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King of the World: a Poem of Hope

John is a contemporary poet who uses the rhyming styles of the classics to discuss current issues.

Just Imagine

Just imagine a hypothetical situation where all governments of the world were rescinded and all countries decided to unite under a common rule. You are considered the most honest, intelligent, and fair-minded individual on Earth, and subsequently appointed King of the World, but for only one year.

What would you do to improve our planet and the lives of every person, creature, and the environment?

Robert the Bruce, King Wallace, Scotand

Robert the Bruce, King Wallace, Scotand

Stop Terrorism

Stop Terrorism

King of the World

by John Hansen © 2016

If you were King of the World

For only a year,

What would you decree

To end all this fear?

≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈

There must be a way

To make terrorism cease,

Bring all people together

And instigate peace.

≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈

Starving Children, Uganda

Starving Children, Uganda

Eradicate borders,

Make all countries one,

Ban nuclear weapons,

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Restrict use of guns.

≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈

Give food to the starving,

Build homes for the poor,

Cap CEO's salaries,

Make the basic wage more.

≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈

Endangered Sumatran Tiger

Endangered Sumatran Tiger

Protect women and children

From abuse and neglect.

Stop the sexual slave trade,

That's not much to expect.

≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈

Restore the environment

To its once pristine peak.

Save all the endangered

Becoming extinct as we speak.

≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈


Make the world one big country,

Treat all races the same.

Unify all religions,

Take away all the blame.

≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈

Be a king with compassion,

Who is honest and just,

One who'll save our doomed planet

From becoming space dust.

Space Dust, Universe

Space Dust, Universe

© 2016 John Hansen


John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on May 30, 2016:

I see your dilemma, Manatita. Thank you for your kind comment. Blessings.

manatita44 from london on May 30, 2016:

Nice one, Bro. Passionate; full of conscience...and a great poem!

Unfortunately, if I should ask why things are not so, I might hear: Greed, power ...this simply pushes me back into the source of greed or power or ego ...or back to my spiritual practices. You see my dilemma?

Your poetry continues to be excellent as usual. Much Love.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on May 27, 2016:

Haha, thanks, Audrey....."John the Great"..doesn't really have the same ring as "Alexander the Great" does it?

Audrey Howitt from California on May 27, 2016:

Wouldn't that be wonderful! But hope springs eternal--I like "John the Great" --and you get my vote!

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on May 21, 2016:

Thank you Ann. You are right, and the butterfly effect can't be underestimated.

Ann Carr from SW England on May 21, 2016:

How great it would be to solve all the world's problems! Trouble is, man gets in the way. I think we all have to do our individual bit in the best way we can. That way, maybe something rubs off and the butterfly effect will work its own small wonder in many places, creating much good for the whole.

Superb poem, John!


John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on May 17, 2016:

Hi Shauna, we all want a perfect world don't we, but what is the risk of having no Kings, Presidents and government? As you say many people run their families very successfully, unfortunately others don't. So, are we willing to take that risk? A group of ordinary people representing every continent grouped together and appointed as a management team, maybe.

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on May 17, 2016:

John, your poem depicts a perfect world. That is, if we were all still unique with our own thoughts and beliefs, which would eradicate the proposed unity of religion. Get rid of terrorism. Get rid of guns. Why not let the Earth's citizens make their own rules, just like we do as parents in our little private kingdoms? Why do we need kings and presidents? I suppose there will always be those who want to throw ripples in the tide, but why not give us the chance to see how we'd fair without government?

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on May 08, 2016:

Eric, there is much food for thought as to what exactly would unfold with such a scenario. I am sure a number of rulers of countries have had the best of intentions of making their country a better place for their people to live, but situations unfold that interfere, and others oppose their views etc. making it difficult to do what they envisage. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Eric Wayne Flynn from Providence, Rhode Island on May 07, 2016:

It's interesting that the ideas expressed here ring true in every one's heart, but as life takes shape and we succumb to our environments and vices we all callude to create this mess... It leads one to think who are the true rulers of this planet and what their motives are, but at the end of the day man's free will is a wild wind, and even with a benevolent just ruler would we somehow end up here again? Well written Jodah.

Best to you, EWF

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on May 01, 2016:

That sounds like a plan, Val. Let's do it :)

ValKaras on May 01, 2016:

Hello John - Great poetry, as always. If I were elected such a king, the very first thing that I would do would be to appoint you as my only advisor, and I would make sure that you get all the credit for those miraculous changes. As for me, I would just play a king and hang around looking tough.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on May 01, 2016:

Thank you Phowltha, I appreciate you taking the time to read this and comment.

Phowltha Seltun from Delhi on May 01, 2016:

Splendid writing

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on May 01, 2016:

Thank you for that wonderful appraisal, Genna. I am blown away that you even mention it alongside John Lennon's "Imagine"...but I thank you humbly.

Genna East from Massachusetts, USA on May 01, 2016:

Oh, John, this is a poem I love. Like Lennon's "Imagine," this is a true classic with substance that speaks to the mind and heart, and one that I will return to read from time to time.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 22, 2016:

Thank you, Vellur. I would do the best I could but it would probably be easier said than done.

