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Live Is Journey: A Poem

Halley loves to write and wants to convey messages through his simple writings.

Life is Journey

Twists Or Straight Harur Still Followed.

Difficult or happy must still be passed

Lonely Or Crowded Keep Remembering To Be Careful.

Stopping or driving is a choice of a decision.

Occasionally be aware of Living Organically

Because the life we ​​live is already in control.

Life is Journey.

A stop for an occasional stopover.

Grief and joy take turns accompanying.

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Bad and Good come from offers that become deeds.

Don't Quit because of the circumstances

for the effort that has been made.

Don't turn around. because of condescension

for Results that have not been recorded.

Meanwhile, you and I both live life.

there are times when we are in the same place to say hello

there are times when we are in different places and different times

to resume the same journey.

Life is a journey.

Let the Way provide tents and directions to go through and we both meet with smiles and jokes.

Everything is a point for a journey ending.

© 2021 Halley Kawistoro

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