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Living With a Broken Heart Love Hurts

Living with a broken heart trying to heal one moment at a time.


Living with a broken heart love hurts

Living with a broken heart day by day I asked myself why did this person break my heart that I love so much didn't I love enough didn't I care enough wasn't I there enough but it seems like enough wasn't enough or maybe I wasn't enough I remember when you walked out that door and you look back at me and I saw it in your eyes you're cold eyes that it was over I can see out the window that somebody else was in your car the love is not there anymore so when I sleep at night it's on an empty bed it's empty because you're not there I tried to hug onto the pillow and close my eyes and imagine that it's you but I know better living with a broken heart day by day trying to find my way out of this darkness trying to find my way out of this hopeless feeling this big huge cloud of loneliness that I'm feeling living with a broken heart day by day hoping for love to come my way someday.

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Ajamblr ajamblr (author) from Los Angeles California on September 07, 2021:

Thank you ❤️

Misbah Sheikh on September 07, 2021:

Love is always unconditional; it is the expectations that hurts. Love is always pure and seeks nothing more than the happiness of the one whom we love. Because we are humans, we make mistakes and are unable to meet the expectations of others. Only Loving God gives genuine pleasure, and expectations are always met. God bless you.

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Peace and Blessings!!

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