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Liars, Liars

Stories are meant to be told & it is my mission to preach the most inspiring stories that will touch your heart.

Lies and secrets are like a cancer in the soul. They eat away what is good and leave only destruction behind.

— Cassandra Clare

Phase I: A Story Made Of Lies

Romantic relationships plays a huge role in our lives that we willingly sacrifice ourselves in order for it to work. But no matter how genuine our intentions are, some sacrifices still go to waste. Just like this story I’m about to tell you.

Here we go. Martha is a 16-year-old mother of two healthy five months old twins. She occupies her day with house chores while the babies sleep and takes care of them when they wake up. Most of her time is consumed with household responsibilities while spending the rest doing an online job that she thinks will help out with their expenses.

With all these baggage she looks exhausted now more than ever. But, she couldn’t care less of her appearance as the sparkle in her children’s eyes were priceless. Her young mind keeps holding on despite the unusual exhaustion.

Meanwhile, when things get quite, Martha notices it’s getting late and her husband Joseph is not home yet. She tries to reach him by any means possible, to her disappointment she receives no response. Hour after hour she waits until her eyes surrender to it’s heaviness and closes voluntarily.

As Martha’s body rest, a loud scream coming from the room disrupts her relaxation. The babies we’re crying desperately in need of her attention. Jaded Martha quickly gets up and provides her babies needs. She continues to do her homework until another day passes, Joseph is not home still. Then another & another. She sighs, she calls, she worries; still no response.

As days went by their food dwindles. Not to mention, the room rent is also fast approaching. Gathering all these problems Martha feels lethargic, lonesome, and helpless.

She asks for help from family & friends but finds no luck. So, she tried to hold tight to the little amount she gets from her online job. She tries, tries really hard but still she can’t pay for the room rent nor buy enough supplies for the babies. She could only afford a loaf of bread and some water for survival. Her heart races almost giving her a heart attack, her eyes are softer now, weaker in each moment as her tears longs to escape from them.

Broken Martha perseveres to go on with her life, raising her children in the ways she hasn’t figured out yet. She almost scream in desperation when Joseph arrives at the front door with babies supplies, food, and money. Martha’s heart calms, a glitter of hope sparkles in her eyes, a smile escapes as she embraces him tightly. ‘Thank God,’ she says.

Phase II: The Lies Behind The Kisses & The Embraces

‘You look beautiful,' Joseph says as Martha puts on her only pink dress. A beam displays in her innocent face as she walks toward him.

‘I love you,' she replies almost singing to the breeze as her fingers brush his chest, finding their way to his stomach until it goes deeper down.

Enthrall by her efforts, he carries her, caresses her, and grabs her where she likes the most. The night runs slowly as their laughter echo. It’s euphoria, each kiss, each thrust of cascading love and unity drives them to heaven.

The night is swift and so is their sleep until the morning arrives.

Martha prepares breakfast as Joseph babysits the twins. She asks him what he has been doing in the last few days & why he was declining her calls. He tells her that he was working and was not paying attention to his phone and, she believes him just like that. Then they eat. He leaves to work.

Two weeks later, Joseph is doing the same things and this time, his absence is longer. She can’t contact him, food is running out, babies are crying, she’s about to lose her mind. She calls mommy.

Mommy tells her to leave him, but she disagrees. Mommy leaves angry, she sobs uncontrollably.

Later, she opens her Facebook trying to find out where her husband is. An array of intimate photographs surprise her as she explores her news feed. The photos looks romantically sweet until she finds out that the man in the photograph is Joseph.

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‘Thanks for the early birthday treat, babe. I love you.’ the caption reads. Her heart explodes, she couldn’t catch her breath. Then the babies starts to cry.

Phase III: The Price Of Lies

Joseph goes home after five days of being an irresponsible dad. Meanwhile, Martha packs all her belongings and starts crying. The babies are fortunately asleep now.

He asks her what’s wrong, she slaps him real hard. Liar is the only word she manage to say before he grabs her hair, push her against the wall, then starts punching her.

She begs but he knocks her down anyway. She faints on the floor with blood all over her swelling face. He stops, embraces her, screaming he was sorry but Martha couldn’t hear him anymore. After all, her heart stops beating.

Joseph’s eyes widens as he watch his dead wife. For a moment he couldn’t think until the babies cry. His ears are red now from the increasing temper of his anger, he didn’t want to hear any cries no more. So, he heads to the room and grabs a pillow.

He walks closer to his twins, gripping the pillow on his strong hands and covers the babies’ face with great force until they stop crying. He feels satisfied now with the silence.

He head downstairs, carries his cold wife to the room, placing her next to their dead children.

He looks around the room, finding pen & paper. Then he writes before he hangs himself to death.

Dear Martha,

I’m so sorry for what I did. I was not in my right mind, I was driven by my anguish and watching you now hurts me like hell. I wanted you back, right here with me but there’s nothing I can do but follow you to the next life with our sons.

I hope you’ll forgive me.

I love you.


Phase IV: The Lies We Tell To Ourselves

I told you, some things are not worthy of sacrifice. If Martha only realize this, she would still be alive with her twins, yet she lied to herself convincing her mind that Joseph is a trustworthy person, that he would not lie to her and to his sons.

Although her heart doubts, she chooses to disregard it. She loves him, he loves her is all she believes in. Martha lied to herself again and again trying so hard to make herself believe that her husband is not capable of cheating. A lie so big, it blurs her logic. A lie so huge, it ends her life. A lie so enormous, it causes the death of two innocent child.

Last Phase: No More Lies

By reading Martha’s story I hope you learned your lesson. Follow your gut. If your heart is in doubt, don’t hesitate to investigate and ask for help. Stop lying to yourself and to your children, if you have any. Stop convincing yourself that everything is okay when they’re not. Be truthful to yourself.

On top of this, I wish you wouldn’t act based on emotions. If you can, settle things as calmly as possible to avoid ugly results like Martha’s death.

Moreover, I pray that you’ll refrain from lying especially to the people who give their trust to you. Regrets are a heavy load to carry.

Lastly, if someone lied to you big time, forgive them with all your heart because you deserve inner harmony. You don’t have to keep them in your life, let them go lightheartedly. After all, those who lied to us teaches us how to become a better person by being honest to the people who trust us.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2022 Shing Araya

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