decided to move the wedding up. You see Nikolis' grandmother wants to attend and she is very sickly and may not last much longer. So it will be the day after tomorrow." He steps forward and kisses my cheek.
"You're going to be so happy with him my dear. I'm glad we dont have to do any of this the hard way." He smiles down at me and I force a small smile back. "We umm... We wont be joining you and mom for dinner. We are having a dinner date... alone." My forced words are almost a whisper and it makes him smile wider.
"I think that's best" he walks around me and closes the door behind me. I run to my bed and climb into it as fast as I can. I curl into a ball and drift to sleep... This place is a nightmare.

Chapter 38: Benjamin

I finally finished the stack of paperwork for the day and I look at the clock. 530 pm. Which means its about 130 there. I close my eyes and think of Sarah, she seems to be in a peaceful sleep. I focus just a bit and Im in her room. She has a plate of fruit next to her bed and her door is locked.
I walk over to her bed and climb in next to her. In her sleep she rolls over and her body forms to mine. I cant wait until this is our lives. My hand rests on her stomach and I feel our little one kick. "Well hi to you too" I whisper in it's direction, another kick follows my words. I look over to Sarah and I see in her mind that she is dreaming of me.
I gently kiss her forhead and she smiles and opens her eyes. "I didnt mean to wake you my Goddess". She pulls herself up and kisses my lips. A lingering kiss neither of us want to pull away from. She groans softly and I roll her onto her back. "No need to be quiet here, every wall and door is sound proof". She teases in between kisses.
Our kiss deepens and she lowers her head to my neck and bites hard on my sweet spot. Every nerve in my body starts to tingle and I harden more and more at every touch. "Mmm Sarah" I moan loudly and I can feel her smile as she bites a bit harder. That does the trick. I rip her clothes over her head and she takes my clothes off. I slowly ease myself into her and our lips meet again.
We instantly have a rythm going and I slide out of her and then back in and she groans and tightens everytime. After the third time sliding back in we go full force and we climax together. "Fuck that was needed" I sigh and roll next to her. Both of us panting wildly.
A few minutes past and she is sitting up eating her fruit and Im laying next to her watching our little one kick around happily. She smiles down at me. "Connor" she whispers between a strawberry and some blueberries. "Huh?" My eyebrows crinkle a bit.
"His name silly. Its Connor Aaron." She slowly starts to rub her belly at the same time it stops moving. "How do you know its a boy. Its only been about 3 months". I sit up and we are looking eye to eye now. "He talks to me. He must be a God like his daddy." She smiles and kisses me. "Hes about 7 months and it doesnt show because Im a Goddess."
I lean down and kiss her stomach. "Thats a perfect name for our perfect son." She moves the food tray to the side table and lays back down. After about an hour of cuddling she finally dozes off and I return home.

Chapter 39: Sarah

I wake to the sound of pounding on my door. I throw on my night gown and look to the clock. 830pm. Shit!!! I've missed my dinner date with Nikolis. I yank the doors open and he's standing there face red and arms crossed.
"I'm so sorry Nik I must have dozed off after lunch." I curtsey to him just slightly and his reserve changes to a smile at hearing the nickname I've given him.
"I feared you were avoiding me my little gem, and with our wedding getting so close I worried abit too much it seems." He walks slowly to my bed and snaps his fingers. 2 servants bring in trays and set them on the bed and bow to us on their way out the door.
"It may be a little cold but still as delicious I assume." He lifts the tops of the trays off and sets them on the floor. Steak, rice and green beans sit on the plates in front of us and I walk to the bed and sit carefully as to not disturb the plates.
"Still fairly hot." I add before popping another piece of steak into my mouth. "Very juicy and tender." I nod in agreement to his words. Luckily the steak is fully cooked with no red. Though I dont think my little one would be affected anyway.
"I would like to propose we abstain from relations before the wedding. So no one can question our honor my little gem." I'm taken back from the words I end up dropping my fork full of rice on the bed. He chuckles at my clumsiness and helps me clean the mess. "I agree Nik and thank you for respecting what is thought of us."
Not long after we finish eating a servant comes in to clean up our dinners. Nikolis kisses my cheek and heads off to his room. That was not as bad of an evening as I had feared. Connor kicks as I feel a wave of exhaustion and I climb into my bed for some well deserved sleep.
I dream of nothing other than Ben and our future rule with our son at our side. A little boy of 8 years old crying in a room. Our son. With neither of us there and no one to help him. I wake covered in sweat and tears down my face. Which of those dreams was the future? Were either of them real?
I fall back into a very unrestful sleep hoping to catch some good sleep for the next two days ahead of me will need all of my energy.

