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Lord Lord Save My World.

Writing is my passion. Gardening is my love. Teaching is my hobby. Thinking is my power.

Lord O Lord save my world.


Lord O Lord save my world please.


Listen us.
Why are losing humanity , our world ?
Listen us.
Why are being climate change world?

Why are not listen us?
We are your innocent children.
Please trying to us.

Lord o Lord.
Why is trapping our world in many problems ?
Lord o Lord.
Why is losing truth between us?

Lord o Lord.
Why is ending brotherhood between us?
Lord o Lord.
Why is increasing problem graph ?

Lord o Lord.
Why is spreading hate?
Lord o Lord.
Why are people forgetting love?

Lord o Lord.
Please save my world.
I am world lover.
Please please save my world.

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Lord O Lord.
I love the world so much that,
I want to save your every species.
But nobody not support me.
I want to save every things.

Lord, are you laughing.
But I am serious.
Please try to understand me.
Lord, you are mysterious.

Lord Lord Lord
Where will found the Lord?
Anybody tell me.
I am world lover.

Lord please listen to me.
Why is world changing.
Please Lord, understand that,
Why is this fighting.

Lord Lord Lord Lord
Where is your house.
Please Lord solve world's every problem.
Because in front of world, I am like mouse.

Lord Lord Lord Lord.
Please give me idea.
I can't lost this world.
Please Lord give me idea.

The world, don't fall into the trap of war.
War is a waste.
Nothing is gained by war.
War only brings ruin.

Lord Lord Lord Lord
Why is annoyed with world?
World please listen please listen.
The world, don't fall into the trap of war.

© 2022 imranali9759

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