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Introductory Words

Love has different translations in different tribes and races and cultures. To different people love means different things. However one thing is usually referred to by people in my land which is said to help a lot in development and growth of anything on earth and it is the nonphysical part of the issue.

Love also has nonphysical part, this nonphysical part is what this short poetry work is about.

Thank you.

Virtually everything (if not everything) happening on Eartha's a spirit involved with it

This means there is a spirit of love

The nonphysical part of humans

That accommodates emotions

Characters and influence moods

Has also been discovered to be

Playing prominent role in love.

Some people have been found

To express physical likeness to others

While their nonphysical parts

Have been found to be "dissonance"

With their physical expressions.

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This though may not be obtained

At the inception of their "declarations"

And their expressions

But using one of the surest

Tests God has given all humans

Which is called "Time"


Their deep sited positions

Become revealed, as people

Now discover that their physical

Display and array of likeness

Are at variance with their

Nonphysical parts.

The naive ones becomes

Baffled at this discovery

While the aged and those who have

Been in close rapport with aged

Do not become gravely surprised

Sometimes though those latter groups

Of people could also feel puzzled at this

Discovery especially when the person has

For long been successfully coating

Its nonphysical part from outsiders

Nothing could be more shocking

And disturbing than this revelation

Knowing that the person being trusted

And relied upon for long has been an

Opposite of what has been known of him/her

Because of this kind of revelation

The aged have associated genuine

Love with a spirit, therefore, to them

Yea, to all who does not want to be fools

Love transcends physical demonstrations

Genuine love must have a spirit of love

Backing it up so that physical demonstrations

Would be a revelation of nonphysical part

Of the person.

When the physical matches the nonphysical

Then like a goat whose skins cannot be

Obtained except killed, the expressed love

Can't be stopped except the person is killed.



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on August 07, 2021:

Thank you Pamela. It has been in my mind to write few things about love, having seen and read other works from other writers from the ancient days and presently.

My writing spirit is lifted knowing you like this. Have a pleasant day.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on August 06, 2021:

This is beautifully poetry about love, Olusegen.I really enjoyed reading it.

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