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Learn How to Write Controversial Books Like Brandon Murray

Learning the Basics of Bravery with Brandon Murray


For his next book, Brandon Murray is going to be covering some controversial subjects- the covid hoax, the fake moon landing, and other beliefs of his. Ultimately, his purpose is to show us how all these conspiracies have gotten in the way of what he feels to be true. He has a certain message he wants to spread, and he's gotten some haters in the process. However, he has tremendous resilience. Here is what you can learn from him in his interview.

Hi, Brandon, what inspired you to write your latest book?

I feel there is a lot of confusion going on in the world more than ever before. We must plan ahead since history is repeating itself again and again. I thought doing this after the pandemic was the best time.

What is the greatest message for your readers?

To inspire them and educate them, open their eyes. help each other out, become our own government, even as far as it goes to money. To learn how to trust themselves again.

What are the challenges in being controversial?

Although I do have some allies, I take the backlash in stride. People have had it worse. The challenge has been not knowing what to do, but that's where my deep beliefs come in. Everyone's looking for a quick fix, and I'm not for that, and I realize I may not be popular, but so be it.

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What do you do to stay inspired even when people try to put you down?

I know I have to keep fighting the good fight. I have more alone time than being with people. Self-care, have fellowship, going to church, meditate, and writing.

What advice would you give to others who are spreading an unpopular message?

Keep going, you can't deny yourself. You have to trust something you can't see. You have to have faith and believe.

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