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Kid, Teen, Young Adult: My Own Musings About the Word - Boss

Drew is an online novelist with two e-published works. A bibliophile and a voracious reader. A writer who loves to muse about life.

Who’s the Boss?

In our daily lives, we are hypnotized by the idea that in all things that we do, we are working for a boss. Thus, I decided to recount my memories and views as I pass the various stages of my life. My own musings about the word 'boss'.

A Kid’s Musing of Who is the Boss.

Throughout my career, I mused the meaning of the boss many times. How many times? I already missed the real count. When I was a little boy I thought that a boss is someone rich. A black tuxedoed man driving an amazing Ferrari. A rich man who waltzes in success and money in the world. I dreamt to be one. Yep, I was a simpleton as a kid.

When I was a kid I thought that my parents were bosses too (they are). They exude a kind of awesomeness. It makes me want to become like them one day. Oh, they also give me specific rules to follow such as:

1. Don’t oversleep. Wake up early because the early birds get the worm. It was the anthem of my mom every morning.

2. Eat vegetables. I don’t like vegetables when I was a kid. Those carrots and greens were my absolute table nightmares. Even so, my parents force me and my brothers to do so.

3. You can only play outside when its 3 pm. It was my playtime hours. It’s funny that I always look forward to this hour. Most of our playmates also go out during this time.

4. Get home at 5 pm. Yep, the joys of the young tend to live short. It comes and passes as quickly as it gets.

See those rules. They’re the boss alright.

An Adolescent’s Musing of Who Is the Boss

Then, I reached my adolescents. You know what? You can’t be forever a kid. Once again, my perception of what and who is the boss shifted once again. In my eyes, bosses are toxic people. It’s probably my rebellious phase. Who knows?

Well, the bosses now are my teachers and parents who want me to study better. Like any other teen out there, I don’t really like studying. I prefer playing and enjoying the dews of the sun with my friends.

Time passed - it drifted hastily on my fingers - sands it was. I strode forward with fear and anticipation. I entered one of the premier pharmacy schools in my country. I felt free as a dove – for a moment. That was until the preliminary, midterm, and final exams struck me like lightning. I told myself. I must study. This time, I am already feeling a sense of urgency. I don’t really know why.

I knew that my professors weren’t my boss after all. This time, I felt like that the exams were the boss. It was making me move my ass off to work. The grading system in my university is transparent. You will know when you are about to fail.

Check your exam scores and other graded activities and you’ll see your current status. In my eyes, the better my grades, the better my future will be. That’s why I call my exams the boss. Not entirely wrong, but also not entirely true.

A Young Adult’s Musing of Who Is the Boss

Four struggling years of studying, it was done. I graduated and was happy. It was March when I received my degree on a massive boisterous stage. My parents looked at me teary-eyed. As I reach my hands towards that diploma, a thought silently drifted in my mind. Is this all? No, it wasn’t. There’s more.

It was time to prepare for the board exam. Six months of preparation to be exact. I don’t even know if I was prepared for the nerve-wracking exam. Even so, I don’t like to boast but I knew I can pass. Why? I trust God. I was one of the thousands of new graduates aspiring to get that licensed. The ‘supposed’ dream of all professionals.

I entered a review center and paid thousands of pesos upfront. It helped in my reviews but I found it tedious. I don’t like commuting every day especially due to the head-splitting traffic in Manila.

For me and my not so social personality, it was not a boon but a bane. So I didn’t finish the complete course of the review center. I self-studied while only attending my university’s in-house review from time to time.

During my reviews, I once again asked myself. Who’s my boss? This time I thought that it was the exams once again. It made me work hard. So hard that I dived into the manacles of stress-eating.

Alas! The much-awaited moment has come. The exam dates fell on my shoulders. The butterflies in my stomach swam cheerfully. I even skipped eating a few meals fearing that I will experience diarrhea or stomachache. A cup of bitter coffee and a slice of bread was all I ate in those three mornings.

The first day was okay. I knew I can do it. The second day made my brows furrow deeper than I could ever imagine. The level of difficulty increased. Kneading my brows, my confidence plummeted a little bit. Will I pass? This time I wasn’t sure anymore.

The third day was much like the second day. It was hard as it could get. I have a lot of answers which I am not even sure of. At most, I eliminated the least possible among the choices. The bell rang. The stern exam proctor raised her voice and look at each one of us, “Times up! Pass your papers.”

It was the end…of the exams. With a sighed, I grinned. It was a release. A few weeks passed and I learned that I passed the exam. I am a professional pharmacist now. I felt like a boss. I have an inkling now.

It was at this time that I realize. I was the boss of me.

Who's the Boss Now?

Now, I found a job and continue to live my life. There’s one thing I realize at this age. I was my own boss. One thing I came to understand that at the end of all things – you are your won boss. You might be employed but you chose to be employed. You can do your job better or you can do your worse. You may choose to open your own business and run it or let others run it.

Your decisions, choices, and regrets are made by you. See? Ain't we are own boss? Your life is your choice. All this time, I was actually the one in the driver’s seat stirring the wheel while God set the road he chose for me.

You know what? When you look back at the past, you’re going to understand and learn a lot. I may be young but I realize that learning the lessons in the past is gold.

No wonder a lot of politicians and historians look a lot at history. Don't forget those economists who loved to look at past data and graphs. Anyway, that's all for my short musing.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2020 Drew Agravante

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