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A Black Legend

Justice William sees the path of Legends a worthy path to draw life lessons from. This path he believes has a certain effulgence.

King Jaja of Opobo

Legends they say have their names written on the sands of history. Some of these Legends have trod the African soil with pride and sagacity and as far as this mother continent, Africa is concerned they have had their heroic deeds echoed through kingdoms and realms.

Such is the case of King Jaja of Opobo. Though born in Igbo land and later enslaved in the heated terrains of Africa, he arose with tenacity and became an astute Head of the 'Anna Pepple House' affairs.

Within this power stratum he initiated an irresistible extension of his influence across other houses. However, a rival among factions of the Bonny Houses led to a temporary collapse of his influence. Yet, despite the faction rivalry Jaja built a new empire - Opobo and thus became the independent King of Opobo.

Caged within this new sovereign walls of power, King Jaja greatly modified trade and politics in the Opobo Empire. Thus, he diplomatically reduced trade power in the Bonny territory. Moreover, in the heat of this trade struggle, eighteen Bonny Houses moved to Opobo thereby adding to the effulgence of Jaja's power.

Yet, the biting grip of deceit masterminded by his enemies accorded his last days a tragic end. Though long dead, Jaja still lives in our minds, history still beats the drums of his strength, and that is why his statue stands audaciously in Opobo with the inscription 'A king in title and deed. Always just and generous'.

Jaja did not just exist. He lived a life, the life of a true monarch!

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Justice William (author) from Nigeria on April 11, 2021:


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