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Life Sucks After You Die

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Title : Life Sucks After You Die

Author : Crystal-Rain Love

Publisher : Spirit Blizzard Press

Publication Date :June 2, 2018

Page Count : 260 pages

Genre : Fantasy (Paranormal)

Series : Twice Bitten

Book in the series : First Book in the series

A Quick Summary :

Danni Keller is just trying to get her rich boss to marry her, but unlike the other women in her family, Danni is flat chested and not nearly as materialistic as the women in her family. One night she goes to meet her work friend at a bar, only to end up being bitten by a Incubus and a Vampire. After a long couple of days, she rejects Rider, an old Vampire, and what he is saying and continues to try to live her human life and catch her boss's eye. However, things only get worse as she realizes her life is in danger and becoming a hybrid is the truth. Being hunting by the incubus and developing an emotional tie to the vampire, Danni soon believes her life is not normal and things she wants she may get but not without dealing with a lot more trouble than she believes its worth.

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Life Sucks After You Die is a paranormal story, which can easily drag you in and make you desire more. I will go ahead and just inform you that Danni, our main character, can be a little whiny and definitely can be off putting at times. The story is really good, however, there were moments where I wanted to tell Rider to just let his brother have her or kill her. The summary on Amazon, when looking for a paranormal story, is what made me pick it up. I had decided it liked the story, even if the character we followed sounded like she was a pathetic kind of woman. Though, I must admit she is very relatable when not whiny.

Danni's family is mostly women, since her father had died of cancer. The women believe you marry for fortunes and to do so, a woman must have big breasts and a tiny little waist. Danni is not that at all. She is of average build from the sounds of it with a little more junk in the trunk and flat chested. She does seem to focus quite a bit on the flat chested part. With her family constantly putting her down, it made her a bit insecure about herself. I believe this it what enhanced her whininess. It is actually kind of annoying at times, even if it is something I believe some women suffer with. I was insecure when I was younger and I still sometimes struggle with being happy in my own skin, so this made it completely relatable to me and I am sure other women may have a similar experience.

This definitely seems to be one of the biggest focus's for Danni. Well, that and not being able to eat cupcakes and other baked goods and trust me throughout the series you will hear about them baked goods. I did however, find that newly turned vampires having a weak stomach quite amusing, considering out main character is in love with baked goods. I was able to feel for her about those baked goods, as she mentioned it was comfort food. Who doesn't love a chocolate cupcake when they are feeling down? There was plenty to feel down about for Danni, though at the same time I couldn't exactly see all the negatives of being a hybrid in the beginning.

As the story went on we learned that the incubus, Selander Ryan, who started the whole thing for Danni becoming a hybrid, was really Rider's brother. I will admit I had tons of questions about that in the beginning and I wasn't sure what I was in for. After all, most paranormal books I end up reading, have brother's share a woman or other similar situations, especially since Danni being half vampire, half succubus, I was sure that might be the case in this story. When it turned out Ryan and Rider were enemies since they turned into their respective entity in the paranormal world, I was a little surprised but definitely thrilled. After all, who doesn't dream of being attractive to two different people and them fighting over you?

I liked that we learned a little more about the characters throughout the story, without actually rushing anything. We also got to see Danni grow a little bit. Not enough to kill her whiny complaints, but enough to wonder if her life doesn't completely suck after the transformation. I kind of enjoyed Rider the most through the story though. I do like protective and slightly possessive male characters. However, I would say when reading and diving more into the story there are times I want to scream at Danni, red flags girl. That is because he is watching her and kind of controlling. Even with the intentions being to protect her, you can't help but at times think Rider is a bit controlling and borderline abusive. Not because he harms her physically or emotionally, but because he doesn't really give her room to e her own person. I get that he is jealous and also worries she might reveal to people that the paranormal community exists, but there are just some lines you don't cross.

Overall, Life Sucks After You Diem was a pretty decent book. I loved there were times you laughed because it seems all the characters can be a bit sarcastic. Some characters you love to hate and others you just kind of get involved and want to know more. Though, there are side characters, who aren't as important to the story, you can't help but like them. This was a good start to the series, but would have been a put off if I couldn't get past Danni's pity me parties and whining. It worth at least trying out in my opinion as I can say I went ahead and read all the currents books in the series.


Rating and recommendations are always a bit hard for me to really sit down and discuss, however this one I knew a bunch about right after reading it. I would rate Life Sucks After You Die at about a three and a half star rating. I did have issues with Danni throughout the story, but because I believe after a certain point she could just shut her trap about her insecurities. Without that whinnying though I believe it wouldn't have been the same. The story was easy to follow and it wasn't a hard read. The characters were also pretty decent, even if I wanted to strangle them sometimes.

I would recommend this to people who love paranormal stories and want something that won't take long to read. Keep in mind if you hate slightly annoying characters, this might not be the book/series for you. If you don't mind putting up with Danni, I definitely think you will enjoy the story.

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