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Let's Be a Spiritual Person!

Spirituality is an extensive idea with a place for many frames of reference. It is the science that shows us the specialty of interfacing ourselves with an option that could be greater than us, and it by and large is in the quest for the importance of one's life. Common questions like "What does spirituality mean to you?"What is the importance of spirituality in life? "How do I live?" has often come up in the minds of people across every corner of the globe.

What does spirituality mean to you?

When you have realized that the search for happiness ‘outside’ (in the physical world) through 5 senses organs is a hopeless run and happiness can only be found inside, then only you are spiritual…

Another definition...If put in simple words, spirituality is a preparation for a great death, and only those who want to rise above this misery and ease should enter in it.

If someone thinks that the direction of spirituality may be very clean or complete of joy, then it's far his mistake. On the contrary, what you may undergo is impossible and unbearable. It is, in reality, authentic that once entering spirituality, you aren't similar to before, you may have extraordinary reports and your angle of searching at existence will change.

What is the importance of spirituality in life?

The largest significance of spirituality is it balances one's life.

Many times we find ourselves at the end of one extreme or the other, doubting ourselves whether we are on the right track. We doubt our actions and their consequences. Spirituality establishes the important stability below those severe circumstances.

For exceptional human beings having various faiths, spirituality can suggest very exceptional concepts. However, we commonly agree that spirituality is about connecting with the soul. It is an experience of cognizance going some distance above common thinking. Among pathways to spiritual growth is particular worship, meditation.

With proper knowledge comes proper comprehension, and with proper comprehension comes proper self-actualization.

Now the question has arisen: Do you want to be a spiritual person? Have you ever tried to be spiritual? Generally speaking, you can actually take a look at your availability in two viewpoints: Spiritual and Physical aspects. Spiritual aspects include your determination for spiritual advancement, initial spiritual moments, and spiritual mindset. Physical aspect includes your own states of being and life conditions.

First, you need to learn the right knowledge about spirituality and the truth. You can read several books and articles, ask yourself, or ask various spiritual persons in order to gain the right knowledge. Once you have learned such knowledge, you will think how strong determination you have in your mind towards spiritual advancement. This is the first and the most important step since you will not be able to advance your spirituality towards the truth without the right knowledge of spirituality.

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Now, begin re-checking your ordinary existence instances for your spiritual advancement. You need to prioritize critical matters in your existence.

When you finish your knowledge acquisitions, you will begin working on the physical aspect of spirituality.

Yoga: Practicing asana (yoga postures) can make space in the body. Do you understand while you get startled and also you aggravating up? Sometimes you physically hold on to emotions and yoga asana can help you clear that out. After practicing the yoga poses, pranayama (controlled breathing) can help balance and soothe the nervous system, further opening up space in the body making way for meditation.

Self-realization: Physical practice is just part of the journey to self-realization. Try to eat healthier foods. Ideally, your meals should have a lot of vegetables and fruits. Start controlling intakes of alcohol, sugar, and caffeine. You may change to decaffeinated coffee or tea. Try to have a few cups of herbal tea per day! Such detoxification of your body will make your body physically sensitive to spirituality and spiritual moments.

Once you recognize your first spiritual journey, you have transformed yourself to be more spiritual. You are now ready to advance your spirituality. I suggested simple practices in everyday life for you.

  • Pay attention to your discomforts.
  • Pay attention to your being, pay attention to the beings around you.
  • Pay attention to your relationship with everything around you.
  • Above all take note of your thoughts, emotions, moves, and speaks.


Spiritual development is possible something other than conviction as it is truly looking at something more profound, our confidence. Confidence can help individuals in the midst of difficulties. It is an anchor when seasons of dread, stress, and vulnerability come into their life. Without confidence, individuals won't ever have a spot to turn when things in their day-to-day existence stall harsh or out.

Remember, easy lifestyles (much less materialistic lifestyles) will make your lifestyles more spiritual. Good success with your spiritual advancement! And you have got been spiritually awakened!

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2021 Abhiney Sharma

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