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Love and Heart Volume 1 Manga Review

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What is Love and Heart?

When I first saw Love and Heart, i was intrigued. From the cover, it seemed like it was a dark romance story. The story follows Yoh, a college student who lives on her own until Haruma, a supposed old childhood friend returns from abroad. We get two point of views from each character although Yoh's are more frequent. But we learn that Haruma did live next door until an unfortunate incident made him move abroad.

The most interesting part is that Haruma is very possessive of Yoh and will go to any lengths to keep her to himself. He does this by sabotaging Yoh's relationship secretly. As the story goes, Yoh starts feeling suspicious of Haruma which was a nice change to the typical oblivious love interest. However, Haruma ends up gaining her trust by saving her from a slasher. I am currently reading volume 2 and will give a review on it soon.

My Opinion

I really enjoyed the story so far, I've picked up volume 2 of the series. It makes me want to know more about the characters especially Haruma. The backstory hasn't been fully revealed and Yoh also suffers from a sort of trauma amnesia. Why, is another story I am eager to read about. And the brewing love triangle or square, in this case, is going to be quite dramatic and I can't wait to find out who ends up with who.

My Rating

In my opinion, Love and Heart volume 1 is definitely worth the buy. The story has me strung along and wanting to know more about the mysterious Haruma. I recommend this manga to those who enjoy dark romance and a stalker-next-door love interest. Five out of five stars for Love and Heart vol. 1!

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