Chapter 40: Benjamin

"A royal invitation arrived for your father for the upcoming wedding your majesty. It reads that the wedding is to take place tomorrow at sundown. Six in the evening to be precise." Carlon whispers into my ear as a Duke continues to complain in front of me about having too many male servants and not enough female ones.
"Excuse us sir." I stand and leave heading to my private study, Carlon close behind me he closes the door once he's in the room with me. "Tomorrow?!?!?" I scream as the desk flips over, papers everywhere. "I haven't figured out how to stop the wedding or save her." I run my fingers through my hair as Carlon picks up the desk and starts to pick up the papers.
"Why did they invite your father of all people? Surely they are aware you'd return here...unless they dont know you've escaped." I turn slowly at his words. That must be it. The king wouldn't have sent out an invite knowing I was free. If he did find out he would be furious and not waste a moment on the wedding. Sarah would be wed by now.
"That's it Carlon. We will attend the wedding as my father and one of his advisors. Then we will object to the vows and throw me in as a suitor. The country, no, the world wont be able to reject that union. It's perfect." I slap him on the shoulder "you my good sir are a genius." I walk to the door and pass my guards the invitation that is checked yes and plus one.
"You're welcome???" Carlon looks at me puzzled and I chuckle at his funny facial expression. "Come my friend we have a wedding to prepare for" I smile triumphantly and head to my room to pack.

Chapter 41: Sarah

The day has been long and confusing. At one point I felt anger that wasn't my own and the rest of the day I was nauseous and exhausted. I had to taste at least 50 different types of cakes. I didn't even know that many existed. I was shown different fabrics and flowers, none of which I cared for, I didn't want this wedding in the first place and as we prepare more and more for it I want it even less.
"Your highness which one?" The florist asks holding up yellow and white rose bouquets. "Ummmm..." I'm not paying attention, nor do I care. "Yellow I think" my mother's voice comes from behind me making me jump a just a little. She chuckles and I shake my head. "At least if you give me a heart attack I wont have to marry Nikolis" I smirk up at her. She frowns down at me "not funny dear. You need this marriage it will be good for you". She squeezes my shoulder and whispers in my ear "you've done enough today. You need rest for tomorrow go to your chambers and nap for now".
Nap? Cant I sleep? No, it's only noon and there's more to do later. Papers to sign and seats to arrange. Guests to greet that have arrived early. Ugh I've been here a week and already I wish I was back in the orphanage with my Benjamin. My prince. My God.

. . .

I wake from my nap in time for dinner. As I enter the dining room I notice all the guests, my father, and my mother but not Nikolis? Oh that's right it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride the day before the wedding. I take my seat next to my father across from my mother and my father takes my hand. "As you are both of age you could take the throne as soon as you are married. That's what Nikolis wants anyway." He glances quickly to my mother then back to me. "However, my council and I dont believe you are ready yet. Having just started your lessons and just turning 18." He looks to me as if asking my opinion. But hasn't it already been decided? My opinion doesn't matter here.
"So, how much training must I receive to become queen?" He smiles at my question. It's what he wanted, not my opposition or opinion. "You're mother will train you, and when she sees fit you will take the throne. You must also have an heir by that time. I will be training Nikolis at the same time." He smiles and we finish our meal in silence.

Chapter 42: Benjamin

The day of the wedding we arrive at the front gates of the palace at 430 in the evening. We are the last to arrive as for we live the farthest away. I use my magic to disguise myself as my father. The crown on my head and a velvet black cloak on. Carlon needs no disguise.
All the guests are waiting in separate rooms of the palace. Such a magnificent place with so many rooms. Dukes and duchesses, peasants and servants alike all getting ready to attend the wedding. The halls are decorated in yellow tulips and ribbons everywhere. I pace the room as Carlon sits in the corner watching me.
"Is it possible to burn a hole in crystal? I suppose if you keep doing that we'll find out" he chuckles as I shoot him a glare. My disguise down until we have to go to the ceremony, which is being held in the massive ball room. After which will be a dinner in the throne room since the dining room isnt big enough to seat all these guests.
A guard knocks on the door around 530. My disguise goes up and I place the crown on my head. No cloak just a purple silk vest over a white silk dress shirt.
The ball room has two giant squared off areas marked by ribbons and giant tall vases of the same yellow tulips. I cant imagine Sarah picked the decor. Probably her mother. The doors open and the ceremony begins.

