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Sorrow Of Life

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Life - What a kind of grief !


Amrita Pritam, the famous poetess of Hindi has written a lot -

"Kind of What misdeed is this in life.

We look for someone in someone."

Life went on in such a dilemma, as the youth passed from childhood. I realized that if I wear a watch of three hundred rupees or three thousand - both will tell the same time. Should I buy a simple bag of five hundred or a branded bag of two thousand rupees - the goods will come inside it. It is not that the stuff inside the ordinary bag gets dirty and the stuff inside the branded bag should look like transparency from outside or how safe it is or should be kept in the exact place. Should I live in a house of three thousand yards or I should live in a house of two and a half yards to show my looks or awe - if nothing is there then the feeling of loneliness from the mind and body will be same. Yes, if needed, the man's scope of living can be increased according to his need. After taking a flight from economy class, it finally came to know that the passenger travelling with me from business class also took the flight to the destination of us from the appointed time. That is why one should not be encouraged to be rich with money, but should be encouraged to get rich from conscience. We should give importance to small screams, not to it's value. We should just find a way to be happy in this. It is also not necessary that I eat at Macdonald's or KFC's everyday so that people understand that what a great man I am! It is also not necessary that I include two - four English words in my every talk or speak fluent English so that people can understand high - profile living person. It is also not necessary that I listen to Rehna or Shakira so that people will consider me developed.

Humans, including humanity, behaviour, way of contact, harmony and brotherhood - can do all this, but in the cycle of increasing their desires and aspirations, they start moving away from their existences and their appearances.

I have also seen people who can take a full week's ration for the price of a shirt of mine or your Adidas. I have also seen those families who can cook all the homemade food at the cost of me or your any burger. The mind - set of the people should also be changed by thinking that there is a lot of money, but money is not everything. People who put their price on someone from outside condition are the biggest poor themselves.

A lot of things also depend on our thinking and perspective of life. Sometimes, irrelevant things cause trouble. Problems raised in the wrong way are not easily solved and we are stuck in trouble. They say no - what kind of misdemeanour is this!

If I listen to my heart, the people become annoyed with me. If I listen to the people's matters , then mind cannot understand it. After all, what does this life want from us?

Whatever it may be, in order to make a living, there must be brightness and strength in thinking and price. An inexpensive needle does a great job by stitching clothes, even a precious stone cannot take its place. In the chaos of the utility of expensive and big things, we enjoy luxury with such impudence that we do not understand how much we have become subjected to luxury. What attitude has to be taken to protect an effective cold response or to glorify ourselves that this is how life goes! But what is the use of drowning in it and thinking that they should not do it. Something that embellishment cannot carry this weight. Still, he wants to get it and for many people it is beyond imagination. As a result, the wrong path also has to be adopted.

Therefore, being small and big does not matter. Thinking should be big. After sunset, a small lamp is not like the sun but it can remove darkness to a great extent. In the same way, you should keep small and big things in harmony and always keep smiling.




BHARAT BHUSHAN KUMAR (author) from SITAMARHI on April 07, 2021:


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