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Love Part 12

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Short Words of Introduction

Love is great and wonderful. When one sees people who sincerely love themselves... Either groups or families one shall see them doing the impossibles always.

Trust you will enjoy this short work.

Thank you

Power Of Love 7

There was a mountain

That has been obstructing

Their views into the future

Views about their lives

They cannot do any appreciable

Thing because of this mountain

Which they cannot remove

Their lives have been at a position

They tried circumventing the mountain

Buy they failed in all their attempts

To do this.

On noticing this they became wearied of life

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The duo has been failing in their attempts

To overcome the mountain

Because theu have been doing it individually

Instead of their lives moving forward

They started experiencing retrogressions

This pushes thrm further apart from each other


One of them one day starts

Observing a puppy and its mother

The puppy tries to hunt down something

But all its efforts failed

The bitch on noticing the puppy

Arose to assist it

Their combined efforts paid off

In no distant timtheir

What was seen in the actions

Of the puppy and bitch

Was put into action,

Resolving the impasse between them

This successful resolution brings them

Together. They started putting the power

Of love to use in every of their endeavours

By this power of love they could reason

Together, discovering what they can do

To remove the mountain "stresslessly"

Things that had been impossible

For them turned possible because

Of the power of love that has been employed

Landslide breakthroughs were made by

The duo because they consider themselves

One because of the power of love

Life becomes easier because of the

Power of love, living becomes

Interesting and lovely because

They have now given love and its power

Chance in their hearts.


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