Chapter 43: Sarah

The doors open to a very crowded room and lots of yellow flowers. The wedding March comes from the balcony above and I feel my legs start to buckle from me forcing them to go forward. My father stands at the front of the ball room ready to marry me to the ever so happy Nikolis. My mother stands off to the left of my father and the crowd is standing behind ribbons and flowers on both sides. I scan the crowd quickly scared at the fact I know barely anyone. My heart skips a beat as I see Ben with a crown on his head and he holds a finger to his lips.
I smile and turn my eyes back to the podium. The slim wedding gown and small tiara feel very restraining. I try to focus on Ben to have the strength to do this. He must have a plan and as King can he be stopped? Does anyone have any power over a King and God?

His wife and Queen

I hear Ben's voice in my head and I smile wider. Nikolis' hand is held out and I place mine in his. I stand by his side and face him and my father starts his speech.
"My people and those of our neighboring country thank you all for coming out for such a happy event. We are here to unite these two in a very happy union." A few coughs came from the crowd. I look to my right at the faces and see no one is believing that we are a happy couple. I wish I could read their minds. Why are we here. An elderly ladies voice pops into my mind. Oh right...Goddess...I can read minds.
This guy has always been a jerk, but yes let's give him more power. She's not happy and hes too excited. Couldn't we find someone better for the throne than him. A hundred voices all against my union to this man. My father doesnt care though. Please Ben do something soon.
My father almost mumbles the next words. "If anyone here has any reason these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace." As he is supposed to rightfully do he allowed a few moments for anyone to speak up, and exactly that happened. "I do" an unfamiliar voice spoke up from the middle row on the right. A young boy obviously not from Rosalea. "And what is your reason young man" my father started shaking with furry. Everyone's heads started going back and forth between the two afraid of what was going to happen.
"My lord, King Benjamin of Aridonia is seeking a wife and your princess Sarah would be the ideal match." The crowd all starts smiling. This is the union everyone has wanted. My father is furious, but there is nothing he can do if all the people want this. "Except your king is not here. And if hes not present there is no way he can lay claim to her." He smiles in triumph thinking he's won.
With a gentle clearing of his throat Benjamin rises. Wearing the king's robes and the crown of Aridonia he looks magnificent. "I am here your grace, but not here to lay claim to your daughter. Instead I am here to lay claim to her heart." As he speaks he moves to the main aisle. At the end of his words I run to his arms and he lifts me to the air and we kiss passionately till he lowers me to the floor. The crowd erupts with cheers and awwws.
"But....I...." my father stumbles for words. I look to him, Ben's arms still around me. "I wish to marry him father. With or without you, we obviously have the backing of our people and it would unite the two kingdoms perfectly." Again more cheers. "How can I say no" my father mutters through clenched teeth. My mother places a hand on his shoulder and smiles at him. She leans up to his ear and whispers "its what's best you cant deny it".

Chapter 44: Benjamin

After the objection to the wedding and all the people agreeing to mine and Sarah's union, we were ushered into the kings study and all the guests sent to their rooms. "It may be what's best but I am not happy about this, its manipulation and I dont trust you." The King screams into my face. The queen and Sarah stand off in the corner and Nikolis is somewhere in the castle, he stormed out when the guests sided with us.
"How many times do I have to tell you. I love her and she will be my wife. As much as you dont like it we are destined for each other and not even you have the power to change our fate." I calmly rebutted. He looks confused and angry, unsure of what to say. "Hmph, destiny you say? You're too young to know destiny...fate... you think you know it all because you're a prince. You know nothing of the world yet. But I'll gladly teach you." He reaches down for his sword and his hand freezes.
"Let me explain to you how much I know of the world" I smirk as I release his hand from my power and watch it drop to his side. "What are you" he starts shaking in fear the words magician and sorcerer run through his mind. He comes at me with his fist in the air. Again I halt him with my powers. "No. I'm not human enough to fall into either of those categories" I whisper into his mind and release him.
God. The word runs through his mind and I nod slightly. He drops to his knees.
"My lord I'm sorry" he bows to me as low as he can. Both Sarah and the queen are confused as they missed half the conversation. He looks over to his wife, his head still to the floor. "My dear, hes the God of destruction." He looks back down at the floor whispering sorry repeatedly. I trying not to smile. The queen walks to her husband and pulls him up by the arm. He is shaking in fear. His eyes jolting back and forth from me to his wife and back again.
"I know love" she kisses his cheek and his eyes are so wide it looks as if they will fall from his head. "He is here to claim his Goddess from us" she turns to Sarah and holds her hand out to her daughter. Sarah in turn takes her hand and moves to her mother's side. The King of Rosalea passes out.

