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Little Women Review

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Little Women

I recently read little women by Louisa May Alcott. No doubt it is one the classic novels that I love to read again. The story revolves around the March sisters Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy their lives during the war, poverty, their struggles and their love. The book can be classified as a semi-autobiographical novel as the novel is loosely based on the Louisa's and her sisters life. The novel is also adapted into movies.


The March family tells us about how one be happy with the small things that make them happy. That even the poor in the poverty and struggles can still be happy and strong together. Mrs. March always tells her girls to always love and stay together that money isn't something that brings happiness it's love.


March sisters

Meg is the oldest sister who is described as a prety girl and grows to be a very matured women, a lovely wife. Jo is the second born who is bookworm and loves to write. Beth is the second youngest who plays piano and is very kind, generous girl. Beth's death is one of the tragic part of the story. Amy is the youngest March sister who loves to draw, she is spoilt little girl at the beginning of the story and her character is much improved towards the end.

Jo and Laurie

The friendship between Jo and Laurie is one of the best parts in the novel. Their bond is just beautiful and they are definitely most loved characters of the novel. But many readers were unsatisfied with the ending of the Novel, because Laurie ending with Amy after the publication of second volume.

Laurie loved Jo from the very beginning they met, but Jo never saw Laurie as romantic partner, for her Laurie was her best friend who she can share anything. After Jo tells Laurie that she can't love him , the heartbroken Laurie leaves and finally falls for Amy and for Jo she ends up with Bhaer.

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Is it worth reading?

Overall the story is quite enthralling and Louisa's writing is beautiful. I would definitely recommend everyone to read Little Women atleast once in your life.

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