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Looking for a New Book to Read? Get Book Recommendations from Readers like You!

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There Is a Better Way!

We have all been in that slump, the one where you finish reading a great book and the you are thrown back into reality with no means of escape! There is nothing worse than not having another great book to move on to. The search for a new book that fits your wants and needs are difficult to find. Simply walking through a book store or library and scanning through the possibilities is not always enough.

Don't worry, I've got you covered! These five websites will provide you with the best book recommendations from readers like you. Complete with easy navigation, ratings and well written reviews, these sites will guide you to your next favorite book.


#1 Amazon

Amazon is at the top of this list for many reasons.The Amazon Best Sellers of 2017 is an always updating list of best selling books on amazon. I check at least once a week to see the updated list so I do not miss out on great reads. If you like to keep up on trending and best selling books also, this is definitely the way to go.

Unlike browsing in a book store, clicking on any one of the books will lead you to the description as well as multiple reviews from real people. This is especially great if you have been considering a book or have been given a book recommendation from a friend and want to compare more reviews to see if this book is a good fit to you.

Amazon also has multiple book formats available so you do not have to go searching for the correct one. It is as simple as finding the book you wish to read and ordering whichever version or format you desire.


#2 LibraryThing

This has always been one of my favorite websites for book reviews and recommendations. One of the websites best features is the ability to enter every book you have ever read into your LibraryThing collection. You can add your books from Amazon, The Library of Congress, and over 2000 other libraries.

Once you have started adding to your collection more and more recommendations will start popping up based on your own reading trends. Add a rating to each one of the books you have read and those recommendations will continue to flow and you will have recommendations for more and more different categories.

There are many features on this website that will come in handy for avid readers. Like the ability to track and lend your books to other members. Participate in conversations about your favorite books. And you can also get early release books at no cost. Publishers and authors participate in this feature with the intent on receiving honest reviews from readers. Make sure to finish your review to be chosen for more opportunities.


#3 Goodreads

Goodreads is a great site for recommendations from friends and strangers. Not only can you give and receive recommendations from your own friends as well as other readers. But you can also get recommendations based on previous books you have enjoyed.

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Members of Goodreads can also answer trivia questions, and participate in quizzes and other fun book related games. Goodreads members also have the ability to vote in the Goodreads Choice Awards that provides recommendations based on popularity. You can also participate in book clubs and open conversations with other readers. There is also a private book club feature if you prefer to keep it exclusive!


#4 Bookish

Users of Bookish enjoy the simplicity of the website. It is not at all difficult to navigate and new members will not have a hard time learning their way around.

Members can get book recommendations by entering books they have already read or by browsing through the different genres and reading reviews from other members. You can also read through author interviews and check out any one of the sites many book lists.

You can start your own "bookshelves" with whichever categories make sense to you. You can also sign up for their newsletters where they update readers with new trending books, author interviews and exclusive giveaways.


Another simple and easy to use site would be What Should I Read Next. They provide good recommendations from readers with similar interests in books.

Although the website is simple and does not boast a lot of the options of the previous websites, most people like it because it is easy to use. You can search for book based on reviews, author or genre. You do not have to use it exclusively or spend time adding the books that you have read to be able to find others related.

I found this to be a great starter site for someone that does not spend much time on the internet and just wants to find something else to read without becoming part of a home-like community.

Top 5 Book Recommendation Sites


Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on July 08, 2017:

Wonderful tips on finding the perfect book.

shohan316 on July 07, 2017:

great post bro..

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