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Kid Reign and Judges: I like this Drink

I like literature. Poetry opens my mind. Lyrics are a rhythm for me to move along to during the day. I'm a lyricist for Gudda Boi Classics.


Get your amino acids!

Who will feed you if you won't?

Who will care for you if you do not?

This is accountability. Your liberty and your freedom is all your responsibility these three together multiplied equals hold your accountable its all under one branch. Accountability is the branch. Do not the break the branch big bird or your eggs won't hatch big bird you'll your nest and in without a nest is your new trap big bird.

Learn ti serve yourself some know how to be the responsible for your freedom and for your liberty. This drink called Reign makes me think clearly because it hydrates. I can't think clearly in dehydration nor concentrate so I drink Reign to maintain it.

The taste of freedom is Reign. The taste of liberty is Reign. Go to a Quik Trip and sip what you can afford. My Lord blesses.

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Inspired by Da Baker -- presented by Gudda Boi Classics Records

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