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Little Fairy

You are my little angel,you are innocent. You are so gentle and beautiful. You keep smilling forever throughout your life. If you come, take happiness wish to live with you. You are the begining of mother's new life. I will take my childhood with you. What he did not find is his childhood will be with you. What has passed will also fulfill your arrival. What have you come up with in your life? You came where you are welcome. The game will take from the toys with clay toys. You came as a fairy and have dreams in my life too. You are beautiful in life, you are brighter than you. There is a lot of darkness in my mind, but I am a mother,a shild for you. No black shadow will touch you that light. Illuminate will teach the lesson of right and wrong in his thoughts. I will play your duty in the world Neither will you let me bow nor will you bow in front of anyone. Teaching you not to fear anyone will teach you. Untill you strengthen yourself,you will remain strong. You are not always happy,do you have any sadness. I am your mother and wish you happiness. I pray that every daughter should always smile. This desire of every mother for daughter.

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