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Lock~picking Tools

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A locking pin
is not a scene of a mean, but a
bean; while it is true
that Mr. Bean is not an infantile
keen, it is also true
that he's not an Aladdin!
Old — that is gold, but hold
your computer more dearly.
Merely a virus
should not initiate a pandemic
into your system.

Remember to keep a member
of Congress in your diary: no one
knows when the number may
prove to be vital.
Arcelor-Mittal is doing very good
in the metallic industry; but it is
not so in the laundry business.
Keenness is a virtue, it may
not be a statue however.

When I told my wife that I finally
love her, she slapped me directly
on my cheek, she's not a Greek,
but an Italian.
Lian-lee desktop computer shells
are competing with Shell Inc
in the international market.
But you also need to see
that bees are producing less honey
because of the Global Warming
heating up issue. It is not a tissue
paper type calamity.

A polar bear
in not a chair
In your city's Mayor's office:—
So kiss your wife (of lover, or partner — whatever
have you) lightly, and watch with her
A Bruce Lee movie right now! [I'm not a


Aiden (author) on August 29, 2021:

I like your version of this kind of poetry. It was a lot to fun to read!

Thank you, Misbah, for your wonderful comment. Thank you for sharing your poetry with me. Blessings to you too.

Misbah Sheikh on August 29, 2021:


I really appreciate your talent and your style of writing. I like the way you pull one string out of another like a grandma kneading a sweater. Lol! Wasn't that poetic?

Here's what was coming in my mind while reading it

May be one day take you Italian wife to

a pizza& pasta parlor,

Scroll to Continue

Eat a lot and ask her to pay the bill for

you ~ it could be a good revenge for the slap she gave you--

to be keen is a virtue but no-one probably

is a statue--- Mr. Bean is funny but not a total keen-- Aladdin can fly on carpet with Jasmine---- Jinnie mostly plays a role,

but often kicked out of the court like a --- football.

Save your computer from the virus - the virus could be a lover,

trying to hang you somewhere else --- when mind is wondering to research ---how global warming came into existence? -- while watching

a movie your wife/lover could cry-- give her that tissue and say okay now bye bye!! ~ This is the revenge in a poetic way never say her back "Hello or Hi"

Lol! Just can't resist myself writing it. I have never written a poetry in such kind of pattern. It was fun. ;)

Thank you for sharing!!

Blessings to you!!

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