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Critical Review On 'Love Her Wild' by Atticus

Simran Singh is a student at Griffith University studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing and art history.



Title: Love Her Wild

Authors: Atticus

Publisher: Headline Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781472250933

Pages: $29.99/225/HB



Canadian poet, Atticus, has written numerous books such as The Truth About Magic, The Dark Between Stars, which became New York Times bestsellers. He writes about the romance beating beneath our shirts, glimpses of love dazzling within relationships and the excitement of adventure. Amassing a large following online, Atticus shares poetry with 1.5 million followers.

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Love Her Wild glimpses into the smallest, rawest and most grandiose moments in life. Jumping from first person to second person, Atticus splits his book into three parts. ‘Love’ focuses on the feeling of love from the way it exists in the atoms of our being to how the purity of love shelters one like a castle in the clouds.

‘Her’ explores themes of heartbreak whether it be from love or dreams of grandiose dreams of riches. ‘Wild’ is the taste of champaign on your tongue while chasing your dreams and awakening your sense of adventure while knowing your worth. The poems are accompanied by breathtaking photographs of expansive landscapes, a hand reaching out to the falling snow, the backs of women as they stare at the scenery, all capturing the captivating allure of women.

ATTICUS - 'Love Her Wild' Official Trailer


If you are new to the world of poetry, Atticus’s simplicity in form and structure presents a gateway for readers looking for some light reading. The book introduces readers into poetry through its aesthetically pleasing presentation. I enjoyed the imagery in some of these poems such as, “the way stars melted into morning”, “the rolling hills she sat upon” and "a sky full of stars and he was staring at her.”

Nonetheless, I would prefer to read more poems with wider variety of imagery which were not cliché such as “stars”, “a shiver down her spine”, and “drowning in the voices of our hearts”. The photographs, while beautiful, were generic and did not add depth to the poetry. The simplicity of the poems was at times, unoriginal for the poetry lover.

While the poetry is accessible and easy to read, thus expanding the reach of the audience, some of the poems were too simplistic which can bore readers. Lines like “Brushing a girl’s hair/ behind her ear/ once a day/ will solve more problems/ than all those/ therapists/ and drugs” seem common in the Instagram poetry landscape, and insensitive to those who experience mental illness. For these reasons, I rate this book 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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Identification Of Reviewer

Beginner critical reviewer, Simran Singh is a student at Griffith University studying towards a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Creative Writing.

© 2021 Simran Singh


John Hansen from Australia (Gondwana Land) on August 07, 2021:

Thank you for sharing this, Simran. I follow a few poets on Instagram, and also post some poems there myself, though not regularly enough to get a large following. I find a lot of the poetry there to be too simplistic and lacking imagination.

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