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Lightning Wolf Loved Morning Glory

Lightning Wolf


Lightning Wolf was the handsomest warrior of all time,

His long large muscular legs instructed his Appaloosa, by

slight pressures as he rode his stallion, Spanish Lime.

His long black hair move with the rhythm of his stallion---in the breeze,

Muscles rippled and dimpled in arms---as he led his six pintos behind him with ease.

His face showed his serious concern for this day,

As he was asking Chief Running Bear for his daughter,

Morning Glory to marry--- come May.

He had left his village early before the cook pots were lit,

His mother was so anxious for her son to have a bride;

she had an early morning fit.

Morning Glory


The snowflakes waltz gracefully in the morning breeze,

Icy multi-patterned flakes whirling around his handsome head with ease.

He thought of her loveliness, her creamy olive skin, which felt like silk,

Her amber eyes that could pull the very heart out of his chest, and

then return it for its life’s milk.

Morning Glory’s lips were full and passionate, as he remembered their only kiss,

She was still a virgin, a prize beyond compare, and her innocence would only add to their bliss.

He rushed without greeting the morning sun,

No time today---tomorrow that would be done.

On the hill overlooking her village---he stood still with his six pintos behind,

What he saw before him---he nearly lost his mind.

A wedding was happening between Owl Eyes and his Morning Glory,

His blood ran hot with rage, as he raced down to the village to find out the story.

Everyone, turned to face his approach---and Owl Eyes pointed to 12 horses---his gift to Chief Running Bear,

Whose look was not of surprise---but that he just---did not care.

It made no difference to him, who Morning Glory married,

She was not his real child; she was the child his wife preciously carried.


Tears of hate and sadness inundated Morning Glory’s face,

This was the first time she hated her race.

Her mother ran to her side, and begged Chief Running Bear to stop the wedding now,

He laughed in her face and pushed her away---her tears he would not disavow.

No one could stop Lightning Wolf, and he stood on the cold hard ground,

He halted the wedding with his shot gun, a blast that echoed the sound.

Owl Eyes did not back down as three of his men behind him had spears and knives,

But Lightning Wolf was fast with his knife and strength, as he plowed through the enemy and took their lives.

Chief Running Bear was happy now---he had 18 horses, his old wrinkled face smiled as proof---no daughter and no wife,

Because she left the village with Lightning Wolf and Morning Glory--- she was starting a new life.

As sun set in all its magnificence wonder, Morning Glory and Lightning Wolf were inside their new tepee of love,

Where all their passionate love would create another life, this was their love nest where time was noted by the coo of a morning dove.

Many years later, their great grandchildren visited where the village once stood, so proud and successful, and a stone marker stands where Lightning Wolf and Morning Glory now rested their head,

Their spirits were long gone to the Hunting Ground in the sky to ride the White Buffalo it is read.

Indian (Native American) Love Song


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Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on May 05, 2021:

PurvisBobbi44 The photos are stunning and I enjoyed reading your hub.

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