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LA Woman

Liberty and Justice for All?

I am your father

I am your father

Wake Up From the Dream

“America is not a young land: it is old and dirty and evil before the settlers, before the Indians. The evil is there waiting.”

William S. Burroughs

Reading this stopped me dead in my tracks, cold. For I have felt this way too...about this spit of land that I live on now. You can feel it rumbling under the sun and beach and ice cream children. It is there. Energy from the past lingers. And I do believe this was the place of the first encounter between the people living here and the arriving settlers. The energy is here.


I am your mother

I am your mother

Spiritual Intuition

I've seen it in a young woman-- walking zombie-like across the street at 5:00 am, thinking she is either drugged out or under some kind of mind-control. I've seen it in the harsh treatment of the summer help by the locals. I've seen it in the little blue pin-wheels blowing in the wind on the lawn of a local bank, representing children who have been abused. I've seen it in the number of homeless on the streets, and how they are shuffled along so as not to bother the tourist. And I've seen it in the cavalier treatment of justice in a murder trial.

I also happen to know a woman who's sister was murdered....her body buried in the woods of many. And the odd thing, is, she's friends with relatives of the man who killed her sister. Small place.

So, you can feel it in the air if you are attuned to that kind of thing...and many here are. It's an artistic community and also one of alternative life-styles. Mixed in with some very conservative retired people and some of great wealth.

American Dream?

I am your neighbor

I am your neighbor

Confederacy Never Died

It has been compared to the south, in that only a relatively small number of families settled here and they intermarried. So, you will see the same names on buildings, roads, etc. And you will often see the same name as both the defendant and judge in a trial! And actually, that trial I spoke of has been compared to the books Twelve Angry Men, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Grow Up



The Reckoning

What is my point in this essay? I don't know. Burroughs words just struck me and compelled me to write. And at the same time, conjured up a poem by Jim Morrison called L'America....My America! The place I love/hate all at the same time! The place where I stood at the top of the Statue of Liberty and had the strong urge to jump! It's our destiny to be here at this time...L'America has something to do with the recompense. For it has evil in it. In the ground. In the buildings. In the old broken down brick factories that sit vacant and stare out with empty- eyed windows into the night. One can imagine all the dark and dirty secrets that roam those city streets. The long ago past and the not so distant. And it has drifted down here too. The palpable something...ready to pounce. Ready to rumble up. Ready to tell its tale. I have a feeling it will come as no surprise to many.

Give Me Your Poor

Beacon of hope

Beacon of hope

Poetry Reveals

The last lines from L'America, byJim Morrison:

doomed from the start


"That's how I met her,


lonely & frozen

Scroll to Continue


& sullen, yes

l'america right from the start"

Then stop.


The wilderness between.

Go round the march.

Dream Big



In Parting

Sweet Land of Liberty....may we continue to work towards living up to those high ideals.

One step at a time.

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Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on October 25, 2021:

Sen. Angus King: "If you take the states that those 41 senators represent, add up all the population together, you get 24% of the American people. So the situation we're in now is that 24% of the American people have an effective veto."