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Laughter~inspired by Ms Brenda

Chrish is a poetry writer who loves to paint, nature and dog lover, who write for herself and happy to share it with you.


While I was thinking how to pour out my appreciation to Ms Brenda's prompt I was staring outside my window and suddenly I uttered a word out of the blue,

'' I know you know of how I loved the rain so much, but I think it's kinda too much. ''

The universe is still mourning it looks like endless, I have no idea when it will stop. I remember someone said, everything and everyone has an end and it's good for us that we don't know when it will happen,

Beacuse if we know, we might waste our days thinking deeply of how near is our end.

In my situation, I want to know when this will end! Because when it looks the sun is shining the dark clouds is moving so fast

And its then the world once again begin to mourn, and I'm not feeling good, it's odd cause when I'm hungry I don't feel tired, but when I'm stressed it makes me feel so exhausted,

I love different kinds of weather wether it's mad or what, I just don't like seeing my mom this way.

To Ms Brenda, I thank you so much for keeping us motivated! Know that I'm one of those huge fan of your masterpiece. No matter the situation or the weather, I don't care, I'm still sending super power hugs a bunge of love!

let's bring it on!!!




Not a doctor but can

Heal the aches without a cost


Can push your lonely heart

To the next chapter

Can stop the angry one from

Pouring out aggressive words


A potion hypnotizing solution

To a folly emotion


The strongest feeling that

Lives in you so strong


Can change everything whatever

is going on, it is a melody

That no one cares

As long as it comfort your heart

They won't mind, just beat the tone

For it is a living art that lives within

Where no one can tell

That it is wrong


Don't hold it inside or it will

Spout on the other side

Don't dive beyond lonely words

For to laugh is a choice where it can

Be often and it can be much

Wether the world is mad


Will roar for there's none strong

Like the sparkling so pure

Amount of such joy

And when my heart is heavy

I have friends who taught me

On how to wear the laugh

And if not working, they'd sing country road

To chuckle out the pouring pain

While it's not the song that makes as laugh

But how my friend sung the song

And after that I'll weep my tears

But not because of pain

There are thousand reasons to laugh

But some remains to groan

We pour out laugh

As we take all the God's glory

Who give us confidence

And make us tough

Everyday I take joy for the so much

Single chances that

God prepared for me

The world

Might hate it

But why should I care if I like it.

Ever since

happiness heard

your name

it has been running

through the streets

trying to find you.


©2021 chrish canosa


Chrish Canosa (author) from Manila Philippines on August 12, 2021:

An awesome day to you Sir Brian!

I'm very thankful for your generous message Sir Bri!!!

It means a lot.

God bless you and your family as well.

With all my heart thanks again [wink]

Sending a bunch of love and super power hugs!

Your words are all noted wink wink

Have a wonderful day ahead.

Chrish Canosa (author) from Manila Philippines on August 12, 2021:

I thank you so much with all my heart Ms Brenda

For the prayers love and sympathy.

Our situation is getting well, all thanks to my great refuge. He's been so good to me, I know that when life hurts He's always with me whatever His plans I know its better than mine so I trust Him with all my heart.

Mama says thank you so much for the prayers and for loving her daughter hehe

I'm sending I love yous and super power hugs Ms Brenda my favourite friend. God is also with you pay attention [wink]

Have a wonderful day ahead Ms Brenda!!!!!

Brian from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on August 02, 2021:

Thank you for spreading cheer to lift others up in times like this, Chrish. You have a very big heart and thank you for your hugs and loving spirit. May God bless you abundantly and help you through any challenges that you may face personally in life. Stay happy and keep doing good and good you shall receive in return! :)

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on August 02, 2021:


Thank you for the big hugs. We can all use them.

I'm sending a huge pile of hugs back to YOU.

Your spirit amazes me.

I can feel your pain. It's so hard watching the ones we love face terrible obstacles.

I wish I could tell you when it will end, but alas I'm no fortune teller.

Just know you & your family are in my prayers & have faith that God will see you through this!

In your poem, "Laughter", you tell us that laughter can change anything...no matter what is going on.

That we should never hold in our laughter. We should let the joy out.

Then you end your piece with a wonderful quote by Rumi.

A great message that laughter costs absolutely nothing and it can help you heal.

I'll post a link in the word prompt article.

Chrish Canosa (author) from Manila Philippines on August 02, 2021:

It's awesome to see you here Sir Bryan!!!!!

Thanks for the generous comment!

It's really good to hear tht through this simple words uplift your soul and make your heart smile. That is soooooo good to hear.

Yes, it is a vitamin indeed! and it's all free so why not share it if we can right?

I'm giving generous free hugs and a bunch of love and you're now one of those who will receivd it, and it starts today {wink} hope you felt the squeeze!

Have a wonderful day ahead.

Chrish Canosa (author) from Manila Philippines on August 02, 2021:

Really good to see you Ms Lora!

So glad you loved it!!! I too as I was trying to cheer myself up,

And yes your aabsolutely right!

Sending super power hugs and a bunch of love!!!!!

Have a wonderful day ahead. Wink

Chrish Canosa (author) from Manila Philippines on August 02, 2021:

It's awesome to see you again Sir Umesh!

Thanks a lot for stopping by, hope all is well. {wink}

Have a wonderful day ahead, and I'm sending power hugs and a bunch of love....... God bless

Chrish Canosa (author) from Manila Philippines on August 02, 2021:

An awesome day to you Sir Manatita!!!

Here's Sir Manatita again, Great......

Always always a huge thanks for stopping by. Wink wink wink

Here's my super power hugs and a bunch of love and kisses!!!!!

Chrish Canosa (author) from Manila Philippines on August 02, 2021:

It's an honour to see you again Ms Pamela!

The past two weeks has been really really tough

Life is seriously trying to teach us a lesson, and I'm trying my best to understand.

Hugs is highly appreciated I really need it po {wink}

Thanks for the blessings...

Here's mmmmy super power hugs and a bunch of love as well.

Have a beautiful day ahead Ms Pamela.....

Chrish Canosa (author) from Manila Philippines on August 02, 2021:

A wonderful day to you Ms Dora!

Thanks also for stopping by {wink}

I'm sending super power hugs and kisses!!!!!

Brian from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on August 02, 2021:

Thanks for sharing this uplifting poem, Chrish! Reading it just makes me smile and lift my spirit. It's like a 'vitamin' that many of us need especially at this time when there might not be a reason for some of us to actually laugh about. Ultimately, it boils down to our perspective, just as you artfully pointed out in your poem. Thanks for the positive vibes. Sending my own your way. :)

Lora Hollings on August 01, 2021:

I loved your poem on laughter, Treshty. I thought all your lines about this emotion were wonderful, but I especially liked the one that stated, I’m not a doctor, but laughter can heal.” And it certainly can. Laughter can improve our mental outlook in so many ways! Thanks for sharing.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on August 01, 2021:

Nice composition.

manatita44 from london on August 01, 2021:

Lovely write and some philosophy too. Stay well and blessed. - Manatita

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on August 01, 2021:

I must agree with Dora that you poem is full of deep, meaningful insights. I am feeling like your live has been tough recently and you poem might reflect that message, and it tells how you can laugh again.

Hugs and blessings to you,.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on August 01, 2021:

"For to laugh is a choice." Sounds simple, but it's significant. Thank for sharing these deep, meaningful insights.

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