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Lonesome But Content

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Lonesome But Content


I stand and talk to the sky
In the evening time
The pretty clouds pass by
Smiling at my well being
I am lonesome
But content
I have achieved my goals
With certification on every road
I have laid my foundation well
Standing rooted into the soil
I did my hard work
And now I live at ease
Lonely a bit I feel
But suppress this feel
With my capabilities
There is so much in this world
Yet to be achieved
I have one mind and two hands
I am confident
To labour ahead
This world is a field
We sow and plough
The crops of abilities
Will surely harvest
Bringing joy in every season
I am talking to my dearest sky
Who rains on my field
And I thank you for your Godly presence
And for giving me a listening ear
Filling the vacuum in my heart
And I see the night has come
With stars glittering all over
In the mighty sky
And I shall take leave
And sleep with a sigh !!!!

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