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Love Mini Poetry

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Love poem

mein shayari sms
Let's admit we were wrong..


But tell me one thing.. was that person right?

What has changed so much.. after coming closer!!

You are living laughing

Despite being separated..

How could he have lived?

Who has never thought of life except you.

From the silence of the heart till the breath stops,

I will remember that stranger till I die.

Oh I wish there was a shop of happiness,

And I would recognize him, buy

takes every happiness for you,

even if it cost my life

Isn't it strange that one sided love

he wants

who doesn't even want to talk to you

Who says

Beauty increases by riding..

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when your heart desires

So the face glows on its own

"Be happy with the spectacle of my death"

"Go we don't take money for happiness

Come on, this has happened because of separation from you,

Now there is no fear of separation from you.

We have seen many storms, we have seen many storms,

Of course, we were shattered by breaking, but we did not kneel !!

Very silently, the rose was sent to him.

But Khushboo created a spectacle across the city.

Don't kill them with your eyes.

To lift you dagger, to bow my neck

I was the support that drowned in the lust of rain,

You are the cloud that never broke and rained!

A person does not die by false oath

But trust dies.

.he is proud of it.,

that there is no one like him...!!

I feel this.

that I am his answer.....!!

You stay angry too, you do kindness too...

Don't even want to get and are afraid of losing.

Somebody learn from flowers to be a sarfaraz..

From there it smells again, from where it smells.......

People cry for those who don't appreciate...

And people who respect everyone often make them cry...

I don't know by expression, it seems that anyone's love

Wait tells who is the summoner

There was a great demand to see Sanam exposed.

If the scarf fell, then it became a fucking wall.

think deceitfully

give poison to all wishes

Calling on the feast!!


to chest once again

you come once again close to me

Quit worrying about the age___

I wish you could take some responsibility too..!!

Not right from breaking.. Would have saved it from shattering..!!!!

The real beauty of life is not how happy you are!

The real beauty of life is how happy others are with you.

Speak as much as you can hear

People also keep their tongue in their mouth. not only you

Steps are tired, left to walk away,

But it's not that I gave up walking!

To get it easily, who wants it?

The stubbornness is his... which is not even written in the case!

When I asked for my heart back, I bowed my head and said,

He broke down while playing..!!

Love flower


© 2021 Subhash Kumar

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