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Killing Softly

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Laying beside you Listening to you sleep

I worry you will end up like others

I almost feel sorry for them

But they made the choice

A choice they could of changed

Instead they cut away at their life

Removing piece by piece as you do

You don't see what you are doing

Not many do till it's too late

You can't sew something like that back together

You can only medicate and hope for the best

Hope that tissue repairs it's self

Hope that the need for oxygen tank is not there

Hope for a lung transplant and COPD stays away

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What would I do without you

With you everything fits

I fit

I no longer feel lost or like an out cast in this world

My life has a real purpose

You must live

With out you life is not worth much

Yes you are young yet

But you slowly kill your self with every drag

I don't want to see you suffering

I want you to be able to play with our kids

Not be strapped to some oxygen tank

Or limited activities do to breathing issues

I sit in silence as you light another

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