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Love Wins: A short Story

Imran is an anthropologist who researches and writes on self-improvement.


Taking care of another child when you are a child yourself develops maturity at a young age. That's what happened to Sabrina. Her childhood, as it is, had an irreparable hollow for being an orphan. The sudden death of parents distorted her happiness largely, turning her into a quiet and serious girl.

A loving uncle and his not-so-loving wife adopted Sabrina and raised her along with their children - A boy and a girl. In a way, Sabrina had been lucky not to face severe discrimination as such, but her aunt would not let the fact vanish that she was an outsider.

To fill the void, Sabrina engrossed herself in doing household chores and in studying. As a matter of fact, she even started looking after her cousins Ali and Leyla. Phew! Didn't she think that she had much on her plate? Surprisingly, she was good at all her tasks.

Marveled at Sabrina's efficiency, especially the genuine love and care for her cousins, her aunt Grace felt a huge sense of relief. Besides, Grace took advantage of the situation and burdened Sabrina with motherly responsibilities too. Grace thought she had found a way to relax. If only she knew what the future held.

Leyla enjoyed Sabrina's company, but her loyalty crawled back to her mother. Ali, however, relished and admired Sabrina more than necessary. With time, he only grew fonder of her. To him, it was like being loved and taken care of by a special female who wasn't his mother. He felt like a husband being wooed by a wife. That gave him a notion that Sabrina belonged to him forever.

Such a strong emotion went unnoticed by every other family member. But Ali will feed on this special feeling and astonish others at the due time.

During childhood, Ali's endearment seemed harmless and unobjectionable, but his youth conveyed a different story altogether. Sabrina cared for Ali, but she did not feel what he did. For her, he was a cousin brother and a dear friend. Therefore, she couldn't read between the lines even when Ali's eyes sparkled in her presence or when he passed hints through talks, expressions, and body language. On one occasion she rebuked him as he forcibly held her hand displaying unusual and unacceptable behavior. The matter faced the limelight when the topic of Sabrina's marriage was brought up. Ali's discomfort and rage for other suitors clearly explained his love for her to all.

Ali relentlessly declared he would marry only and only Sabrina. Everything changed after that. Grace started loathing Sabrina. Her son's love showed madness, obsession, and doom. Ali's love was profound and true. Everybody could see that. What also caught the attention was the danger and harm that would befall if Ali didn't get what he wanted. It was only then Grace regretted shouldering Ali's care and concern to Sabrina. She asked herself why she had failed to foresee this.

Ali could not bear the thought of letting Sabrina go. Whenever such thoughts haunted his mind, he would become furious and distraught. He would cry and sulk. Sabrina continually tried to explain to him that she had never seen him as a lover, but he would not budge and plead to give him a chance. She too could not bear to see the person she cared for so much in pain and depression.

In this whole situation, wherein others were unhappy and furious, one person had a completely different point of view. Ali's father, Mr.Ryan, had no objection to his son's liking at all. In fact, he was happy that his son had chosen such a wonderful girl for marriage.

Seeing Sabrina uncomfortable, Ryan decided to help. Sabrina and Ryan had a conversation.

"Uncle, is this right?"

"Well, I know it's not wrong."

"I care a lot for Ali, and I can't see him in pain.

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"Then you should give him a chance."

"But I never saw him in that way.

"See now then. Look at him in a different way. It will help you decide."

"It feels awkward, can such a bond happen, uncle?

"Why not? It is permissible."

The next day, Sabrina went out with Ali. He treated her like a princess. She was surprised and amazed to see how much he loved her. That eased her a little, but not entirely.

While making a decision, her best friend told her, "It's better to choose a man whom you have known all your life and who happens to love you." And Ali's intense love was abundantly clear.

Whatever remaining doubt and discomfort Sabrina had, she decided to disregard them and go by her uncle's advice as she knew her sage uncle would never misguide her.

She said YES, and that was the decision she relished thereafter. Her aunt had to bend to Ali's overwhelming love. Soon Sabrina became the wife of Ali and the love of his life.

As it turned out, her decision favored her. Because she had known Ali since childhood, she knew what made him happy and what ticked him off. That only made matters easy. Which contributed further and made Ali happier than ever. His love never lost splendor. What surprised Sabrina the most was that she had fallen in love with her husband.

Her story has the following merits:

  • Love wins.
  • Choosing the person who loves you is better than choosing anybody else.
  • Advice from mature and wise people help you prosper in life.

© 2019 Imran khan

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