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Left Behind Book Series Bringing the Book of Revelation to Life

Evidence suggests that the technological advancements of today may be the beginning of the end of life as we know it on Earth.

The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse

Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov [Public domain]

Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov [Public domain]

The Rapture: Beginning of the End

The beginning chapters of Left Behind center around a newspaper reporter named Buck Williams, and captain named Rayford Steele, a flight attendant named Hattie, and a devious character who is just beginning to emerge, but the name of Nicolae Carpathia. According to scripture, at the beginning of end times, Jesus will appear in a cloud, and with a shout, all believers, both living and dead will go up to heaven with him.

Now, you must use your imagination to get a picture of the chaos that will ensue around the world, when people suddenly are just gone..................airline pilots and passengers, truck drivers, people driving on the highway, military fighter pilots, school students from their classrooms, teachers gone, school bus drivers, commercial bus drivers......................all gone in an instant.

There are traffic accidents world wide, plane crashes world wide, military aircraft crashes world wide, military ships with no one guiding them, air traffic controllers gone leaving the skies above the world's airports in turmoil. Only the unbelievers and doubters are remaining on the entire earth, and no one is familiar enough with scripture to figure out right away what has happened. Life on Earth, is suddenly and irreversibly changed. Parents have lost their children. Children have lost their parents. The world is now in turmoil while the governments and news agencies of the world are trying to figure out what happened.

Imagine a pastor who has preached the Word of God every Sunday, but never asked for salvation for himself, but he sold the Word of God to his entire congregation. His congregation is entirely gone, but on the pastor remains. BUT, he is one of the few who knows in his heart what really happened. Captain Rayford Steele walks into this pastors church, when the pastor is praying for a second chance, and Mr. Steele is converted to a believer also at this point.

Captain Steele's daughter, Chloe and Buck Williams are still trying to discover for themselves what happened, as Chloe's mom and brother were believers and they are gone. Chloe still has doubts when her dad comes home and tries to explain to her what happened.

Enter Nicolae Carpathia, a high ranking UN official, who tries to explain to the world that the cause of the disappearances is decades of accumulation of nuclear radiation from testing by the nuclear nations. He calls for the immediate destruction of all the world's nuclear weapons. Little does the world know of his devious reasons for wanting the entire world to be disarmed.

7 Year Peace Treaty Between Israel and the Arab States

The beginning of the Time of Tribulation (or Time of Troubles), will start with the rebuilding of the original Temple, next to where the Dome of the Rock currently stands. A 7 year treaty will be signed between Israel and the Arab states, and there will be a one-world government, a one-world currency, one-world religiion, and the new government will be in control of all the world food supply.

The new leader on the rise is Nicolae Carpathia, Secretary of the UN, who will soon be assuming the role of the leader of the world. His true identity, as in relationship to the Scriptures, is yet to be revealed to the world, but it will come soon enough. The new government, is ready to convince the world that there will be 7 years of peace, but the world will soon come to realize that the promise of peace was just another lie. Lies beget more lies, and for every lie there are two more lies to try to cover up the first lie.

It is now beginning to become evident who Nicolae Carpathia really is in relationship to the Scriptures. He is to control 10 Kingdoms, and those 10 Kingdoms will control the world. As their is a Holy Trinity, there is also a Trinity of Evil, of which Nicolae Carpathia reveals himself to be the head by killing anyone who would oppose him, starting with those who oppose him in his first meeting a Secretary of the UN.

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Left Behind The Complete Series

The Tribulation Force and the Rise of the Triad of Evil

Even though I have read every book in the Left Behind series, I shall not review every book here, as it is my hope that my readers will be moved to read this entire series, and use it as a study companion to the Book of Revelation. It is not my job to attempt to convert unbelievers to believers, but perhaps to encourage some of those that are on the fence to to further research, and arrive at a conclusion for themselves. Here I will give a synopsis of what the Tribulation is (will be) and who the Triad of Evil is (will be).

The loose interpretation of Tribulation means a time of troubles. According to Scripture, the Tribulation will last 7 years (oddly enough, concurring with the 7 year peace treaty signed between Israel and the Arab States). The new world leadership, being headed by Nicolae Carpathia (the Anti-Christ), Leonardo (Leon) Fortunato (the False Prophet), and the Great Prostitute (or Harlot).

Buck Williams has become a believer, and he has realized who Nicolae Carpathia really is, and his goal, as a reporter is to get as close to Nicolai as possible to get the inside scoop on Nicolai's plans for the world. Additionally, Rayford Steele is attempting to gain a job as Nicolae Carpathia's personal pilot for the same purpose.

Chloe and Buck have become romantically involved. Hattie has left the airline to work in the UN directly under Nicolae Carpathia, and Nicolae has just informed him that the one-world government is also taking over the world's entire media system, making it more difficult for reporters to report the truth.

When two witnesses for Christ show up unexpectedly at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, Nicolae becomes troubled because he fears that they will turn people to Christ and interfere with his plans for a One Global Society. Buck is on a mission to report on the men at the Wailing Wall, but Nicolae now controls GNN, the news network that Buck works for. Will he be able to truthfully report what is going on?

Enter Rabbi Ben Judah who is to make a speech in Jerusalem proclaiming that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. Unknown to him, Steve Plank has rewritten his speech, and what Rabbi Ben Judah is going to announce is that Nicolae Carpathia is the Messiah. Nicolae evidently has the desire to put words in Rabbi Ben Judah's mouth to suit his own purposes, and but Rabbi Ben Judah reports, as he planned to identify Jesus Christ as the Messiah, infuriating Nicolae who pulls the plug on his international broadcast.

Left Behind 2: The Tribulation Force

Time for My Readers to Make a Choice

As I wrote previously, I have read this entire series of books. I would hope that all my readers do the same, and use these books as a companion to help their understanding is the delve further into the Book of Revelation. There are book reviewers that would have you believe that this series of books are nothing but political propaganda supporting the conservative right. I urge you to read, make your own judgement, and choose whether to believe or to not believe what has been presented to us in the Holy Scriptures.

According to Rabbi Ben Judah, there are 109 traits that the Messiah must possess to be valid, and one of the most important is that he is born in Bethlehem, which Nicolae was not. This is where the beginning of increasing numbers of people beginning to turn away from Nicolae (the self proclaimed leader of the One-World Government), and turning to Christ.

I challenge you to read the books, read the Book of Revelation, learn what comes next, and learn how it all ends.

© 2020 John Fisher

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