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The Lady of the Key and the Devil

The Lady of the Key and the Devil

I was there, stoking the stove, when my aunt approached me pushing the door in a very delicate way with her wavy and rough hands, she came over and gave a big sigh like the last one Hitler gave before pulling the trigger on 45 , begins by telling me ... "I remember ...

La Chaveta


Face to Face With the Devil



"I remember seeing and fighting with the light bearer" then he continued telling me the

such a bleak encounter that he had with the DEVIL.

It was 5:30 in the afternoon when I put your cousins Sofía and Belén to bed, after a cold

shower I also had to lie down, I went through the long corridor that leads between the room and the

bedroom, when I went to bed there was just a tremendous silence as if I was

within an anechoic chamber.

Face to Face With the Devil

When I heard footsteps and I thought it must be my husband who has just arrived, he approaches and gives a soft moan and rarely begins to turn into a growl, when I got up quickly I felt a tremendous chill throughout my body leaving me in a state of shock at that time. The only thing I went to do at that time was to pray to Christ so I prayed and prayed, when suddenly I heard a great growl that came from my garden, as if something or someone was complaining about something that leaves unfinished, suddenly I recovered my 5 senses and I ran with my feet frozen to turn on the light, it was there that I felt a little calmer.

La Chaveta

It was already 12 in the afternoon so I started to prepare lunch for my daughters, at two in the afternoon I went to my mother-in-law's house in Barranca to ask her to help me with what was happening to me, what She gave me some swords the size of a Faber Castell pencil and some small Bibles but they were blessed by a priest, my mother-in-law's cousin, grateful for his help, I arrived at my house at 6:30 in the afternoon, worried, between pushing the door to see how my daughters were, I hugged them very tightly like a puppy hugs the leg of its owner upon arrival, I bathed them and put them to bed, put the little bibles under their pillows and put the little swords at the head of their bed, I waited for them to fall asleep to go to bathe and then go to bed.

The Encounter With the Devil

I had the face of my husband but I quickly remembered that he did not have the key and that that night he would stay to work until the wee hours of the morning, I reached out my hand, grabbed the key tightly with my right hand and threw it towards the face of the devil opening half of his head and a great cry was heard like that of a child falling for the first time from his bicycle, I followed him to the orchard when he started to crumble and when I thought that was it, the damn thing had taken the form of an immense black dog, I followed him to a curve in the street until he only disappeared giving large and arborescent moans like that of a baby or a malagüero cat, when I returned home I went to breathe in my garden when I heard whispers I saw the neighbor's house and I saw her all naked walking around his desolate tree scratching the floor and saying strange and heteroclite things gave me a strong scare and I went to see how my daughters were, my husband arrived at 7 in the morning and I told him everything that was happening to me I help to find answers about what was happening in my home plus artifacts of popular beliefs such as magnets, sabers, etc. That night I went to bed after praying and chatting, then I began to hear very slow steps approaching me when I felt him very close, suddenly I felt a hand caressing my belly and it scared me even more since I was expecting a child and I got strength from where I no longer I could and ran to turn on the light when a large shadow began to fade under the bed of my daughters, and an intense laugh in such a terrifying night. Night after night and I felt more afraid that the devil would appear in my house again, I decided to sell that house and move to Barranca, the house in which I lived until 2019, shortly after moving I gave birth to my third daughter, I was very happy until they gave me the news that he was suffering from the heart and his lungs were damaged, burst into tears.

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La Muchacha


THE GIRL They needed to transfer my daughter to the city of Lima to be operated on. I didn't want them to plug in devices, they asked me to speak to her father, but my husband was working in the mine. I prayed and prayed next to my daughter's stretcher when I fell into a deep sleep and heard the voice of a girl who told me that a doctor would come to check on my daughter, but it will be in vain, because she has been touched by the His father's hand "Mr. Jesus Christ" got me up and the doctor told me if I could retire because the doctors who are going to arrive are going to start the operation on my little girl, I totally refused, but the doctor entered and began to check my daughter when he started checking her heart and lungs he said that had to be a mistake because because they make him come from so far because of a mistake he left furious with all his team heading to Lima, I was surprised I went out in search of that one girl, look around the hospital but nothing then I approached the guachiman to ask him if he had seen a girl leave he told me that no one had entered and no one had left except for the ambulances but I kept insisting until the guachimán told me if you like it You can see yourself and you showed me the videos of the security cameras and indeed no one had left and no one had entered, it was there when I strongly thanked the Lord for having helped me in that battle.

© 2021 Alexander Yair Ramos

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