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Learn About the Novel Writing Process with Brian Fence

The Process Behind "Librarian"


Brian Fence is a New Jersey based author and poet. Also a "third culture kid". Find out what this means to the globally influenced writer who is working on his third novel.

You've lived in Asia, Europe and the USA. Did you always intend on having a global career?

I remember being a little boy and using “Muzzy” (am I that old?) to learn French because I wanted to travel around the world. Having a global career really made me a Third Culture Kid, so I identify as a citizen of not any one nation but as more of an international citizen. Every move came organically.

How does it feel to be a writer today? Did the pandemic affect the way you work, at all?
Writing is tough! It’s like a muscle that you have to pump everyday; I was fortunate enough not to be directly affected by COVID and so I used the pandemic to take some time for self-reflection and to focus on my third novel of my trilogy, Freewoman.

Tell us about inspires you day to day.
My mentor, the late Diana Wynne Jones, inspires me daily. I also have five (!) cats that like to hover over or sleep on the keyboard, encouraging me to write.

How important is it to write from what you know?
I believe it’s impossible to write without KNOWING; in my books, you’ll find themes of love, loss, and grieving, as well as grittier stuff such as substance abuse and depression. At the end, though, the message I want to be clear is that although nothing can guarantee a happy ending, love and friendship are paramount.

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If you could fulfill one dream, what would that be?
I know it’s quite a fanciful wish, but I’d love to attend Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and then have Ina Garten over for dinner.

What do you hope readers will take away from reading your work?
Being different is okay, Being treated marginalized because of our differences is not. And, despite the My Little Pony cliché, friendship is magic.

What's next for you in 2022?
I’m finishing up my third novel in my trilogy, Freewoman, and working on a chapbook of poetry. My husband is praying I don’t adopt another cat.
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