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How is poetry written what is poetry python what is poetry in literature

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Poetry writing style. Ability to write poetry. The effect of poetry on people's lives. The influence of poetry in the history of the world

The effect of poetry on people's lives


Relation of Poet and Poetry

I was thinking about something for a long time. The question is what is poetry? If you want to write poetry, what are the qualities of poet's? What is the impact of poets and poetry on people's lives and world history? All questions will be answered in this article.

How is poetry written?

Poetry is whatever the poet thinks. Here he is the owner of the whole world. There is no limit to the poet's thoughts.

Night after night wake up the religion of the poet. Just as you can understand the meaning of a poem by reading it, you must also understand the poet.

Poetry can be harshly truthful, ironic, sentimental and imaginative. The poet's character is a mixture of these.

Poetry never lies. A poet and a poem can never lie. If said, then that poet or poem is definitely not universal.

Poetry is just a wave of little words.The wave that is moving in the poet's heart. The poet realizes the oppression of the society first in his own heart. Later it was published through words in the form of poetry.

Qualities of a poet for writing poetry:---

  • The poet's outlook will be philosophical and broad.

  • A poet is not a single property. Both the poet and the poem are universal.

  • Every word of the poet will be very simple. So that the poet's language can reach the common people easily. For the exploited class of the society, the poet has penned his pen, at least they should be able to understand the language of the poet easily.
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  • The poet will be honest. It should be remembered that the poet's job is to speak about those who are not spoken about in this society. This is not possible without honesty.

  • The poet's life will be very difficult. Through the joyous life no timeless poem has ever emerged. The correct language of the poet is expressed through pain and suffering. It is not possible to feel the pain of others if you do not suffer yourself.

  • When a poet writes poetry, he will be as soft as water. Yet he must have the courage to admit the truth.

  • The poet will be emotional and imaginative. He will see himself in the characters he creates.

  • A poet has to be very patient. It is not the poet's job to compromise with the pen for fear of criticism

Role of poetry in human life:-----

Humans are conscious beings. He has a mind. And in this mind there is emotion. Poetry is the object of emotion.

Poetry gives peace to sad people. Poetry makes people happy. Actually poetry is the words of people. People's happiness, sadness, pain, success, defeat, poetry is born with these.

Poetry is a mirror of a society. All the content that happens in the society is the body of the poem. The weak have always been oppressed in this world of ours. Injustice to the powerless is seen everywhere. And talking about them is the work of poetry. In fact, poetry is a form of protest against oppressive people.

People will become completely mechanical if they forget poetry. His emotions will be lost. He will forget to dream. So let poetry live forever.

Today the role of poets is very important. In the modern era, the importance of poetry has diminished from people's minds. So the poet should write poems with the content according to the contemporary needs.

Poetry has been with us since the dawn of creation. Even today, a poet continues to write poems about the sweetness of the moon or the terrible situation of the war in Ukraine.

The day human imagination will be over, the day human beings will no longer exist on earth.

Role of Poetry in World History:------

Poetry is not just a matter of imagination and emotion. Poetry is the medium of expression of human consciousness. There are many such examples in this world. The role of poets and philosophers in the French Revolution was quite important. The term "Vande Mataram" in India's freedom movement was very offensive to the British. In fact, poetry and literature remove darkness from people's minds and bring light. People find the language of protest.

Poetry gives people courage. Teaches to know the truth. Teaches to understand one's rights. Every person in this world loves and respects his own country. They can die for the country at any time. Poetry creates this patriotism in people. The poets of Bangladesh had a considerable role in the language movement.

If you look closely, you will see that the national anthems of most countries in the world are written by some poet. So it can be said that the role of poetry is significant behind this transformation from primitive people to civilized people. If there is no poetry in the world, people will behave like animals. Man differs from other animals only in mind. People can think. People can imagine and write poetry.

Contribution of Indian Poetry to World Literature:----

Poetry writing has been practiced in India since ancient times. Vedas are the oldest books of the world. Which was written in verse. So it can be said that Indian civilization was the first to give poetry to the world.

The contribution of Indian poetry to world literature is respectable. The whole world is still realizing the creation of one Rabindranath Tagore. Rabindranath Tagore's songs, poetry and literature have been translated into many languages ​​of the world. And that's why he is called a world poet.

Actually evaluating India in literature is a very complex task. That is because it is not possible for any person or organization to understand Indian literature in one go. India is an ocean of literature. If only Indians could know the ancient Indian texts properly, India would be in the best position in the world today. What's not there? So it is said about Mahabharata---"What is not in Mahabharata is not in India".

So I request everyone to read Indian literature and poetry.

Listen to the songs of Rabindranath Tagore. No matter how much turmoil you have in your life, no matter how sad you are, you will find peace instantly. Sri Chaitanya Dev's 32-syllable song

"Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare"

is being chanted by people all over the world with joy. America, Australia, France etc. people are singing this song with joy. They themselves say that there is immense peace in this song.

This is just a small example. There are many things in Indian literature which are not found in the literature of any other country. If India wants to be proud of anything in the court of the world, it must be Indian literature.

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