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Locked in My Own Body!

Hailey is a high school student.Being severly bullied and abused by her parents! She wants to fight back but,she was locked in her own mind.


Locked in my own body!

Locked in my own body!

Feeling trapped,can I get mapped!

swimming across darkest seas,to find shores

eventually couldn't...I was not the same girl again! just locked in myself

Feeling crazy Am I really lazy !

I felt like baking a cake! found that I was Hannah Baker!

Those endless nights and hopeless days

still tend to end like a raging sunshine..

Feeling trapped see my past I turn

to know myself i burn

Am I worth these struggles?

Am I a deserving candidate?

The girl who smiles behind a locked body

and rages with her sorrow filled nights...

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Can i see those flashes of the girl again?

Do Clay Jansen come to help..Is that after my death

Have my disorder became like day in a bad dream?

could not stop joker from IT...following me

small things haunt..even tho' those rumours slept!

are you vulnerable to death, a sweetest kid asked ?

that turned me feel suicidal..those bullying and abuse visuals come around if i close my eyes!

thanks kid!

I visited my god mother once a week then after,

I got better..

I asked her whether it was a phobia,it is schizophrenia (she whispered)

for the first time the darkest kid..had something to say

she is no one but a god mother sweetly called a psychiatrist !

© 2021 Athina9Dark

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