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Let`s Pretend to Have a Romance


Let`s Pretend

Let`s Pretend is a story that is based around a celebrity lifestyle, but it does not show it in a very good light. There are many references in the story to a way of life that involves excess drinking, partying and drug taking. Throughout the story there is an awful lot of bad activities going on. I am not sure if this is something that would happen in real life amongst people who live the celebrity lifestyle or if it has all been exaggerated for this story to work.

The main character in the story is a young woman named Lily Thane who accidently meets an old acquaintance in a dingy pub one evening. The person she meets is a chap named Adam Harker. Both Lily and Adam have been involved in showbusiness since childhood. This is how they already know each other.

Lily has not had much success with her showbiz career and is mostly known for the fame that she achieved as a child. Her mother is her manager, and Lily often refers to her as her Momager. Lily is straight ,and at the start of the story, very much single.

While Adam is still enjoying a certain amount of fame, but he has a complicated love life. He decides that it would be a good move for him to get a steady girlfriend. So this is how Adam and Lily start their fauxmance, which is a fake romance.

This fake romance goes well to start with and it does give both Lily and Adam the publicity that they hoped it would. Then things began to go wrong and a tragedy happens . After that things go from bad to worse and Lily soon finds out that there can be a very dark side to being famous.

Useful Information

Let`s Pretend is written by Laura Vaughan who has been better known in the past for writing books for children. She has written eleven books for children and young adults. This is her second book written for adults. Her first work of adult fiction , The Favour, was published in 2021

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