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Lost My Existence

Nathing has changed since before

Laughing is like taking about thoughts, life is silent.

What was there, what has happened has been confined to itself.

Didn't think that life would be like this in despir and helplessness.

Oh no, there is no shortage of people in the house but there is no tongue in which sweet wards are there.

It seemed as if a mountain of troubles broke in which their laughter was buried.

I am also forgetting my past by coming under their shadow.

I was not immersed in such sad sorrow,I don't know why I got punished.

Now everything that once seemed true even fiction is far away from reality.

The day would have been done with some carelessness but there was no happiness as before.

Everyone, but there is no happiness and peace as before, I don't know why.

I remain silent, I live for others, even then I am called guilty.

For what mistake did I get punished or should I be responsible for my own mistake?

Have your own life but you cannot live it in your own way, what is this restriction.

Giving your all for others but they don't feel any pain for you.

The ones who were yours were left behind in the new relationship, you don't know the angle.

Say yours, in whose moment he gives himself out of life.

It seems as if everyone deserved in my life but no one is mine.

My own life is small but many people interfere in this.

I think others are allowed to interfere in anyone's life.

Thoughts keep coming in the mind, why do people change, why life changes.

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To be cool in yourself, to care for Everyone, this was my life.

Now life has become difficult and every moment full of question marks.

Why did you do this, do not do this, do not understand that you have to go through everyday.

Question have to be kept the same, life has changed, no answers have to be given.

Forgot yours, adopted everything here, yet did not like anyone's mind.

People flaunting their pride and their pride hurts the hearts of others.

There is no place to feel love, just keep your dominance.

To humiliate others because of your own rules.

Thinking of one's own interest and the harm of others is this strange way.

Even after erasing if completely,I got engrossed in this life, but still not in my own self.

Moment to moment is tested, every moment is monitored, yet I am not at home.

Home is everyone's but mine has nothing to say, not a corner, not mine.

Words are spoken big but they are made to be implemented by others.

This would have happened in everyone's life,but someone would say, some would keep silent and suffer.

Life is short, live it your way, let others live it too,but now everything has changed.

But now everything has changed but my life has changed.

The one who walked ahead remained behind me as time went by.

There is no longer any desire, the desire to do something.

Now life is not yours, take it in your own way and dream some dreams.

Dreams ended someone else's right over life, my existence has disappeared.

© 2021 Sultanakhan


Sultanakhan (author) from Neemuch (mp) on July 18, 2021:


manatita44 from london on July 14, 2021:

What can I say? It's a sad ending. God has given me the capacity to reach for the Light ... the sun, and so I always look upwards; inwards.

I pray that the Divine Mother's blessings continue to make you and others, even more aware of Her hidden plans for you and the Mercy that She exudes. Higher blessings.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on July 13, 2021:

A sad write.

It sounds almost like being involved with a narcissist who has no feelings for anyone but himself

Life changes. People change too.

I know the feeling of being is awful.

One must keep going..there is a plan.

Wait for it & be happy for each day you are given.

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