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Leap (The Poem)

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Jo loves writing, she admires the escape to far off places. She valued it so much that she is studying the arts of creative writing.


Think You're Stuck
Cause Of A Crack In The Floor Called "life"

Think Your Tears Goes Un-noticed,
Thinking Your Life Has No Purpose.

Poor in every aspect of materialistic needs in the world
Thinking money will solve the problems you hold.

With Everything Money Can Buy,
Except A Much Needed Smile.

Don't you know?
You can't sink,
Every moment you must realize
You are stronger than you think,

Don't You See?
You Can't Be Defeated,
You are a mighty force
From The Day You Were Created,

Don't you worry
About those little things,
Don't you let the rain
Ruin your daily springs,

You know He Waited For You Then
When You Were Broken,
He's still waiting now
With His arms wide open,

Call unto Him
Like a child to a father,
Hold onto him
Like you would your mother,

Lord, How Could I Live Without You
You're The Smile On My Face,
The Very Air I Breathe
The Reason I Run This Race,

You Fill My Days
With Happiness And Love,
And Sprinkle My Life
With All The Unseen gifts from Above,

Supernatural Visions
Dreams Of What You Have In-Store,
What We Have; This Fellowship
Will Never Ever Be A Bore,

Your Happiness could be limitless
There could be No End,
You no longer need to fear
When Christ Is Your Friend.

You can do anything
Through Christ who strengthens you,
Trust in him always
He'll pull you through,

So This Crack In The Floor
Can't Make You Weak,
When His Hands Are Holding You
Saying... "Leap!"

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