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Lost Soul in a World Full of Strangers.

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I am an empath which means I can "feel" others emotions and feelings as well as put into words things others would find hard to understand.


Life has been strange I've been away

Just a jumble of emotions that got in the way

Had to retreat to fix and repair

A complete mess I wasn't ready to share

There's no reason in the time that passes

To wash out my problems in front of the masses

So now I've bounced back like a rubber ball

Able to think rationally, smile stand tall

This world of incredulous shifting sand

Things change so quickly I know you understand

Some people look at me think I'm a freak

They don't even realise people can break

They'll cross the road so with you they don't need to interact

They look at you like your "humpty dumpty"

And you've finally cracked

Sometimes it's better to slip out of view

And wait for a time when you feel brand new

But the ticking of the clock fades your memory

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So I don't believe I was missed but I've discovered a remedy

Post a disclaimer that excuses my absence

No need to worry or even be anxious.

I'm a lost soul in a world full of strangers

Who look at me with vacant eyes

indiscernible voices whisper, chatter through tinnitus haze

Somebody's going to notice me but at the last moment change directions

Shapes vista through moving exchanges

I've met you in my dreams.

I've felt your voice caress my heart

I've dream't the touch of your lips

I've seen the sparkle in your eyes

I've felt the swish of your hair

I've known you for a little while

But my soul has known you for


I hear a sound in the distance

That sounds like the steps of my love

An echo that makes my heart

Skip a beat

But I wait all through the night

And my love never comes to me

There is no end to the heartache

That grips me at this hour

Waiting for the footsteps

Of my dear love

Just the beating of my heart

Is the only sound.

Alone on a windy knoll

Adrift the silent pass

Leaves tumble from the trees

And shimmer like shards of glass

Autumn blessings drop the seeds

That next year springs afresh

Buds of love that blossom bright

New seasons will refresh.

Perfect strangers wonder by,

without a backward glance,

invisible to all those around,

won't even take a chance.

Pebbles on a rocky shore,

scrape beneath your feet,

whistling wind calls your name,

but only echoes do you meet.

© 2020 Mark

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