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Life in Oak Spring - Ep 31 - 1913

Dr. Bill's first passion is family history. His second is a passion for creating family saga, historical fiction stories that share it.

1909 Model T Ford


Activities in the Bevins Family

Ora B and Sarah Jane along with their parents quietly went about making plans for the coming marriage in the following year. With Cecil off to college and unlikely to return, Lucy moved into what had been his (the boy) room. Now, Sarah Jane had her room to herself, which would be her married room the following year. She could now prepare it for that role.

Ora B and Bernie had another very good year on the farm. The expansion had added to revenues with only minor increases in costs. They each felt their net worth grew at an excellent rate. Bernie said it was the best year of his life. Bernie bought a Ford Model T for the family in December.

Ora B noted in the newspaper that the Ford Motor Company had introduced the first moving assembly line, reducing chases assembly time from 12 1/2 hours to 2 hours, 40 minutes. Ford seemed to be out front in new innovations.

The Lincoln Highway, was formally dedicated. It ran from New York City to San Francisco. It was the first highway completed for coast to coast. Ora B dreamed of making that drive on day. Put first, of course, he needed to earn money for his own car. He set the goal. He had been pretty good at achieving his goals.

Woman Suffrage Procession 1913


Activities in the McDonald Family

Caroline and Myrtle fussed over the news of the world with so many war elements in the news in so many places. What would it ever lead to, they wondered? On the home front the 16th Amendment to the Constitution had been ratified with allowed a tax on all income by the Federal Government. What would the mean in the future? President Wilson was inaugurated in March. The day before the Inauguration, The Woman Suffrage Procession took place in Washington, D.C. lead by Inez Milholland on horseback. It was reported that there were as many as ten thousand marchers.

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Joe & Beth found the two-year-old birthday party would be centered on the two-year-old… as was just about everything else in their lives these days. They joyed in making her happy as did her Grandpa William.

The Enterprise also report in April that the 17th Amendment to the Constitution also was ratified. It dictated the direct election of U.S. Senators. Over the course of the year, Jane McDonald, William McDonald, Joe McDonald, and Caroline Truesdale each purchased a Ford Model T, along with several other members of the community.

Ford Assembly Line in 1913


Family Activities around the Valley

Robert Parks married Allison McKee on the first weekend of June. He worked at the Parks Carriage Works while she worked at the Plumbing Office. Osborn Taylor married Ida Tripp. He continued with the Blacksmith Shop. Cecil King married Delma Yokum. Cecil would stay on the family farm.

Guy Presley hired two young men to train in the automotive mechanics shop this summer, Melvin Street and Wade Derryberry. Later in the year Melvin married Jessie Wingfield and Wade married Edna Norton. Clifford Starr married Martha Johnson. He would stay on the family farm. Wade Carr returned from college and was hired by the bank. Shortly he married Carol Sue Starr. Perry Ward married married Bessie Carver, in June. Perry would continue at the family business and Bessie would continue as a Telegrapher. Theodore Campbell had returned from Bankers college and settled in at his expected position at the bank. Within a few months, he and Josephine Nagle married. She expected to continue part time at her father’s shop. A short time later, Chester Carver and Dora Wilcox married. Over the Christmas holidays, east valley residents, Wayne Jones and Mabel Gifford married. They would stay on the Jones family farm.

Franklin and Josephine Gifford moved to town in the spring making way for a grandchild to live on the farm. Calvin and Ellen Williams made a similar move at about the same time. J.W. Norton, Sales Barn Manager, retired July 1,1913. His son, Hyram Norton, took over as Sales Barn Manager the same date. Samuel Street, who had moved to town in 1902, passed away in November. He was 77. In the first week of December, Shorty Cox, long-time barber, recently retired, decided to move back to Illinois to live with his sister and her family.

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