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Like an Eagle I Am Free to Soar

I am a multi-talented prolific writer with a passion to motivate etc. I've been writing from a little child, notebooks and pens were my toy


I'm like an eagle with my wings outstretch, flying high in the clouds with a strong sturdy neck.

With eyes in the sky and eyes on the ground , eyes in full focus seeing everything around.

Free to soar, and always flying on the flowing wind that is so secure and sure.

Soaring higher and higher, gaining strength and on the wind I fly lighter.

Flying and passing the fluffy clouds, as I can see all that is on the ground.

I am not to be held back I am free to soar higher, to flap my wings and fly up high and faster.

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Flying into the sun and not a burn I bare, ears that are sharply opened for me to always hear.

I am always flying in the sky, as I continue to spread my wings out so wide.

The sky is my floor and I have no need to hide, a majestic bird in flight with feathers that shine in the sunlight.

A face all focus in view and ways, eyes are always opened to see each new day.

With a voice that is heard whenever I opened my mouth, I am making myself known because I am not a scared timid little mouse.

Yes! Like an eagle I am free to soar, and as each day passes I will be flying on the winds that freely flow.

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