Chapter 45: Sarah

"Can someone please explain to me the extent of what's going on here!!" My father screams hysterically. My thoughts are racing and I cant make heads or tails of what's going on either. How long has my mother known? I'm so confused and exhausted and it's making my nausea worse. "First off, you should sit." Ben comes over and takes my hand leading me to the couch.
"Mother how long have you known?" I ask as I take a seat. "About which part?" She snickers quietly. "Can someone please ju..." my father starts to raise his voice again and my mother cuts him off "yes dear we are getting there." She smiles as she sits next to me on the couch.
"When Sarah was born she had a glow about her. The nurses thought it was a sign she was meant to be the princess of rosalea... I knew it was something more. So I took to research on babies and different illnesses they could have. Not long after Sarah developed weird abilities. She could lift forks and spoons to her mouth with her mind. She could talk to me in my head. That's when I realized who she was. The fabled Goddess of love and creation destined to be born on earth and find her love." She finished by taking my hands and patting the tops of them.
"And you told no one!?! Not even me? Her own father!" My father stood above my mother furious. She sighed and shook her head. "The one nurse that found out told her husband who tried to sneak in and kill Sarah. Afraid she wasn't the Goddess but instead a demon sent to doom us all. So we had you sent away love." She kissed my cheek as a tear slipped from her eye.
"So when did you find out about me?" Benjamin asked kneeling next to me holding a glass of water for me if I needed it. "I didnt know at first if my mind was playing tricks on me or if you were the God of destruction in human form. But I am a mother and I notice signs of pregnancy even if Sarah is a Goddess and doesnt show. She wouldn't eat somedays. Others she would be sick. Her hand was on her stomach alot the first day even though she had no knowledge at the time. That's why I encouraged the union of you two." She smiled and placed my hand in Ben's. "And that brings us to now"
"So I guess there really is no stopping this wedding" my father stands and walks to his desk as his study door flies open. "WHAT?!?!?!?" Nikolis is standing in the doorway furious and red as a tomato. "You promised me that I would be King. That I would rule the kingdoms and there would be no one against me." He spins on his heel and storms out without listening to anyone. We all look at each other, unsure of where to go from here.

Chapter 46: Benjamin

The queen and king retired to their room and me and Sarah went off to our respective rooms. Around 3 am the alarms went off in the castle and all the doors were locked. The guards at my door escorted me to the library where the Queen and Sarah were waiting. The Queen was sobbing on the couch with Sarah kneeling in front of her rubbing her arms.
"What happened?" I ask the guard standing closest to me. He looks to the Queen and Sarah and they both nod slightly. "King Desmond has been murdered in his sleep." His head hangs as he whispers the news. "What? By who? How?" I'm talking so fast I dont realize Sarah walking over to me and she takes my head into her hands. "Nikolis has done this. He paid off the guards who just assumed he was going in to talk to the King. He had a hidden blade and as he slit my father's throat my mother screamed out." She kisses my cheek and her mother sobs harder. "He wanted everything and my father promised it to him. When my father couldn't deliver Nikolis struck out... literally."
"We will have a service for him. A Kings service where we end with a feast to celebrate his greatness." The Queen says standing from the couch. "And then we will have your wedding soon after. This child," she says as she places a hand on Sarah's stomach "will not be born illegitimate." And she storms from the room. "Have Nikolis brought to the cells, and starved till we deal with him." Sarah commands the guard closest to him and follows her mother off to the ballroom. I follow the guard to Nikolis' room.
"He deserved it. The bastard lied to me. Promised me everything just to give it to this one." He screams as he points at me while fighting against the guards. "He has manipulated the King somehow, none of us would've been safe. I saved us all." The guards drag him throw him to the ground and tie his hands and block his mouth before dragging him to the dungeon.
"Me and Sarah will wed and the kingdoms will be united. She will be happy and loved and so will the people. You will be dealt with as the Queen sees fit. May the Gods have mercy on your soul." I say to him as I slam the cell door. I hear his screaming and protests through his make shift muzzle. I can hear the Queen making an announcement from the palace balcony to her people. The King is dead and princess Sarah will soon take the throne after the mourning of her father.
The people are filled with mixed emotions. So much has happened and they dont know how to process it all. I head to my room and wait to be summoned, it doesnt take long. As soon as I closed my doors a guard entered telling me princess Sarah requested my appearance.

