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Let's See

These lines are adorable, poetry is a way to express emotions, and feelings in words.

Let's See


Let's See

Musavir Abbas

I have heard that people see her with their own eyes

So we see by staying in his city for a few days

Heard it has to do with bad situations

So we see to ruined themselves

I have heard that the customer of pain is her proud eye

So we also pass by his street

I have heard that she also has a passion for poetry

So we also see miracles of our own skill

I have heard that when she speaks, flowers fall from their words

That's it, let's talk and see

I have heard that the moon stares at her at night

The stars look down from the sky

I have heard that butterflies bother her during the day

I have heard that Firefly stays and watches at night

I have heard that her gazelle-like eyes are doomsday

I have heard that deer see her all over the desert

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I have heard that her cockles are more than night

Heard the shadows pass in the evening

I heard roses burn from her lips

So we see to blame on spring

Heard in the desert of possibilities

The angle of the bed looks at his waist

I have heard that the shape of her body is like this

Those flowers see their tribes cut

He is tall but not mean

Those flowers bloom on this tree

Just a glance at the caravan of the heart

So the inhabitants also see desire with fear

I have heard that Paradise is connected with its Shabbats

Bees also see the light from here and there

When it stops, the rotations circumambulate it

Let's wait and see

The stories are all exaggerated

If it is a dream, let's interpret it

Now stay in her city to coach

Let's see the stars travel

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