Nithya Venkat from Dubai on April 22, 2016:

You would be a great king, a king who would make earth a great place to be in. Great poem.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 22, 2016:

Thanks Bill, the whole idea of the was to promote a little abstract thought outside the box. I am also a socialist at heart. A true Democracy is something worthy to aim for but it is hard to is always tainted by some level of corruption and unfortunately the majority is very rarely represented fairly. I am of Danish heritage, so maybe that is why I like that country's way of life and governing.

Bill Russo from Cape Cod on April 22, 2016:

A thought provoking piece that runs at breakneck speed John. I was nearly out of breath at the end!! When you speak about countries without borders it reminds me that I am a socialist or perhaps a communist at heart; happily living in a democracy. While I say that I want everyone else in the world to have at least as much as I, would I really be willing to give up some of my things so that another could have more? I am not sure of the answer but I feel that future generations will have to actually come to grips with this concept which is just abstract to me.

Lawrence Hebb from Hamilton, New Zealand on April 22, 2016:


I think I'd find the responsibility too much, that's what I was getting at.

What I would like to change is a greater understanding between cultures and people, if we can achieve that then we really would change the world.

When I read the poem I was reminded of the words of C.H. Spurgeon "If God has called you to preach (I interpret that as be an influence) then don't stoop to be a King"

But still some good food for thought in the poem "what would we change?"


John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 21, 2016:

Thanks for the wise words , Lawrence. I agree it would be hard to not upset someone somewhere, but we could only try. Yes, abdicating could work for a small group who disagree with a certain country's laws and doctrines...but not from the whole world.

Lawrence Hebb from Hamilton, New Zealand on April 21, 2016:


Abdicate! That's the only thing I'd do in that position.

No matter what else I tried to tackle you can guarantee I'd upset some group or other that would cause problems!

Some of the things are already banned yet we still hear them happening. We can't change them with rules, only with changes of heart and that will take more than a King to change!

But oh, if only!


John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 20, 2016:

Yes, Deb, I wonder that myself. The population of some countries don't know life without violence. We can always hope though.

Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on April 20, 2016:

I could definitely live in such a place that you have described. I wonder if humanity as a whole could handle that, as they are too human sometimes to digress from the lack of violence.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 17, 2016:

I am glad you liked this poem and its message, Chitrangada. I like to use my poetry to raise these issues.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 17, 2016:

Hey, Nadine. Thank you for adding a link to your latest hub. I will be over in a minute to check it out.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on April 17, 2016:

What a great poem to raise the common World issues!!

I loved your expressions and innovative style for bringing attention to the most challenging problems of the entire human race.

A truly thought provoking and great poem! Thank you so much!

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on April 17, 2016:

Fantastic poem Jodah. I will add this 'the King of the World' poem link to my latest entry on hubpages. You will know why.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 16, 2016:

Thank you MsDora. It would be an interesting and challenging job.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on April 16, 2016:

Jodah, you have my vote to be King of the World! Sounds like you would provide just what we need.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 16, 2016:

Thank you, Ruby, for confirming my suggestions. I'm sure you would be a great Queen of the World.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on April 16, 2016:

If I were king/queen of the world I'd do exactly what your beautiful poem suggests. If only all rulers would heed this...

Faith Reaper from southern USA on April 16, 2016:

Thank you, John. Yes, certainly not to what you are referring to in your poem, however, your words did remind me of this truth about the one, the false-Christ, will deceive so many, even many Christians, being the world is in such a dire state, as it is now, hungry for peace and harmony among all the nations. As I stated, this is another topic for another hub, maybe apocalyptic. I appreciate you for allowing me to share my thoughts as they came to me.

Peace and blessings always

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 16, 2016:

Dana, Jodah the Great does have a nice ring to it (a bit like Jabbah the Hut) :) I have no ambitions to be King however, but I would like to think some of these changes I propose could one day be reality.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 16, 2016:

Great comment, Faith. Yes, we must always be on the guard against the deceiver who may try to take over. My poem is certainly not referring to him. You and Jackie wer both reminded of the cowardly like on and his song from the Wizard of Oz. it has been a long time since Insaw that, I may need to refresh my memory. Have a great day.

Dana Tate from LOS ANGELES on April 16, 2016:

Jodah, if you were able to do all the things you described in your poem you would be considered Jodah, the great. Wonderful poem.

Faith Reaper from southern USA on April 16, 2016:

Hi John,

Hope is always a great message to share and you've pointed out good ways to help others.

I'm with Lori aka Lambservant, and know that all will be good when our true King of Kings returns, then true peace will reign.

You know, we don't have to wait to become a king for we can all go ahead and put these things you mention into practice. As Christians, we know that there will come a day when such a person as you've described does come to rule the world, but he will deceive many by bringing a false peace and a false hope under a One-World government and under one currency. He will even proclaim himself to be God. Thankfully, we know that is when the true King of Kings will return to remove such a person. I know that is a much deeper topic than is your intent here.

