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Love on a Rescue

I'm electromech and my hobby is to write poems any topic under the sun.

As the pages of time about to close

I started hugging my breath and keep it on hold

Can't face another night that is so cold

Twisting my mind and it is so difficult

Before the dawn breaks as I'm still awake

Thinking about the mistakes I made

If I could only bury them in cave

And cover them with rock that never breaks

Until the morning comes,time to get up

It's another day for another gap

Can not move on and make a better craft

World that collapsed I'm being shallowed up

Will I go on fying in a gloomy sky

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Will I do things that I have never tried

For so many years fear that keep me blind

It's time to mend and keep my life align

I found a key that opened up a box

It ease my world,reviving a dead clock

A ship in travel that finally docked

Only to rest and to ocean be back

Now I'm fying high where my heart desire

Into the mountain peak I can defy

Your love that has driven me can't be deny

Into your gentle ways my heart complies

Your love that has driven me can't be deny.Into your gentle ways my heart complies.


© 2019 cruzerick

Love is like a sea water,it can revive a toxic life.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on October 12, 2019:

A wonderful poem of not giving up when your heart is hurt, but finding the pathway to live again.

Good write.

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