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Living in the Walls

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So the actual story between the survivor Jamie, or Jay (nicknames; jaybird, J.J. etc) and killer Mark or M and M.

Simply goes; Jamie a 20 something-year-old who finds a house to rents that close to a college she's been wanting to go to. Unable to go or even apply when she graduated from high school. She jumps at the chance, at first she believes she would be simply house sitting for the previous family. Due to the fact, the house was way too big to be renting out to one person and one person only. For so cheap, that they weren't gonna have some weird rules. It was only when Jamie went to visit was she then informed she could rent the place. The family consisted of a husband and wife and two kids. She realized, there would be rooms she would never use but she didn't care. Plus they had a pool, everything was the way to good to be true.

Jamie would visit a few more times checking around the house taking pictures. Before finally moving in. Not a crack, broken window, mold, nor creepy doll room, weird cameras nothing. Just a fully furnished house, well only her room and the living room was furnished. Everything else was kinda left. She wasn't going to use every room. It was just her and the friendly gardener that would show up to do the law and clean the pool.

Jamie couldn't ask for anything more. She lived there for about a month. And sure sometimes weird things would happen. Like her clothes would be folded, or if she made to much lasagna a square would be missing. She just assumed it was the gardener taking the food, she knew how little he must have gotten paid over the years. So she was fine offering up lunch when he came by. And she chalked up her clothes being folded to her having to do it and just forgetting she had done them.

Until she started to get phone calls. Now Jamie life back home wasn't bad by any means. She had a single mother who checks up on her regularly. Her sibling, who would visit. But she had an ex, a very obsessive ex she had gotten a restraining order from. An ex she had gotten his number block. Changed numbers and even moved out of her old home to get away from.

Soon the single phone calls with no answers would go from 1 a day to 5 a day. She would get random, flowers sent to her house, and to her job. The letters start up again each one more threating then the next. She goes to the police but they won't do anything even though she has the letters to prove it. Its like she back home all over again, it gets to be too much and she chucks her phone out a window completely shattering it. She calls the landlord and she gets scolded, the money to fix the window would come from her despot which was only fair. But who shows up to fix it but the good old gardener. They get to talking as he fixes the window, and he comments on how tired she looks. And he can tell it not because of finals. She tells him she thought everything would be perfect once she moved. But she back in the same hole she left. She doesn't comment more but the gardener who usually never said much. Tired to be reassuring, that thing would get better. He lives the window only half fixed a thick line of plastic over it. She goes to bed and she feels as though someone is watching, her through her window. She doesn't move to get up but she sees them and she doesn't know if they can see her eyes. But she stays still until they leave, she doesn't sleep. Its another month, until everything, comes to a head. It starts with a knock on her door. She doesn't answer she just ask who it is. And it the grating, bone-chilling voice of her ex. She doesn't even reply she just sprints into the kitchen for her phone. When she watches from the kitchen viewing window. The front door just opens and that's when she realizes the phone aren't working. Her ex comes strolling in, keys in hand. She runs for the stairs and locks herself into one of the guest room. That connected to another room which she uses to run back downstairs to get the front door. She gets body checked before her fingers can even touch the doorknob. Her whole body slams into the floor. Her head-first crushing her nose and leaving her dazed. As he pins her under his weight, she struggles and he holds a knife to her throat. Everything goes still and that when they both hear a second pair of heavy footsteps coming towards them. The ex gets distracted and Jamie uses this to her advantage, to squirm out from under him. The boyfriend doesn't even have time to react as he's grabbed by the back of the head and slammed into hard wooden floors. Over and over and over until Guillotine Style, an ax comes down on his neck.

Jamie is in shock as the whole scene unfold. Its only in the back of her head does she notice. That the back door isn't hung open like it should be if someone had just broken into to rob her or in this case save her. He just appeared out of nowhere. And the unknown man just kinda stands there her ex-head in one hand and a bloody ax in the other. They stare at each other until something else sticks hers. The big lumbering man looked like, the gardener. No, no as she stared more it was the gardener. Just without the hat and overalls that he usually wore. He looked as though he was just interpreted from watching his shows or from reading a book. Pajama pants and a plain t-shirt. She couldn't help her eyes from drifting over to the backyard door that stood shut and locked. And as her eyes went back to the gardener. She noticed a door, a door she hadn't noticed before. A door that didn't lead to the basement or anywhere in the house to her knowledge. It was just a slab of wall pushed open. Still, nothing has been said and they just stare at each other as the pieces slowly fit together. She doesn't even notice she was on the verge of a panic attack. Until a rough wet hand placed on her back. Pushing her forward giving her something to focus on instead of her racing thoughts.

They sit on sectional in the living room, Jamie ex’s head in the table. And his body somewhere across the floor, probably staining the floorboards. The living room tv plays silently. And Jamie swears she can hear faint music coming from that hole into the wall that only seems to lead to darkness.

Jamie not sure if she should ask anything. She wanted it to be a bad dream, something she could wake up from. And she was sure she wouldn't like the answers she got.

"Have you been living in this house- t-this whole time?"

She asks it anyway and for a brief moment there no answers and she about to take that as a merciful no but then.

"Yes." It comes out slow as if he testing the waters. And she feels like he may have another panic attack.

"How- why- where?!" She tires and he looks as though this is all normal.

"This house is big right, very think for no reason too many rooms for no reason. My family built this house and you can move throughout it without making a sound."

Jamie has nothing to say to that. He continues as if her silences was a confirmation for more.

"I live in the basement-"

"I've been in the basement I wash my clothes down there I-"

" I live under that."

Jamie's mouth goes dry, but she pushes through "Did you live here with the other family?"

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"Yes." He answers but doesn't explain more.

"No wonder they rented this place for so little." Jamie mumbled.

He rubs his cheeks, "I've lived here for a long time with other people. "

Jamie laughs this has to be a joke, but he doesn't look amused.

"Why did they rent this place if someone else is living here?"

"That's the rule."

Jamie blinks, "what?"

"The rules-"

"Yeah what rules!"

" You cannot leave the house without first renting it out to someone else first. And make sure they are moved in. You can not tell them about the person living in the second basement. You cannot leave the house for more than a week. "

Jamie was defiantly going to have a panic attack.

"What if they leave?"

"You don't want to do that. " it was short and simple. Jamie's eyes fells onto her ex’s head.

"So when some of my food would be gone it was because of you?


"And my clothes being folded, washed, even my bed sheets being changed?"

There was no answer, but she assumed it was a yes.

Her breathing came in quick, "were you the one watching me sleep?"


His hand slowly reached out and twisted the head to face her.

"That was him." That made her feel a little better but she still felt sick to her stomach.

"I never planned for him to enter the house." He starts and Jamie's eyes widen a little.

"I watched him for a long time cause unnecessary damage to the house by trying to install cameras. Making copies to the house keys. Just in general being annoying." He says although he talking about a roach problem that had finally been fixed.

"I-i can't do this, I have to leave- I" Jamie starts.

"No we're fine, he’s gone you can finally relax-"


Jamie damn near screams, and he seems unphased by it.

"You signed the contract you have to stay."

"Fuck the contract! It didn't say anywhere I would have a mandatory roommate!"

"It did though," and he pulls out his phone and pulls up the exact contract she had signed. In the fine print it said, I Jamie take full responsibility for every bit of the household. I will not break my lease before the time required. I will not leave for more than a week. I Jamie am relinquishing the Jamison family from the Maxwell contract. If I fail any of the rules above I forfeit my life.

Jamie was astonished, it was all right there. She just hadn't realized it.

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