I am reminded in reading your poem of the Cowardly Lion and his song, "If I were king of the forrest".

Thank you for provoking these thoughts in me and reminding me of the true peace and true hope that will reign one day.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 16, 2016:

Ok, Flourish. That is quite a good resume. I will file it so your application can be looked at when they are hiring the new world leader.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 16, 2016:

Thank you, lambservant. Yes, we could wait for hum to come down and fix everything for good.

FlourishAnyway from USA on April 15, 2016:

I'd ban plastic, offer free spay/neuter/sterilization to any cat/dog/person in need and make community service a method of paying back student loans. I'd teach people to disagree with their words and ideas rather than their guns and encourage them to read other perspectives, plus spread positive messages of encouragement and hope to others. I'd plant lots of trees and encourage tidying up the community in which you live as well as taking care of your neighbors. That's a start.

Lori Colbo from United States on April 15, 2016:

This was very good. Wouldn't it be nice? I am waiting for the New heaven and the New Earth will come down and our King of Kings will reign forever.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 15, 2016:

Devika, thank you for your kind comment and for tweeting this poem.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 15, 2016:

Hi Mike. When you are ready to nominate yourself for King just let me know. There are lots of things to fix.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 15, 2016:

Thanks for reading, Jackie. I'm glad this rekindled pleasant memories of the song from rhe Wizard of Oz. Being King would be an interesting scenario to say the least.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on April 15, 2016:

I Tweeted! Good poetry and with great meaning as always!

mckbirdbks from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on April 15, 2016:

Hello John. Your poem offers lots of food for thought. Well done. King of the world for a year? OK, I'll have to contemplate that.

Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on April 15, 2016:

It would be interesting to see what different hubbers here would say if King for a year, huh? I am sure we agree on most things. I had to go back and restart the poem a couple of times because this automatically threw the king of the jungle in Wizard of Oz in my mind's eye and all I could hear in my mind was his song! lol

So you not only brought another great poem for me to read but a fun memory with lots of smiles! Thank you.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 15, 2016:

Hi Tim, thank you for appreciating this poem and its message.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 15, 2016:

Thank you Abhimanyu, glad you agree with the message in this poem.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 15, 2016:

Good one, Bill. I haven't played SimCity for years. I am sure you will be a wonderful benevolent dictator, Thanks for reading and your generous comment.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 15, 2016:

Thank you for another wonderful comment, Missy. I can't think of anyone who would make a better Queen of the World. I know you care about the state of the planet and the people in it. Being ruler of the world may be a pipe dream but it is good to imagine what could be. So glad you enjoyed this poem.

Tim Mitchell from Escondido, CA on April 15, 2016:

Great poem offering contemplation. Thanks . . .

Abhimanyu gaur on April 15, 2016:

Now that is great poetry along with a great message.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on April 15, 2016:

I'm buying an online game today called SimCity...I get to create my own city and I'm the benevolent dictator. LOL Thanks for the beautiful words of hope, John!

Missy Smith from Florida on April 15, 2016:

So, if I were "Queen" for a year; you know, because obviously "King" is out of gender range for me, but if I were the ruler for a year, I would definitely make so everything you posted in that well written, properly versed poem you wrote.

I love "what ifs" they give you something to think about. Although, you did quite excellent answering the question in your lovely poem, Jodah. I think all who reads it will say; BRILLIANT! That is exactly what I would do if I had control for one year. And as for me, I would get started as soon as they put the crown on my head. :)

Achieving WORLDPEACE who wouldn't do all necessary to do that. However, since I can't be the ruler for a year, I guess I'll just vote for Bernie Sanders. lol... Go BERNIE...Go BERNIE...Go Go Go BERNIE!!!

As always, this was a wonderful poem that was very delightful to read. I love inspirational poems, even if the question they ask is out of reach for one to achieve. Your poem brings hope, and drives us all to, at least, work towards a better world in our own way. YOUR POEM KEEPS HOPES ALIVE!

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 15, 2016:

Hi manatita, thanks for the kind comment. Yes, the quest for world peace is the aim of the poem.

manatita44 from london on April 15, 2016:

Great poem of conscience. Woven exceptionally well! Much food for thought. Peace.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 15, 2016:

Yeah, Clive, a year is short but we can't have a procrastinator as King. You need someone who will get things done immediately. If he does well He may get to rule for longer. Thanks for reading.

Clive Williams from Jamaica on April 15, 2016:

A nice little piece Jodah, all great things to do, but one year is quite short. If i was king of the world? hmmm

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 15, 2016:

Just imagine if you were King, Frank. Glad you enjoyed this, enjoy your weekend.

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on April 15, 2016:

Thanks for being the first to comment on this, Eric. I'm sure you'd do an admirable job as King. Have a great day.

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on April 15, 2016:

If I were king of the world.. hmm.. a nice poem to kick off the weekend my friend..:)

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on April 15, 2016:

Marvelous. What if? A great way to start my day. Thank you

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