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Lew Later

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A rack is a pack
Of a Mac on a back,
But a jack
Is not a hack
Of a lack
Of proper wisdom—
But United Kingdom is still
A 1st World country; so make an entry
through one of the closed doors.
Microsoft Windows
Is not a tech widow; —however, it is
still some people's choice of
the right kind of OS; —k-os is not
exactly a jazz singer, but he is
a ginger garlic paste for sure;
the cure of cancer is yet to be
invented, but gas has ventilators, not

A kit is a heat
Of a neat meat
in a proper beat—
But to sit
Is to hit,
And to hit,
Is John Keats!
A stadium is a medium
sized compendium—
But to issue a memorandum
that is a dole-drum.
Gum cancer is a major health
issue in Germany; but it is not like
inside a company, rather a symphony
of sweet echoes.
Chaos is not a good thing,
but Bing is still better than Google.

A mate is a late
Of a Kate in a jet,
But to be late — Oh! that is the
raw potato.
A lotto lottery is not a battery operated
Game; but the game (Triple H)
has retired, so why you're tired?
Jack Dorsey twitter ceo has fired many
a bum from Twitter — but there are
many troll leaches still present
on that website.
A site novel is a kite shovel, but bevel
is better than a level, so rebel
with a magic wand!

Jared Leto is not from a ghetto—
But he's a joker actor for sure.
If you want to be pure, do not
master the bet;
You may rather choose to let
the door remain opened (that's your
What is that noise
coming from your underwear?

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