Chapter 47: Sarah

"Enter" I whisper knowing he will hear me either way. Ben enters my room and kneels by my bed. "How can I be of service milady" he lays a gentle kiss on my hand and I let out a soft giggle. "I was wondering if you would cuddle with me tonight and keep us both safe and warm. "Of course my love" he whispered as he climbed into the bed next to me and wrapped his arms around me.
Nightmares wouldn't let me sleep. Even in Ben's arms I couldnt get images of my father being slain or Nikolis standing over me with a bloody knife. Ben stayed awake with me till I passed out from exhaustion. I dont believe he slept at all.

.. .. ...

The next few days went by in a blur. My father's service was beautiful and grand. Nikolis was executed quietly and his body burned and sent to his family respectful of their wishes. They sent us magnificent jewels and fruits to amend for his behavior.
Three days after that was the wedding. Blue and red to match our favorite colors. Rose's everywhere and my dream dress with ruffles perfectly fitted to me and even more perfect was my stomach still not showing even though I'm 8 months along. Goddess parks I guess.
I wake next to Ben my gold and sapphire rings shining in the morning light. He looks down at me smiling and kisses my head. The coronation followed our wedding last night and I've been exhausted all week. Unfortunately I couldnt sleep through it.
"Have you been up doing paperwork all night?" I push myself to kiss him before hopping off the bed to get ready for the day. "No I watched you sleep for a couple hours" he says smiling at his little joke. "So you haven't slept at all" I frown and he walks over to me cupping my face. "Dont worry my Queen I'll be alright, it's just some things I have to work through for both countries to merge. Then I'll sleep" he whispers to me as our foreheads meet.
"Let me help then. They are my countries now too." I pout and cross my arms. Trying to be all cute. I hear him chuckle slightly. Just before everything goes blurry. I hear him calling my name in the distance and I black out.

Chapter 48: Benjamin

I pace outside her room as doctors and nurses are in there taking care of her allowing neither her mother or I in the room. "She's going to be fine Benjamin." Annelia says as she comes to stand beside me. "I know. I just dont know why her body caved like that so quickly. Shes only 8 months the baby cant be coming so soon can it?!?" My voice growing louder by the second before I notice.
"First things first, you need to remain calm. She is a Goddess and has been through alot in the past week. Her body is doing what it must for her and the baby and you need to trust everything will be ok. This is a strange situation for all of us but you are both strong and will pull through it I can promise that." She speaks softly but quickly to calm me down. She is right I need to remain calm and strong for my family.
The doctors and nurses come out one at a time non of them speaking except the last who remained in the hall with us after the rest scurried away. "The baby and the mother are fine. In 8 months time we will name his arrival as crown prince of the thrown. No one will know that he was born so soon after the wedding. Congratulations your majesty." He bows and then walks quickly away.
"I'll leave you to your family. You know where to find me when you they are rested enough for me to meet my grandson." She curtsies then hugs me before heading to her study. I look at the door and take a deep breath before entering our new suite and meeting my son.
Sarah smiles at me weakly then looks down to our son. "Connor Aiden Dralor. Crown prince to Rosalea." She passed him to me and I hold him as gently as I can. Worry passes through me and she places a hand on my arm, just below his feet. "He was born too early to maintain his godly powers. He is human but he is healthy and perfect." She whispers softly before kissing my arm.
My worry disappears as soon as she says healthy. Human is fine as long as both of my loves are perfect and healthy. I glance to her and see she is starting to drift. I sit in the arm chair in the corner and rock Connor off to sleep.

.. .. ...

2 years have passed and we are expecting another boy on the way. The countries have been struggling to come together but I believe one day we can make it work. Connor has shown signs of advanced intelligence. His craze for power is kind of concerning, especially at such a young age, though I'm sure it will pass.
Airidonia is no more it is just Rosalea now. Brought together by our union and hoping my last name will make it easier for my people to adjust. Only time will tell I guess...

© 2020 Serenity Rose

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